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WTH! Anyways. They took the photos. I don't know what happened with those photos. They applied paint with some coating on the rusting areas. Seems to be fine after a couple of weeks. I would keep an eye on them and more areas now that you have reminded me.

As for ABS, I suggest contact them regularly. I would do the same now that they have to get me a replacement key. I find them to be very casual in nature. They have so many guys employed in the workshop but at any given time most of them would be missing from the scene or gossiping around. I dislike one guy in particular. I have never seen him do ANYTHING productive. And whenever he is near my car, he ends up doing something stupid which messes up the things more for me.

I should add something here. About the seat adjustment thing.

One of the older looking guys actually asked me today if my car had the same seat height adjustment problem. I told him the truth. Every Linea seems to have it. Some guys have managed to get it fixed by going through the company > dealer route. I even told him that a guy from Gurgaon had received the replacement kit in their workshop itself. He asked me why i have not done the same... Told him I have other things to get fixed first!

In my three months of ownership of this Linea EMO PK, I have made around 7-8 trips. Today was my first one that was scheduled (3000KM Free Service). And due to the key problem, I would have to make more in the coming weeks!

One good thing today. The road condition was not THAT bad. Debris on the road managed to make it somewhat smoother. I did not bang the bottom of the car even once. THOUGH... ABS Service Station guys managed to bang it twice with me INSIDE THE CAR (WTH). One time, he took the car to their basement. The slant was pretty steep. He took it at a pretty high speed. And BANG the front of the car hit the surface. I was furious... But as usual kept my calm... there were bigger problems to deal with.

How would you guys react to something like that? :P

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Default Re: ABS motors: a FIAT service option in Gurgaon!

Guys planning to take my car here for servicing.
Does it still service Fiat cars?

Any recent experiences anyone. Any help will be deeply appreciated.
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