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Default Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

Hi Guys, I need your help in getting feedback on the service quality of Metro Ford, Bangalore. Thanks in advance.
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PM NIP for the same. I guess he has his Fusion D serviced from Metro.
Our memeber sammyboy also used to have his Ikon serviced from there, but he has now moved to Gurgaon.
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Shivasuma has this to say about Metro Ford -> http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian-car-dealerships/14837-metro-ford-suck-they-totalled-my-fiesta-while-testing-edit-won-case-court.html#post253753
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As far as the experience goes, here in this forum, it is not OK to give your car in Metro Ford for servicing. There are many threads available in this forum regarding the servicing of Metro Ford. Have a look at them. The above thread by Shivsuma is a classic example.

This thread should have been in Indian Car Dealerships.

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They are ok for regular service, anything out of ordinary strictly advice them to consult with you before the proceed.

I had used them for over 3 years when i had the iKON, always book an early morn appointment so that the adviser can spend some time listening to you, before their mad rush starts
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This post seems to be quite OLD , just wanted to know if anyone has any other experiences with Metro since most of what is said here is kind of scary.

Anyone know anybody in Metro I can contact , the inside advantage
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore


Recently, I had a very bad experience with Metro ford, bangalore. The ignition coil of my ikon flair was damaged. power to one of the cylinders was cut and some how I drove till the service center. By the time I reached there another one was blown off. I told the service advisor to change the ignition coil and one of the plug wires which had a small shock (probably due to damage) in the parking area itself. He agreed and after a long wait (like an engineer inspecting the vehicle and they making the draft of some document etc) the mechanic brought a few plug wires a did the inspection again. He went inside and after a long time came with a new ignition coil and a plug wire. removed 4 screws and replaced the ignition coild. Plugged in all the plug wires.

I thought I can go home now, but another 1 hour for the bill to be prepared and I was fed up. I paid the bill and went home. I know its my mistake, I checked the bill contents after reaching home. There were certain things like
Breather hose cleaned - Rs 220 (never done)
Spark plug replacement - Rs 90 (never done)
plug wire replacement - 300 (just to plug the wire at 2 places, not the spare price)
and a few more items ( dont have the bill with me at the time of posting this)

I was charged for things which were never done. I understood this only because the car was repaired in front of me in the parking area itself. I went back and asked for the money. They said, it cannot be refunded as it has gone to the account (paid through card). The service manager offered me some free service or adjustment in the next car service. I said I dint want them to touch my car anymore. Asked them to keep the change, and said will never return to metro ford for any kind of service.
But the problem is, there are certain spares which is available only in the show room. If any one knows how to obtain good or better spares for ikon apart from the showroom, please do let me know.

Always, when you take you car for a service in the showroom, do check the bill and see if all the labour items charged have been done or not (quite difficult). What I could see is that, since these people make money only on labour, they bill whatever possible which is associated with the repair. Some repairs might be done, some not. I dont even know which mechanic I can take my car to. I had done a fuel filter change at on of the shops and later at a different place came to know that the replaced fuel filter is also faulty. Any place in bangalore who does car repairs properly. Do not mind shelling a few extra bucks if the work is proper.

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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

They are ok only for the regular service. For any specific problem or issue they don't have the time nor the expertise to fix it.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

This thread is about 2 months old. I happened to stumble on it. So will re-ask the question. My figo is due for its first servicing soon. From what I have read, it looks like I will be relatively safe for this 1st Servicing. I have really no complains with the car so its going to be pretty much a straightfoward service - oil'fluid changes, tweaks, etc etc.
I took my car there to look at the "below MIN" power steering fluid mentioned in another thread. The response time is indeed long! I had to wait for 30-40 mins to get attention. Then another 10-15 mins to get some technician to check if my PS Fluid was leaking. Then another 10 mins for them to fin and top-up the PS fluid. If thats anything to go by, I dont know how many days a service would take. The sales agent did tell me to book my service atleast 2 days in advance.

From those of you who've had experience with Metro Ford, can you please tell me what do I need to watch out for? Who are the alternatives? I want to service the car only at Ford and in Bangalore.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

Metro Ford service has gone very bad in the last few years. I was regularly servicing my Ikon from Cauvery Ford, Kanakpura Road before it closed down few years back, then servicing from Metro Ford for almost 3-4 years now. Below is my experience so far.

They had some serious issue with their Wheel Alignment/Balancing system. I had to take the car back again after each service to get it rectified. Either car will pull to one side or steering will start wobbling at high speeds (Very regular issue). It was clearly a WA/WB problem. If I gave back, they usually rectify it the second time. But the problem is that I had to take the car back again and again after each service. Problem stopped after I started giving it to outside to Tyre Plus shop (Tyre Empire) and they do a perfect job. And lesser rates also.

As someone pointed out here earlier, they are good only for regular servicing. If any specialized work comes up, they mess it up each time. They don't have expert mechanics there it seems + No proper QA checks. In the last 2 years time, I have replaced my Clutch mechanism, Gear Synchroniser, Lock etc and every time I had to go back to Metro Ford service centre because of the fact that they have never done the job perfectly or it caused some other issues in the car.

When I changed the clutch (It become hard, so thought of replacing it after 5 years/50K kms) and when I was driving home, I have noticed that vehicle was vibrating too much when it was idle and in neutral gear. Next day again had to take to them to service cneter to get it checked and they admitted that they haven't done the master/slave cylinder fitting perfectly and because of that the cylinders got damaged. So they have again replaced the Master/Slave cylinder (Free of cost this time, as their technician haven't done the job correctly)

Again, few weeks back I took it to showroom to check the issue with the Gear shifting which I was facing when shifting from 5th to 4th. It was not getting shifted from 5ht to 4th gear. So they told me that they had to change the Gear synchroniser. Cost was around some 12.9 K in total including the labor charges. When i took the vehicle delivery after some 4-5 days, I could see that now there is a new issue started. It was not gettign shfter to First gear properly. There was a stiff resistance to shift to first gear and I had to apply much force to get it shifted to the first gear slot. some times I had to try 3-4 times to get it slotted to first. Again I had to take it back to service centre. They told some lock issue and changed it. But it is still not perfect as earlier, but ok.

Again the bad part. While on the way back to home, hand break warning light suddenly came on. We stopped the vehicle on the road side and checked. They haven't tightened the Brake fluid reservoir cap (Cap was loose and about to fall anytime, so break oil warning light was coming on/off) and also some 50 ml brake fluid was less in the container. !! I can't believe they haven't even checked whether they closed all the fluid caps after the repair work is over and the fluid levels before giving it back. I have done a 50000 km service just a few weeks back only. So this is the quality of service from Metro ford. They don’t' have any proper QA checks as well. So it seems they are now pretty bad with the servicing.

I could also see that now the vehicle inflow is very less during weekdays. Previously they used to be full all the days. May be people have already started shifting to other places. Now I have to try the Cauvery ford again. Don't know how is the service at their new place.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

I got my car done at Metro ford a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and quality i received! I had been facing a lot of issues with the gear, where it was not falling into 2nd easily. took it to them and showed them the issue. They took the car in on thursday morning (I had not fixed a prior appointment before going since it was not a "regular" service). I was attended to quite quickly and yes, while the entire process took an hour, it was needed because they did quite a through checkup on what all needs to be done.

I got the car the following thursday, with a few parts inside the gear box replaced under warranty, also got a few switches etc replaced under warranty as well. I got constant calls from the service engineer giving me an update (almost every 6hrs) with the status of repairs and spares.

Now, I expected this to be one off, that I took a friends figo for service as well to metro ford 2 weeks ago. It was discovered the "low steering fluid issue" and he received quite the same treatment as I did- which was nice.

Overall- i was quite happy with the service and although they forgot to check on one minor issue, it was a good experience.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

I have had a couple of experiences with Metro Ford, and it has been a mixed bag. I drive a petrol Figo.

Encounter 1
First, I dumped my car in a massive crater in Shiradi Ghats, driving in heavy rain at dusk. I suspected that an engine mount had been damaged because after that I could hear squeaking from the engine bay at a certain rpm/gear combination.
Couple of months later, some idiot swiped my parked car, leaving a bad dent in the right rear door.
Took the car to Metro for bodywork and rectifying the squeaking noise. They decided to first take the car to the body shop. Insurance formalities were smooth, and I was kept adequately informed of progress. When the car came back to the St. Mark's Road workshop, they outright refused to do anything to the engine, claiming that nothing was wrong. It took me several heated conversations with the SA before they got the point that I really did want that squeak sorted out. Mind you, a visual inspection of the right front engine mount revealed damage to me.
But in the end, they did the job albeit under protest. Engine mount replaced and squeak banished forever.
Quality of the work done was good. I was reasonably satisfied - satisfied enough to take the car to Metro Ford for 20K service a few months later.

Encounter 2
20K service.
I had a laundry list of minor issues to be taken care of. The only major complaint was that my rear window defogger had packed up. The SA was very thorough in noting down all details, went through the checklist twice, but still I did not get the confidence that he knew what he was doing. Felt like he was merely following procedure.
So, service was done in a day and I went in the evening to pick up the car. All minor issues had been taken care of except the rear window defogger. The SA told me that they had escalated the warranty issue to Ford India, and that he would let me know in a week of the outcome.
A week went by, I called him back, no update. Next day, someone called from Metro asking for service feedback and I said I was dissatisfied. Told them why as well. This seemed to light a fire under their collective backsides.
Suddenly, I have the service manager and the Customer Services manager calling me to find out what was wrong. I told them about my rear window defogger. 2 days later, an engineer from Ford inspected my car and declared the defogger had a manufacturing defect. It then took them 2 days to order a new rear window and a day to replace it.
So, while I was really dissatisfied with the general service, the action taken on a complaint was quite impressive.

One small thing, however, has left a bad taste in my mouth. When my car came back from its 20K service, the SA had put a diesel sticker on its fuel flap. My car runs on petrol. When I pointed it out to the Customer Services manager, she took it very seriously ("what if it was misfuelled? will cost you lakhs") and got the sticker replaced. When she told the SA about it, he seemed not to care!

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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

Metro Ford is safe for general service only. They have no technical expertise beyond Oil and Oil filter change.
Their aim is only to increase your bill rather doing a good job. Though the service managers are pleasant, they are let down hugely by their technically incompetent mechanics.
I have been their customer for 3 years and had horrible experience with the water pump issue, which after spending approx INR 15,000 is still not sorted.
I have just shifted to Cauvery Ford.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

1.6s, I had the water pump issue and since it was on my way to work, I got it done at Lathangi on Hosur Road. They took a long time to fix it (about a week) but they did fix it (atleast the problem did not recur) and it was under warranty. They replaced the water pump in mine.
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Default Re: Feedback on service of Metro Ford, Bangalore

I had taken the car to Metro Ford St Marks road for service. I have been told that this facility would be shut on a month. Their other centers are at Lingarajapuram and Yeshwantpur which are quite far for me. The service experience has been decent at St Marks road center and since its close to MG road etc, its easier to spend time here while the vehicle is in for quick repairs. Sad Move.
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