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Default Confessions of a Car Salesman


Came across this wonderful 9 Part article series about how ( a noted car information site ) sent a reporter underground at dealerships to unearth the salesman practices and techniques. Amazing work and gives good insights what to expect when you think of getting inside a dealership.

Confessions of a Car Salesman

Of course, things may be a tad different here, In India, because car demand is far higher than supply and everything is sold at full price literally.


PS. Mods, don't know if this is the right place to post. Did searching though. Shift, if deemed necessary.

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I don't know if this is a dud thread now, because I came in after reading Muneem's notes which seemed honest and genuine.

I write here now because there may be others who are looking for experiences such as mine.

My Sport had this fan switch problem for almost five months, I think.

It was there during my last post, but they could not sort it out because they did not have the part in stock.

My last service was done two days back agan at Concorde, Cochin.

I wish to give my experience, and a bit about some things I learnt.

My fan was a nuisance.
It would only function at full blast at No.4 position, which is noisy to say the least. And because I do not like to drive without the a/c, it was painful to have the blower sounding so loud.

Two calls to the service advisor told me the part was on the way.
And I used my scorpio all the while.

But once I drove to Cochin in my Sport, and half way through, the a/c conked out, at Chengannur. Coincidentally I saw a Fiat service centre (privately owned) and stopped there. The mechanic told me that a resistor (what my service advisor told me too) needed changing, but he did not have it in stock.

At Cochin, out of desperation, I took it to a small car a/c workshop, and they told me the fan regulator switch needed replacement, plus some other things, and it involved a day's work, so I could bring it in when I had more time.

I left it as it was because the a/c thing was getting temperamental,ie., it worked on and off.

Any way last week I had my nephew visiting and instead of him taking a bus ride, I offered my car if he'd get it serviced at Concorde.

The servicing was done, but not the a/c problem.

Providentionally, while my nephew was adjusting his seat in my car after taking delivery, a service person bumped into my car, with a Linea, and dented my car.

So it was left for repair and painting and I got back on Saturday (yesterday). I also got the a/c thing corrected. They changed a resistor.

The point I wish to highlite here is not the dent, etc. That was an accident that can happen to anyone.

I was informed it was a resistor fault by the service centre and the private service person. The casual a/c mech told me it was the fan regulator switch. I would have entrusted my car to the casual a/c mech if time had permitted.

But somehow things went good for me and I have my car back in good condition.

So I am stillhappy with my Palio Sport. As I mentioned earlier, I went in with an open mind, knowing the consequencs of my decision, and I am happy I am still doing good with what I have.

The best fun is on the highway, when my car responds the way I expect it to, because (silly to say) I trust my life with it many a time.
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