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Old 6th August 2008, 17:51   #16
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I feel,you should take legal action on such un scrupulous dealers for taking customers for a ride.
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Go to some other dealer and get a new car
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Now why am I not surprised? The mechanics/supervisors seem to be an unscrupulous lot. One of their people stole the pin used to reset the tripmeter. I drove back 20 kms from NOIDA, and they replaced it (by stealing the part off another vehicle?) after a lot of hue and cry. The Service advisor's first response was: "main kaise maan loon ki yeh pin gaadi mein pehle se thi ya nahin" (Translated: "How do I believe that the pin was there in the car when you gave it for service")

On service standards: I saw two of their mechanics refilling drained coolant from the same pan that they use to extract used oil(!!!). I have decided not the leave my car out of sight for even a moment when at their workshop.

On how they handle new cars: I saw their cleaning staff "clean" a new black Stile by wiping off the thick layer of dust on the car with a DRY cloth! I don't know how they would sell it to a customer after that

BTW I am much happier with Samyak.

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This is rediculous.. please go for a new one.
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Old 6th August 2008, 18:08   #20
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Do not purchase the car from this dealer. Get your advance back and escalate the mater to FIAT. You can never trust this guy. Choose another dealer.

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Old 6th August 2008, 18:28   #21
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I guess this should be brought to the notice of FIAT wheather they reply back or not.
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Do escalate the same to FIAT. Send an email to .They need to know how dealerships are screwing things again for them.

Though I dont think this is something new. I happened to see 3 brand new honda bikes driven by mechanics in official overalls with their names behind their shirts and all and doing wheelies from traffic lights.
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Old 6th August 2008, 19:02   #23
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Pls pls pls Record the conversation you have with them. On phone or direct, record it and keep it ready with you. A single record could make the AGM Aftersales of GM to fly from Chennai to my Small home town in Kerala. Pls do it for the gods sake.
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Old 6th August 2008, 19:13   #24
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Man, this incident rings a bell. I went through exactly the same situation when taking delivery of my OHC Vtec. You are very very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.

. He would change all damaged body panels with a new black slx lying with them.
No ways. Do NOT accept that car. Ask them for another piece and give the green signal for registration ONLY after you physically check it yourself. If they aren't willing or are taking an unduly long time for delivery, transfer your order to another dealer. It's not like Fiat Palios are selling like hot cakes either.

When you pay for a brand new car, that's exactly what you should be getting.
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Old 6th August 2008, 21:36   #25
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New dealer. Please.
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Old 6th August 2008, 21:42   #26
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Guys I have run all over Delhi and NCR trying to buy a Black Palio SLE and no one else had it. My FIL needs the vehicle by the mid of next week and no one is willing to commit anytime less than 10 days to get the new vehicle. So I think ill accept the new panels on the car as most of the parts would be a straight fit onto this model. Once I take the delivery of this car I plan to note the engine and chassis number of the car from which these have been changed as I have asked them to ensure that both the cars are there side by side when I take the delivery. The Ill escalate the matter to Fiat. How much do you think are the chances of the panels and bumper not fitting properly as it is just a nut and bolt job from one similar car to another?
One thing I must say that the management was quite perturbed that such a thing has come to my notice and I am sure they are going to enforce "no customers allowed into the workshop" thing a bit more religiously.
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Old 6th August 2008, 21:42   #27
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Don't even think of taking that car. The car seems to be abused already.
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Old 6th August 2008, 21:47   #28
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Oh BTW the car was not used as a test mule as the odo read only 55 kms when it came from the yard and the moment I saw it at the dealer it had the feel of not having been used which wont be possible if it was used as a test mule. Plus I had asked them if I could have the test drive of the sle one and they said sorry because the test mule that they had was a sdx multijet, which I could drive to "get the feel."
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Old 6th August 2008, 21:51   #29
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Cancel the booking and go to other dealer. This is nothing but the attitude of taking the customers for granted.
Just think that if you had not been to the dealer, you could have ended up in a damaged vehicle.

This is more than sufficient for customers.
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Old 6th August 2008, 22:02   #30
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Why can't your FIL cannot wait for another 10 days is beyond my imagination. But even after noticing this, you are buying the same car means it's the people like you who are giving the dealers the choices to use the vehicles meant for delivery to be given for testing. Sorry, I did not mean to offend you for just expressing my opinion.

As far as the fitment is considered, a factory fitment is one people do prefer as the dealers will not know fully how to fit exactly. There may be mismatch of 1~2mm max.

Also, as far as the odo is considered, it would have been disconnected.

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