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We had asked for a TD from Fiat CC and the promised car arrived on schedule from Concorde. However we booked the car in VST Motors because they couldn't match the offer. Our Booking experience with VST has been brilliant so far, My father wanted to see all the Punto colors before choosing one. The SP drove all the way from showroom and took him to the yard which is Ponamalle. He was dropped back at home as well, A total of 100Km for the SP I would think. It's sad to see another dealer behaving exactly opposite. Please try VST motors or call Fiat help desk to arrange a test drive. I shall PM you the SP number if required, I'm planning to get the car delivered next Wednesday and hopefully everything goes pleasant.
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I too had a not so warm response from Concorde Ambattur. I was interested in Vista QJ. The car in the show room was an anniversary model. The sales executive just ambled across after some time and gave us a price list and said free insurance and some free bees will be available. At that time TATA ads were showing 22K discount for Vista but the SE said this is what we can offer.

I asked for TD and the SE offered one on a customer car which I refused. He offered to call back the next day but didn't even take my contact number.
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Originally Posted by spindoc View Post
And, to top it all, as we drive out of the showroom, we find a red punto MJD parked on the road, with the big "DEMO CAR" stickers all over it, hardly 20m from the showroom gate! That settles it - indifference, absolute disregard for customer's time and damn lies to top it all!
I guess ^^^ is something that is really frustrating, but then, even if you walk into the showroom back & ask about this demo car, they'll give lame excuses stating keys are lost, keys are with drivers & may be even that's not our car too!!!

Originally Posted by raju2512 View Post
I too had a not so warm response from Concorde Ambattur.
On the contrary, I'd a very good experiencing TD with Grande MKII at Ambattur Concorde (probably because of the adjacent Benz & Volkswagen showrooms ); I walk in & told the guy clearly that I don't intend to buy, but would like to TD, the guy runs around, finds a driver & ask me to come & all this in about 5-10 minutes. He hands over the keys to me, but since my intention was to check back seat comfort I ask the driver to drive mad on bumpy roads & he does it. Shortly when he makes a turn back to showroom, I said can we go for a round about way for 2-3 Kms long & they oblige. So after a Km or so I take the steering wheel, come back to the showroom. He hands over a feedback form to me to fill & takes down my number & gives me a call in a week. I tell him, I'm not interested & he Thanks.

To me, if I were buying a hair pin or aeroplane, fan or ferrari, I would do all the homework, decide upon what I want, what to expect & then finally hit the showroom & ask them about it totally out of innocence. With their response I can judge their attitude & decide whether to buy from them or keep moving.

Tata's are like this, it is upto us whether we need to buy their products or not. They cannot be compared even with Maruti Suzuki, why compare them with Ford?

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Spindoc, please escalate the same to Fiat at:

It is high time Fiat-Tata kicks the a** of such unprofessional dealers!
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I had a similar experience when I walked into Concorde Motors, Velachery following the launch of the Punto. They gave a price list but felt burdened to take my number for a test drive... As I was waking out the Demo Punto was indeed parked outside!
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Originally Posted by raju2512 View Post
I too had a not so warm response from Concorde Ambattur. I was interested in Vista QJ. The car in the show room was an anniversary model. The sales executive just ambled across after some time and gave us a price list and said free insurance and some free bees will be available. At that time TATA ads were showing 22K discount for Vista but the SE said this is what we can offer
I dont think this is restricted to Chennai alone. My uncle was looking for a car in Hyderabad and I persuaded him to look at the Vista Quadrajet. We went to Malik Motors and were directed to the basement where they had a small display. When we asked to see the car, the sales person just took us to the display car and asked us to have a look. There was no attempt by him to explain the features of the car. After this, when we asked about discounts, we were told a nominal figure. I asked them about the corporate offer that Tata has for TCS employees which mentioned a higher figure. The salesman absolutely denied that there was an offer and he challenged me to show him these details. He even asked me to use the internet facility that they had.

I found the offer details where it was mentioned that the discount was on ex-showroom price. I showed this to the salesman and he started saying that they cannot match this offer which was being given by the manufacturers themselves. Another point was the flat out refusal in reducing the road tax amount since the discount was on ex-showroom price and saying that even though I had a printout of Tata Motors corporate offer they will not match this offer (as if it was an offer from another Tata dealer)!

Needless to say, my uncle went in for a Ritz VDi and is very happy with it!
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Default Concorde Motors Chennai - My Experience

Hi guys,

This is my second post in Team Bhp and on this post I would like to share my experience with Concorde motors chennai.

Late last month i sold my Santro xing for a good price and decided to get a new car. My first choice car was the Fiat Punto 1.2 Petrol. The car on road price come to 5.34 Lacks. Since I was tight on my budget I decided to go in for a 2010 model of the Fiat Punto which was offered to me with a heavy discount of 45,000 Rs.

I went to the showroom saw the car( did not inspect it completely) and booked it with an initial payment of Rs 10,000. I told the sales person I will take 2 weeks to make the rest payment as I am arranging my funds, the sales person agreed and was very cooperative.

After a couple of weeks I went to the showroom with the funds and before I made the payment I decided to inspect the car. To my bad luck I found the following flaws in the car.

a) Deep scratches on the Hood as well as the left door.
b) Peanut size hole on the steering wheel(manufacturing defect)
c) Boot tray lock was not broken
d) Center locking was not working
e) Gear knob was loose and was falling down.

After i noticed these flaws I told them clearly I am not taking the car and I want my refund back, but the sales person and the showroom manager were forcing me by telling me that these things are common and they will fix everything before I take delivery. I was totally disappointed and decided to cancel my booking. Since my funds were tight I could not afford a 2011 Punto though I was not satisfied with the finish of Fiat, however I do agree on the build quality and the engine. Another thing I noticed on the 1.2 Punto was the car was very sluggish.

The Outcome was I booked myself the new i10 and I got delivery of it. ICE silver color and I am loving it. I shall make the review as soon as I find the time for it either tomorrow or early next week.

Anyway please be careful when you chose Concorde motors as your dealer for your new Fiat or Tata cars.

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Default Re: Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai

Concorde Guindy showroom is a mixed bag based on my experiences.

In Aug 2010, walked into Concord Guindy (Chennai) one Saturday afternoon and asked for a test drive of a Manza. One sales person turned up after 0.5 hr and repeated follow ups. The sales person gave me a price list and started explaining the features (did a half job) and started looking at the colors. Gothic Olive on the brochure impressed my wife but the sales rep couldn’t show us a real car. Asked for a TD but the demo car had gone out. They took my contact details and they promised to send home one in the coming days. I am still waiting for the test drive

During the wait time, also checking out the Punto and Linea as well. There were so many employees in the showroom but no one seemed to care or ask whether I was interested in a FIATs. Had a similar experience with TAFE REACH for FIAT. Is it possible that the dealers don't make much money on selling FIAT like they do with TATA cars.

After I was done with Manza wanted to test drive the Nano it as I looking at it as a second car. The sales rep (Sivanandan) was amazing. He quicly arranged for the TD. During the wait time, he made me sit in the customer lounge, offered me coffee/tea/water and explained the good things about the car, the pricing and financing option. Finally test drove the nano and really loved it. At that time, Nano was not available off the shelf but the rep mentioned that they had lot of cancelled bookings that he could offer for delivery within two weeks. The Sales rep kept on following me up politely until the end of last year in spite of me telling him that I have dropped the idea. Wished such an experience with the Manza rep.

The week after, the Concorde guys put a stall in DLF and I told the rep about the pending test drive. He arranged for one the next day. I was expecting a diesel but he got me a Petrol. Test drove it and liked it but I was not buying a petrol anyway. He promised to get me a diesel and I am still waiting. Ruled out Concorde.

Finally booked my Manza with TAFE REACH where my pre-delivery experience was pretty good but delivery and post delivery was horrible which I intend to share as a separate review. My friend bought a Vista drivetech4 QJD 4 from Concorde at the same time as my Manza as they promised him the color of his choice. His booking experience was not that great but his delivery experience was very good. The sales rep promised less but delivered more. 3M sunfilm, underchasis painting , 3M polish all for free which he did not promise during booking.
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Default Re: Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai

Due to the Nano headlight combi switch problem, I visited Concorde (Ambattur) service centre last Sunday. They took 5 full hours (I was waiting in the customer lounge) to replace the combi switch (Under warranty) and gave back the car.

I checked and found that the fog lamps were not working, hence, had to tell them and they once again took it back and returned me after 1 hour. Only then, all combi switch functions were working in proper way.

Two days later, I got a call from them (Concorde Ambattur) asking me a feedback (rating out of 10) for their work done. I gave them a modest 7, though i thought of giving them 5 or 6. But the TASS person (Concorde Ambattur) said that i am giving low marks (7/10 is low for them) and wanted me to give reasons. I told that I was frustrated waiting for full 6 hours on a Sunday in TASS customer lounge and that i was disappointed the way the repair was done (fog lamps not working first and then they repaired).

A day later, I got a call again from TASS (Concorde Ambattur) and he introduced himself to be the manager. He asked me the same question as why I have given a 7/10. I told the same reason. He assured me that the delay will not happen again and that all the services that i would give them hereafter will be done perfectly.

I didn't feel like arguing with him again because he was determined to get a 9/10 or 10/10 marks from me. I finally said (in order to finish the conversation quickly) that I will give full marks and he said, i have to say this to the guy who calls from Pune.

I hope some of our BHPians are aware of the customer feedback calls received by them from Pune, to know the feedback after a service is done in Concorde. Or atleast, in Concorde dealer's case, we get call from Pune where they ask us to give marks (out of 10) for almost 7 to 8 questions such as the service-in-charge's response, whether the car's delivery time was acceptable etc...

I believe, these people at Concorde (Ambattur), are being solely assessed by Tata based on the ratings given by customers when asked from Pune (not sure if these are direct Tata management or a third party that gives feedback to Tata management).

Hence, whether Concorde does a good service or bad service to the customer, it wants the customer to give a full marks (10/10) feedback when Pune people ask! They want us to hide their drawbacks?
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Default Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

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This is my story with a TATA - FIAT dealership which has left me with just bad taste.

These are couple of problems which my car had.
FIAT PUNTO Diesel Bossanova White Nov 2009 Model.

I had a trouble free run with the Concorde motors dealership from 2009 up until the month of September which has made realize how FIAT A.S.S. works.

Let me just give you the details of the services which my car was taken to them from the month on July 2011.

I got my car serviced (25000kms service) at 24K odd because my Front disc brakes faded and unwanted noise started to arise.

The service engineer who attended my car told me that both the DISC and PADS have to be changed because scoring has happened on the DISC there is no point in just changing the PADS alone.I asked him if its possible to put the DISC on a lathe and make it even and fix it back in, the service advisor was like no thats not possible with these kind of DISC sir. So i obliged thinking it was the best move which set me back by Rs5500 for both front DISC and PADS.I even got the exterior and treatment done because the white looked a little faded.

The car was fine until one day in the middle of August it started showing Car and Lock symbol orange light on the Tachometer.This symbol used to appear on one fine day and disappear later. Since I was busy I was not able to send the car to service center immediately.

I sent the car to the service center in the month of September for this issue.
They said they have looked into the issue it is fixed. They delivered the car home because i was busy at work. The following day i start the car and that light glows again. I was a bit upset, but then was busy again so could not send the car again to the service center.

So when i became a little free in the month October I sent it to the service center.
But this time i had one more complain to it there was a strange vibration which occured in the steering wheel.
So i informed the service advisor about it.
I got the car the following day and the advisor told the DISC on the left side was not proper so we put it on the lathe and have put a new PADS on the left side. This time i had the same 3M exterior and interior cleaning and polishing package done again.
Still the orange light was not fixed.The service advisor had no clue about what was wrong with the vehicle.
I drove the car home it seemed fine.
Then the following day an unusual noise started occring in the car.
I reported this to the service advisor and sent the car back to the service center the following day.
I had one more complaint this time.My cars wipers dint work properly.
Also i felt the car's battery might be weak.
They had my car for 3 days and told me it has been fixed.
My driver had gone to take the delivery.
He was made to wait for 2hrs.
When he got the delivery he wanted to drive the car and see before the delivery.
He started the car and put on the wiper since it was raining, wipers dint work. He refused to take the car for delivery on a rainy day if the wipers are not fixed.
They took the car back inside the service center and got the car out after 1hr by this time it was 7pm and they wanted to close the service center.
My driver tried starting the car, the car refused to turn on.
The answer the service advisor gave was they used the car's headlight to see the wiper problem inside their garage instead of using the checklamp. This caused the battery to drain.
This could be the worst thing a service center could do.
So they jumped started my car and they gave a delivery of my car.

I drove the car that night i could not see outside any of the windows they had applied grease all over the windows, including front windscreen.

I called the service advisor and gave him a piece of my mind.
The problems for which the car had gone for servicing remained.
Nothing was fixed
On top of that trying to fix my cars wipes they spoiled the front windscreen by running the wiper blades without water on the glass....
Full scratches all over the front windscreen.

I took the car personally to the service center the following day blasted the service advisor and spoke to the senior manager of the branch.

He was a very pleasing man he came along for the car inspection and everything.He promised me that he ll look into all the problems personally and fix it.

I got my car 4days wiper problem dint seem to recur again.
but the unusual noise and the orange light on the dashboard was present.

I sent the car again to the service center the following day ( by this time its november ) they had the car for 3days. The service advisor told me this time they have fixed it by changing the DISC and PADS as well. Since I was busy at work they delivered the Car at home again.
They asked me to PAY for the DISC change an amount of Rs3500/- i told themi had changed only in July and i am not willing to change again,nor was interested in paying for it.So he said he ll claim it in warranty and no bill was charged.

When i got home in the night i found my car to be in Utterly bad condition. The car was not washed at all.
I called the Senior Manager and informed him about the way he had delivered the car he apologized and asked me to bring the car back to the service center yesterday (13/11/11) i informed him that i have work its not possible, maybe today (14/11/11) i would bring the car for a wash.
So i woke up early in the morning tried washing my car with a hose and car shampoo. Most dirt came away and it left me to see Black paint sprinkled all over the car.I just did car exterior and interior 3M package in october.after which the car has been heading to his service center only.
I am heading to service center today (14/11/11). I have really lost the interest in the car.
I have spent enough money from my pocket as well.
I have lost good money in fuel as well.
What should i do. I am fed up off them.
I am attaching pics of my car before washing it myself and after.
Attached Thumbnails
Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070627.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070650.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070657.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070711.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070733.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_070743.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091121.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091132.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091142.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091155.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091202.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091216.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091225.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091347.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091355.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091410.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_091421.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104117.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104124.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104132.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104136.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104141.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104150.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104158.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104206.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104212.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_104223.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_111650.jpg  

Customer Service @ Concorde Motors, Chennai-img_20111113_111704.jpg  

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Default Re: Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

Sad to hear about this. The black spots - are they only on one side of the car? They seem to be burn marks from flying sparks when someone was using welding equipment close to your car.
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Default Re: Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

If its Concorde Motors, Ambattur! Well, I am not surprised and I feel extremely sorry about your experience. The Concorde Motors at Ambattur is good enough to deal with Indicabs ONLY!

I am sure geeash would add a lot more on his experience with Concorde! Take your car to VST Motors, Mount Road and meet Mr.Kirubakar and he should help build confidence back! I have had very good experience with my Linea
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Default Re: Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

Typical tata service, they will noy solve the problem but give you more problems. Same thing happened to me once when i had given the car for touch up, it was delivered to me in the evening time all dirty and when i cleaned the car there was white spots all over the car. Looked like they painted some white car near my car. When i complained about it they told me that i had parked my car where whitewash was going on altho it was clearly paint on the car. Anyways i called 3M and after detailing all spots were cleaned. This was VST motors. Recently i had given my car for some paiting work, which had to be done because of their own mistake(another long story) and as always they have made the interiors dirty, altho i had told them 100 times to be careful :( ....

Really hopeless service by tata, and these are just few things i have told here.

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Default Re: Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

That is a shocking case of "service" from Concorde - and they are supposed to be Tata's company-owned dealership and expected to set the standards for other Tata-Fiat dealers/workshops

I'm sorry to hear of your horrible experience with Concorde and Tata-Fiat, shadyrulez. Not being able to rectify simple faults promptly is bad enough, but returning the car as they did with dirt and those black spots all over is simply inexcusable. Which Concorde is responsible for this, the Ambattur workshop or the one on ECR?

The poorly-trained and unprofessional persons who work at Tata-Fiat dealers/workshops really ruin the ownership experience of Tata and Fiat cars. In addition, the very poor quality control process (at Tata) results in a lot of faults/niggles in even relatively new Tata cars and creates a headache for their owners

The car and lock light staying on could indicate a weak battery. I state this because in the Swift Diesel (has the same engine as the Fiat Punto) we were using for some time, the orange light with the car and lock symbol normally indicated the function of the engine immobiliser. Apart from this, the light stayed on (even when the engine was running) when the battery became weak. A friend informed us that it indicated a weak battery. And sure enough, when I got it checked, the battery was quite weak and nearing the end of its life. On replacing the battery after two weeks or so, the light went off. This could be the issue in your car but I'm not sure since it's a Punto.
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Default Re: Worst Experience Ever - Concorde Motors Chennai

Really sorry to hear this, and surely this is unacceptable.

Do try a different Tata/Fiat Service Center with feedback from other TBHP members in chennai. Concorde is usually better then VST both in Chennai and Bangalore but the Ambattur one might be bad, so try another Concorde if you can. Is the Concorde Ambattur heavily loaded, i used to have similar problems with Concorde on Hosur Road Bangalore and felt they end up giving bad quality service because of load and lack of service engineers.

This is how Tata (especially with Fiat) service has became, in Bangalore too i hear similar stories.
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