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Old 18th January 2009, 22:51   #121
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I rather suspect, it's the hatred of Fiat haters, which is more blind than love of Fiat lovers. No wonder, they keep on harping about Fiat fan boys and their blind love, even when they are arguing with people, who are neither Fiat owners or ardent Fiat lovers.

None of the guys, who pitched in for Fiat on this thread i.e. Bombat or Lalvaz or crn12, are Fiat owners. I feel sorry that, these poor guys immediately got branded as blind and deaf Fiat lovers.

It is for anyone, reading this thread carefully, to see, who is deaf and blind. So called Fiat fan boys or Fiat haters?

As some sensible guys have done before, I am out of this thread, which is becoming nothing but same age old rhetoric.

P.S.: Muneem, while there will be debate about your role in the dealership and analysis of situation, I that you at least shared it honestly. You could have easily chosen to hide few things, which are inconvenient for you.
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Old 18th January 2009, 23:16   #122
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Thankfully M&M have dedicated TD vehicles, the Scorpio I did the TD on is unmarked but a registered vehicle, I did the TD in Sep, I could see the same car still being used for TD when I was at the show room yeaterday.

2 Xylo's marked as Demo Vehicles are dedicated for TD so at least we can be assured of getting a fresh car.

Originally Posted by gemithomas View Post
And i have thrice done a swift test drive and they always gave me a brand new vehicle obviously awaiting a customer. THe third time i insisted on having the test drive vehicle and they said there was no diesel in it!!!
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Old 19th January 2009, 01:01   #123
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Originally Posted by Lalvaz View Post
As regards the dealer, well, they're as good as the folks working there, and I think we all know what kinds of cheats work(ed) there.
Now that is what I call a personal attack and the morality will not degenerate any further than the lows that you have already created by plainly calling a fellow bhpian a cheat, just would anyone of you be kind enough to explain to me how you guys would have acted if you were in my shoes ? I could use from a little career tip from a Ghandian like lalvaz,just so that I would know how to act in case something similar happens further down in my career.

I thought about how I should coin this thread before I started off and even asked couple of seniors around here how to coin it, I never expected such a turn around of affairs any way it's public forum so I'll just keep my opinions to myself instead of getting .

And Steer,Tadu ,sukrit7,ImmortalZ and the lot, thanks guys for being sensible.
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Hey Muneemmk - just two things that I gotta say here - don't expect the public to be understanding... and the quotes should be on "Job" rather on "The"

I can perfectly see what you have been through, thanks for sharing!
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Muneem! Don't worry about the FiAT fans here. Many of them are sensible but some are just blind who bring bad name to the whole group. It's better you laugh it off while enjoying the posts.
It's a public forum. Everybody has an opinion and many think they're the only ones who are correct. So be it na!
I'm sure your thread and unfortunate experience have definitely given some good lessons and tips to all those who are a bit sensible and thoughtful. Think about the positive benefits and brush aside all the unwanted negative effects.

We very much understand your horrible experience and feelings. I could sense the trouble you were going thru at your job place while I met you couple a times while you worked for this FiAT dealership. The worst was the FiAT training session held for LineA where you was in a deserted land/island with no familiar face to help or smile at. The emotional torture you suffered alone is more than any sacrifice a person can do for his job.
And knowing some of your background, I take this opportunity to tell the world that you were in no dire need/necessity for this job and you decided to join only due to your automotive enthusiasm and interest.

So guys! Try to understand what our fellow bhpian has put forward to us and take heed from it rather than being childish in our responses.
Yes. It is just a request. Rest, as I said: everybody is entitled to an opinion here.
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Old 19th January 2009, 10:05   #126
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My 2 cents.
@Mumeemmk: congrats for your guts in saying/writing what you did. Frankly it is not easy to do this in a public forum, knowing that your actions would be scrutinised and debated. Also your evangelic thought that your experience in the position that you were (as an insider and sales guy) in order to forewarn the potential car customers in this forum about the happenings of dealers in the car dealers is really noteworthy. We are all better informed because of you and hence will be more careful (we usually never know these things and your posts have helped me). Thank once again to you.
I do understand as a enthusiat in you made you rip the car @165 speed. Not to sermon you, but would want your car to be ripped by someone else. it is good that you have repentance and hope u will repeat in future.
about selling a lemon car to customers, i think your Dharma is to bring the problems to the notice of your higher ups. if they are ok with it, you are absolved with your responsibility, because it becomes their responsibility. (this doctrine is called "res ipsa locitor" - meaning the responsility of work by a junior staff resides with the seniormost staff) (u do not have to feel bad about it)
we all do mistakes, the ones who point one finger at you should remember that 3 fingers pointing at themselves. you had the courage to accept your mistake , but how many commenting about you have that courage themselves. (i do not accept the fact that they have never committed mistakes). you will improve but those who never accept their mistakes, never improve
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things like this happen everywhere. its the level which one cna take before they throw in the towel is what matters. its a bold step that muneem took to bring it out in the open. its as though we were all looking for something to hold - and the company name gets pulled in and its broadly accepted... however, would the reactions have been the same if it were any other manufacturer?
just food for thought!
once again muneem - nice work!
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Old 19th January 2009, 17:16   #128
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Guys please, I am not a FIAT fanboy. I havn't driven a FIAT car in my life and neither have any experience with TATA/FIAT dealership.

As per my understanding, this thread is about experience of a guy who worked at a FIAT dealer. He was brave enough to share it all with us, that too after some other Bhpian requested him to.

I have noted down certain points and will be extreamly careful when I plan to go for a new car, whether it is going to be a FIAT or otherwise.

All I said was, I hope to see some more insiders who might have resigned from dealers share their experience here so that we will never become unsuspecting customers at the hands of dealers. Of course, there are certain things which are peculiar with FIAT like availability of spare parts and A.S.S. but other things like selling test driven cars, cars involved in accident, selling lemons etc are common with any dealer.

Muneem, I for one, thank you from the bottom of my heart and apologise to you if I have unknowingly hurt your feelings.

Now, you guys couldn't understand what I have to say or

I am going out from here, peace !

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Originally Posted by speedzak View Post
Muneem! Don't worry about the FiAT fans here. Many of them are sensible.
Guess you were talking about me zak!!

muneem,many of us,including me were eagerly waiting for your story.thanks a lot for posting the same.for giving us an inside view of what actually happens inside RF.

Guys,what i personally feel is that,Fiat does make good cars!!period!!but the biggest problem is that they just dont know how to sell them!!and therein lies the problem.

Btw,off topic,but today i called up Automatrix,the fiat-tata dealer in mangalore for a linea test-drive.the lady informed i had to wait as the test drive car had not yet arrived!!i was happy they at least did not give a brand new car for test drive which they would sell to someone later!!guess Fiat is indeed making an attempt to change things!!

Anyway i will never buy the Linea till i see for myself how the a.s.s. turns out
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Old 20th January 2009, 12:49   #130
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Originally Posted by Lalvaz View Post
How would you feel if you were similarly cheated by a glib talking salesman?

hey lals@ everyone gets cheated in some way or the other. Sometimes its sales, sometimes it can be your very own relatives. But then everyone has to survive.

Muneem has been very down to earth in explaining his ****ty experience.
As Dabhar has rightly said its the top management who are the suckers!!

Anyways to me FIAT IN INDIA always stood as
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Old 20th January 2009, 13:41   #131
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I just read this saga now.

Muneem - instead of having to endure unprofessional experiences as more of a rule than an exception, I would think its a better idea that you quit this marque/dealership and find another marque/dealership thats more professional/ethical than this one.
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Old 20th January 2009, 13:50   #132
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Originally Posted by theMAG View Post
I just read this saga now.

Muneem - instead of having to endure unprofessional experiences as more of a rule than an exception, I would think its a better idea that you quit this marque/dealership and find another marque/dealership thats more professional/ethical than this one.
sir he has already quit and has posted this after doing so..

@ Muneem - have you joined elsewhere yet ? hope u get a good job soon
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Old 20th January 2009, 14:55   #133
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Default Thank You for Sharing!

Muneem :

As many have pointed out i think U do have serious amounts of GUTS to come out and share your experiences with us and more importantly gracefully admit to whatsoever wrong doings(165kmph ).
Honestly i don see majority of people here doing anything more sensible than what you have done being in your shoes at that time.
Hope you will get a more deserving job soon.
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Old 20th January 2009, 19:35   #134
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Originally Posted by Jr Godzilla View Post

Anyways to me FIAT IN INDIA always stood as
I dont wise the palio was way ahead of its time when launched.they are a failure in selling and servicing cars!!
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Old 20th January 2009, 20:21   #135
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It is not fair that Muneem was blamed for the only reason that he revealed the entire story without concealing facts that are unfavourbale to him.

Muneem was just another sales man in Fiat. Someone here mentioned about a fiat salesman who scared him to death by driving like Schumacher. It happens everywhere. I have seen how valets park cars in far off yards.

That he did 165kmph in a Palio 1.6 is not as big a mistake as the dealer trying to sell the same car to an unsuspecting buyer. The dealer should have got a seperate test drive car dedicated for TDs or else things like this can happen. I have seen the same car lying around at the dealership like brand new, waiting for a buyer, and like someone said only smarties get good cars these days.

Of late, it can be seen that many a personal attacks in team-bhp escape without attracting infractions.

Hats off to Muneem for giving us the full story.
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