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Old 7th October 2008, 14:08   #61
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Its very sad Dippy, teh good thing is that they are willing to repair it for you. Mistakes do happen from everyone, just make sure they correct their mistake perfectly i.e. make sure they replace and not repair the damaged parts. Post some pictures of the engine bay, members could point out what needs replacement. Don't let them touch your insurance, also ask for compensation as the cars resale value has now reduced due to Linkway Honda.

I agree with other members that the car seems to have been hit by a taller vehicle/object.
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This is a very important aspect because if this was a hit and run case then there could be a complaint against you/your car.

Originally Posted by anupmathur View Post
Also, do check with police stations in the vicinity whether an accident was observed/reported during that rather small time frame of about 4 hours on the day you gave your car in.
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That looks really really bad. :(

The physical scars may go. The mental ones don't. I feel for you and your ride Dippy. As said earlier in the thread - insist on replacements.

I am also wondering if it is the famed 'crumple zone' effect at play here. This is in response to speculation around what exactly went wrong. Crumple zones can, in my opinion, magnify / exaggerate the damage.
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I am surprised at this. Goes on to show the risk involved when our cars are given to service stations.

I am not able to understand a few facts.

1) Have you seen the Accord onto which your car rammed ? What is the damage on that car ? Also confirm from the owner of Accord if his car also had some damage before entering in to service or not.

2) From the damage, I think this is not a slow speed crash and the car must be doing some reasonable speed.

a) The car was in reasonable speed, and to so, some distance is required and also more three seconds or so. So if the driver crashed your car into Accord parked in front of your car, then Accord must be at quite a distance, and by that time driver could have braked. And if Accord was near, then damage wont be this much.

3) Somewhat offset crash. There is more damage to left headlamp and on the left side. But then why there are scratches on the bonnet ? The biggest doubt is this. If the car rammed into Accord front or even back, these scratches wont be there.

I will be explaining the point three with a few images of our Baleno that rear ended an Accent. Here you wont see any scratches on the bonnet.
In the images, you can see there are no scratches on the hood.
Attached Images
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Hey, sorry to hear about the "accident" of your car. As pointed out by various people already, this does not appear to be as simple as an accident with an accord, so was wondering if Linkway could arrange a buyback and offer you a good deal on a new car.

Cos, fact is that no matter whether they replace the damaged parts, the car will never be as good as new. Who knows the effect of a damaged chassis and the potential safety implications? So, the best solution is to sell this back to them and get a brand new car at a substantial discount. Ofcourse there will have to be some loss towards registration, depreciation, etc..., but still seems a better option than getting a repaired car.
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Sorry to know that incident. It is pure unlucky for your car to be involved in such a ghastly mistake.

I am sure the driver is going to pay for it from his pocket for the next 2-3 years.

But, dont worry, it should come back to you in original condition, don't compromise on even the smallest of part that they should be replacing.

Any idea, what happened to the new accord the driver rammed into?
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Buddy hope for a quick recovery of your car and also hope this episode gets over quickly like a bad dream. That is a sad part that they crashed your car but as they say accidents do happen.
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
I will be explaining the point three with a few images of our Baleno that rear ended an Accent. Here you wont see any scratches on the bonnet.
In the images, you can see there are no scratches on the hood.
something similar happened to my baleno recently,the only exception was that the car infront was indica.the shape of the bonnet etc was same as in your case.
the scratches were not so much,rather it was the shape of bonnet which changed.
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Feels terrible Dippy. I sincerely hope those guys get her back in prime shape. Like everyone has said, make them to admit the real cause & place of accident & also try to get a one time settlement for the damage caused to the resale value of the car. All this after they have completed the restoration job. Good Luck.
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Damn Dippy thats looks bad. I had seen the car during Mumbai meet & it hurts to see the car like this knowing how well you had kept it.

Good thing is that they are owning up & getting the car fixed up.

Keep us posted
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Default @Deepy

that was really unfortunate. you should ask for compensation...
no matter what service center guys write on the back of slip to wash off their responsibility, you can still claim for the compensation. reason being:
first- it a standard form of contract and parties signing to it do not have parity of power. i mean the consumer can't say that he does not agree to the particular clause so should be deleted from the contract. in this type of case usually the court examines reasonability of the clause.
second- the clause like "Cars driven and parked at owners risk" means driven with proper care and parked at safe place. the question arises whether the driver drove with proper care? in my opinion no sensible driver can press accelerator instead of brake. one can expect these thing only from a novice driver and service station guys are not supposed to give customers' car to novice drivers. you can use their story against them. if they would have told you that in the course to testing the car after service, this accident happened. then it would have been difficult to prove that there was negligence on their part, because these type of accident do happen on road and would have appeared quite normal to the judge. but in the present matter from the story they have given to you appears that the driver was either novice or negligent, which makes your case strong for the compensation.

In my opinion Consumer court will be appropriate forum for your grievance redressal. or may be mere a legal notice will suffice to settle the case out of court.
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i just read the thread and am sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident.

Dippy i do not believe this is a mistake by the dealership and that it happened in the premises. This is just a cover up story. The car looks like it was hit at around 60 to 80 kmph and not with the accord. i have had a similar accident with my ex honda at 70 kmph and the damage was similar, co incidently the car i had an accident with was a 90's accord and the car had its rear bent in bad. It was not my fault so the other person payed. The accord would also not get away so lightly considering the impact to your car.
Please ask them to replace the parts and hand over the damaged parts to you. You can also ask them to give you a Quote on your car in writing stateing if you do decide to replace it they would buy back the car at the rate quoted. I would advice to take under the hood pictures of your car as well as of the accord that was hit. I would also like you to make a note on this with the persons name (supervisor and the attendant) and other details.
With your permission i would like to take this up with Linkway. I think it is becoming a rutine to take customer cars out for joy rides with Linkway and its other concern.

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Dippy, I have to agree with everyone who says that this doesn't look like a simple 'rear ended another car in the workshop incidient'
I just saw the pictures again - my Zen had very similar damage around a year ago - the bonnet was in the exact same condition, so was the bumper, headlights etc. - I had gone into an electricity transmission tower at anything between 60 - 70 kmph.
Not that ti makes a difference since they're repairing the car at your cost, but do check all your mounts (my C mount had broken), and pay a particularly close look to the A pillar, aprons and roof for kinks.
Don't mean to cause you more anxiety, but its better that you identify any possibly damage that they may try and cover up at this stage itself.

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That looks pretty bad Dippy

The feeling of trusting someone and getting your thing back in a bad shape is really bad.

I gave my Nokia 9300i to my cousin and he broke it

I gave my Esteem to my cousin for a trip to Jaipur(3 years back) , it was dented and the tail lights broken.

Hope your car gets back as good as it was , as soon as possible !
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Old 7th October 2008, 17:18   #75
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Just back from Linkway. They showed me all my damaged parts which consist of the radiator, condenser, both headlights, radiator and AC fan, bonnet and front fender. All these parts are being replaced with new parts. I checked the engine. No damage of any sort there at all. I guess thats a relief.

As for the Accord I saw it too. I guess yesterday I was too much in a state of shock with my car so I did not see the Accord carefully. The Accord has both rear fenders dented . The bumper is out and the worst of all the floor is cracked. What I feel is my car was at a high speed in the premises itself when it hit the Accord. Their drivers do drive pretty fast as I have observed. I have requested for the Accord pictures which I wil post here. More later.

They have given me a spare car for use. Its a City ZX CVT. I drove back home in that. I will be using this car till mine is back.

More updates later. I took some pictures in the workshop of the parts. Will post them in a bit.
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