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Default Autobahn Skoda Service - Pathetic !

I was planning to get the timing kit of my vRS replaced for some time now. JMD didn't have stock and Skoda has not sent them any material since a week now. On referral, I decided to go to Autobahn. Today morning I reached their Sewree workshop. The workshop is located in a God forsaken place called Darukhana near Sewree police station. I wouldn't have reached the place if I did not get directions from Mad Monkey.

0940 am - Anyways I drive in - the parking lot is pretty congested and cars are being moved in and out to accomodate more cars. The staff were at work and when I ask for the person I was told to meet - he had not come. He is on the way - was the standard response. I sit for some time there - have some water and tea waiting for the guy to come in in vain.

1010 am - After about 30 mins, I ask one of staff to atleast prepare a job card. To find the SA guy takes 10-15 mins. Meanwhile a friend of mine arrives at the service station to give me company.

1030 am
- The SA comes in and makes the job card. I explain to him the problem (a chal chak chak noise on cold start) and ask him to get the car checked in front of me immediately and confirm whether there is a problem as I had to reach office in Vashi.

1050 am - It takes 20 mins to take the car in from the parking lot into the bay.

1105 am - 15 mins laterthe car is still inside standing un attended. I ask them to start checking as I have to go back to Navi Mumbai.

1115 am - Even after the request it takes 10 mins to get the car in a bay and open the bonnet.

1135 am - The car still is waiting with the bonnet open with no one coming within a 5 meter radius of it. I walk in and then call up the manager (used the refererr's contact) and tell him no one is attending my car.

1145 am - After 10 mins a SA comes up and finally I see a guy finally peer into my bonnet.

1200 noon - They finally open up the timing cover and then decide that the engine is still hot so it has to cool down before they can test then noise at cold start. He gets a high pressure air line and cleans the timing belt and bearing area. Lots of dust is removed. In the meanwhile I ask the guy working on my car to remove the bolt that restricts the front passenger seat from sliding right back.

1215 pm - Finally the guy I was asked to meet arrives. Meanwhile after 15 mins of fumbling, the guy working on my car tells me there is no nut / bolt and the seat is free to go back as much as it can. I insist there should be a bolt and the guy finally finds after searching for another 15 mins. Phew !!

By then the belts have sort of cooled down, the car is then started and there is no noise. I ask them if they can check on the timing kit they have - after 10 mins they tell me that the kit is in back order and none is available. I am finished woth these jokers now and just ask them to pack everything up and send me on my way.

1245 pm - Finally my car rolls out of the bay into the parking lot.

Now they want to bill me, 450 bucks for opening cleaning and refitting the timing cover. Add 350 for removing the seat nut. 800 bucks !!

I then argue on the opening and refitting the timing cover an they settle for 450 for all the effort they have put in.

Total bill - 450 + taxes = 506

0100 pm
- The bill is handed to the cashier to take a print out.

0115 pm - Finally I loose it - tell them to simply give me the gate pass and then VAMOOSE from there. Ask my friend to pay the cash and collect the bill.

Will I go back to or recommend Autobahn ?


JMD is by far the best service station for Skoda in Mumbai. I am not going anywhere but to JMD from now.

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Autobahn is owned by the same guy who was recently caught for importing cars from dubai with paying duty. I think shilpa shetty was also involved. Guess these guys are more concerned about making money the wrong way more than anything else. :(

Autograph has also fine service, checked it out few months back, they repaired my octavias automatic machine for window and putting the glass which was broken, They gave back the car on time and that also with the tint on the new glass and that also of the exact match. good service, well atleast this time.
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God! that must've been bad!Is that what the new avtar pic is about??
And i thought Kairali ford was the worst!!!
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And somebody said that Maruti and Hyundai should be worried as Skoda was planning a 3-5L car?

350 bucks to remove a nut!!!

For their small car regular service, i think they will charge 25 grand.
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If you ask me, I am surprised you went to AutoBahn in the first place! They have amongst the most terrible reviews & reports for aftersales. You should have bought the part from AutoBahn but fitted it from JMD.
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I know GTO, but then it was highly referrred and I thought why not try them and check if they have improved !

Sadly, I was not to be proven wrong.
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Originally Posted by normally_crazy View Post
I know GTO, but then it was highly referrred and I thought why not try them and check if they have improved !
I'm telling you NC that friend who recommended them is a useless fellow! Was supposed to courier me a CD 3 months ago!!
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Skoda service is disgusting! Atleast in Mumbai, you have more than one option to choose from.
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