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Old 4th November 2009, 23:21   #46
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I own a Fiat Palio Stile 1.6 Sport. It had a problem with the lock on the driver side, so they had promised to procure one for me. When they informed me that it had arrived, because the service facility was 180 Km away, I asked that they wait till I could go there later, which they agreed to.

So one morning, when there were other reasons for me to travel there, I drove over and left my car for repairs. There were a few other faults too.

Anyway, the service facility was eight Kms away from town, and I was in no mood to take a crowded bus at 9.30 A.M peak time.

So asked for a test drive on the Punto, for my alleged nephew who allegedly was interested in a Punto, and who had allegedly asked me to drive one give my opinion because I already owned a Fiat.

I honestly stated these facts, and also mentioned my intention to get off at the next junction.

I had a nice and confident person drive me and also explain the excellent features of the car, and I too got to test all the features. He was patient in explaining even though I told him that it was only a tentative idea.

What really struck me was the assurance and confidence of that individual, the way he knew the good points of the car, and how he demonstrated the features. It was not just about demonstrating as a part of his job, but I felt that he was so proud of the car he was selling, he wanted to show me how good it was.

I got my free ride, and learnt a new lesson.

The car dealer?

Concorde, Cochin, Kerala.
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Went to Kulathunkal to check out the manza and book a TD for a friend who was interested in buying one. They claimed that they dont have any TD cars, and they will get back to me when they do. A few hours later, I come across a manza of the same colour going the other way, then taking a U turn, and coming back. And sure enough, the slot where the manza was being displayed in the showroom was empty.

So much for the lack of TD cars.
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I got this experience with Maruti Versa. More than a year ago I had checked all the major Maruti dealers in Mumbai, but none of them had a Versa for a test drive.

Then there was the Premier Sigma passenger van. Again no TD vehicle was available.

On the other hand, I have had some very good experiences as well. I had visited the Tata showroom to TD a Winger, and the driver made it to the showroom late in the evening just so I could take the test drive. He was also in touch with me on phone regarding delays due to traffic. Very nice. I don't still understand why Tata Motors sells the Winger through their commercial vehicles dealerships.
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It could be because tata CV dealerships might be better for such purposes than passenger car dealers.

My dad swears that he had a much better experience buying a winger for their office from the tata CV dealer in town than the indigo CS for their office, and our own indica. Even though there were similar issues faced, the cv dealers were much more straightforward, and easier to deal with.

might also have to do with the fact that the passenger car dealer in our town is the only tata dealer, and the cv dealer is a 'popular' maruti dealer in our town

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Could it be because the CV people have to deal with customers who are conscious about what they are paying for? They must be careful about where they are putting their hard-earned money, since for them it's their bread and butter. Unlike us car owners!
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It keeps happening,
I never got a TD of Sonata Transform Auto despite owning a despite having a Embera M/T in the family. Reason: All the dealerships share a single TD car, tracking it is a pain.

I have visited 3 Toyota dealership for Fortuner, All of them were not interested in making a new sale. Arrogance was comparable to most govt offices.

Got TD of Cruze on the third attempt. Finally got it because i threatened them to buy car from some other place, the car was arranged in 10 mins.

I really like the Skoda dealership in gurgaon, i have driven every TD car they have, and i told them in advance that i am in no mood to buy.
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It is true that we should also plan for the test drive in advance at least a couple of days. So that they can keep that time slot vacant for you. Other wise they will give TD to the customers who are awaiting before you. I am a regular customer to a particular sales man. When ever I drop for one or the other purpose I ask for a TD. If I ask for a Diesal variant at least he was giving the Petrol which is available at that time and inform to come after a call for the diesel. This is the story of Maruti Chennai.

Tata Concorde is also not bad. I did Vista Petrol and diesel as well as Punto. I was lucky when ever I went the TD car was there. I did not buy car from them and still I could not come out of the noise of Tata cars. My second car was Indica which was giving noise and more maitenance cost.
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I visited Auto matrix in mangalore when Punto was released. they were not inerested in selling the car. only after me asking about the car he started telling, ya this is the test car and opened the door. Costs 7 odd lakhs on road for deisel. i told okay please give me your card, i will call for TD. he said "sorry i dont have my bussiness card, i will give a miss call to your phone, please note that number and call me next week"

for a moment i felt, i am selling Punto to him

i said "never mind i will call on the number mentioned on Punto banner". he told "no no no, please dont call that number. its my GM's number. please dont call" . i told "okay, fine give me miss call" and i came out .

when will these people learn how to sell a car!
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Imagine if I was a car manufacturer like the Toyota or Ford. with monthly sales figures of 1000 odd cars, and if every dealer is supposed to have a car at his disposal this would mean keeping atleast 40 cars available for test drive.

And remember these cars have to be on top condition, (lest someone would think that is how the car would actually perform) that would mean additional overheads for its upkeep.

Having all these in mind they have only few cars available. and make the dealers engage in a bureaucratic approach of having to book it, to keep it available, this would mean on weekend its fully occupied. And for higher end cars, as I have read in some forum people expect to take to atleast 20 30 kms to determine the quality of build.
That is the reason you experience what happens in the heading that you have given.
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My experience with TD has not been a problem. I am from chennai and most of the time i call a day before for fixing a test drive and some times just walk in and ask for it.
Maruti - Took it from KAPICO, did not call and walked in. Test drove Ritz, A Star, Dzire, both the petrol and diesel variants. All in a single day.
Fiat - VST motors. Test drove Fiat linea, Fiat punto. Did not call in advance.
Tata - Concorde Motors. Called in advance. Test drove Indica Vista, Manza and Safari. Again all in a single day.
Mahindra - India garage. Logan, Xylo and Scorpio. In a single day and i did call in advance to arrange all in a single day.
Hyundai - KUN hyundai. Accent, i20, i10, Verna. Called in advance. Verna was not available and they had arranged it at a later date.
Thats about it.
Regarding the customer care. I feel that the representatives in Maruti and Hyundai are the best. India garage will be the last as the representatives though friendly and arranged the test drive did not know the details of the vehicle. Thanks to team bhp i did not need info from them.
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Old 23rd January 2010, 13:04   #56
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well quite intresting experinces you all got here;Anyways if any of you guys want a TD of any car,Come to Goa anytime...the sales guys here are begging the customer to go on a TD.

I had the same experience when I went to my local Tata showroom here in Goa just to see the Tata safari 2.2,I approached the sales person for knowing more details about the car,the sales person in return said"Sir lets go for a TD first and ill explain everything later" what did i got to lose went for it and loved the car.The sales person didn't even ask me to fill a form to go for the td which you have to do normally otherwise.
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Default Sales Person attitude @ Sai Service Pune

Yesterday I visited Sai Service, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune to inquire about Swift VDi ABS (White Color). As usual, initially the sales guy (name not disclosed here) was very enthusiatic to welcome me and my wife. He specifically mentioned to call him before visiting the showroom. My guess is that he didn't want to loose the commission here. So he was prompt and asked me to wait but I was hasty as I had done a good study on what I need. I straight away asked him for a test ride for my wife as I had driven the diesel of my cousin and found it awesome and fantastic to drive. The sales guy clearly refused for a test drive saying "sir, ata swift evadi tested and proven ahe ki hya chi test drive amhi det nahi" means "swift is tested and proven hence we dont offer test drives anymore". I insisted that my wife wants to have one for her sake atleast, still he was adament and did not respond. I asked him to show any new VDi if it was available but he again refused and told me that there is nothing changed as he showed me an old ZXi that was there for servicing. Still I and my wife were fine.
Then we sat at the reception to dicuss the technicals and waiting period. He started asking me certain questions like what is my daily running and go for petrol instead of diesel. Alternately he started giving me other options that I think he had in stock and was insisting me to go for petrol as I think some were available with him. And to my surprise he stated that Swift VDi (ABS) White will take atleast 4 months. He opted me to go for VDi non ABS that could be delivered in less time. I cleanly refused and wanted to stick to my requirement and clearly mentioned again about my budget and requirement. He couldn't give me satisfactory answer on owning a diesel over petrol and the long term benefits. (*Even though I don't have much monthly running but I like the dynamics and agility Swift D has.) I politely replied back saying I have had a detailed study/survey of what I need (thanks to Team-BHP forum!) so pl dont waste time. At this point he got irritated and started showing attitude that the company has this much amount of waiting period if I want then I can go for other alternate options given by him. I showed my cool and asked him if there are any chances I can get it early by providing any managements reference. He responded even if I get any references (mgmt, ceo, etc), I will not get the vehicle in less than 4 months time and asked me to go to any dealer in Pune. Thanking him I and wife walked out from there w/o any comments.

But today I inquired at Chowgule and the sales lady committed me for 2 months which was acceptable for me but I am afraid whether it will happen or that this could just be a marketing strategy. I don't understand why there is a big gap within the same city dealers. I do understand that Maruti Suzuki is dominating the small car markets but they do need to reduce such long waiting periods as potential buyers like me may be diverted for another products.

Can anyone share their or have any different experience here?

Well the other option that I have is i20 Asta delivered within a month.

Moderators: If there is any exiting thread pl do let me know.
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Old 8th March 2010, 14:34   #58
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Default TD for Punto

Let me add my experience with Swapna motors, Bhubaneswar(Orissa):

I call up on the board line seeking a test drive on the petrol punto. I talk to the sales executive who takes my name and address and promises that he will send the Punto diesel(Apparently, they didn't have a petrol Punto for the TD) to my place in Cuttack for a test drive.
The next morning one of their sales guys calls me to fix up a time when he can come to my house. We decide on meeting around 3 in the afternoon but he finally doesn't turn up!!
He calls me the next morning and apologizes for not being able to make it and again we decide on meeting in the afternoon around 3. But again, he doesn't turn up!!
He calls me, third morning in a row, and I get angry at him this time. He apologizes again and promises to reach my house in the afternoon. Not surprising this time when he doesn't turn up.

Fourth day: Some guy from Swapna Motors calls me and rudely says " Sir, when you did not want to buy a Punto, why did u ask for a test ride??
You should have said you wanted to see the Linea!!"

This time I lose my temper and hurl profanities at him in the same tone that he spoke to me in. The guy just hangs up!

Having had enough I log on to the Fiat India website and leave a complaint.
Surprisingly, I get a call from the regional office in Kolkata the very next day. After explaining him the experience, i find that he's not ready to accept my version. In fact, he tells me "Sir, Swapna motors has got the best rating in an all Orissa evaluation of automobile dealerships!" or something like that.
And I'm like, dude, dont give me that load of c**p because I have experienced their people first hand. Finally, he insists that I still try the car out and decide.
Same evening I get a call from some senior manager/deputy GM to apologize(He says it was just a misunderstanding) and to offer me a car for TD.
I say " Thanks but no thanks. If this is how your people behave when they have to sell their product, God help me if i buy your car and I come to you again for service!!"

P.S: Finally ended up buying a Ritz Zxi from Sky Automobiles. Even that was one hell of an experience.
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And I thought it was just me. I called up the Chevy showroom in malad / mumbai during my recent visit home. I had finalised the spark for my sister but then with these new releases decided to look into them. I called up Ashtavinayak Auto , got their address, told them that I was specifically looking for the Beat and that if I dropped in a couple of hours would I have a test drive? They assured me the cars were very much there. I reach and am told that NO car for TD is there since there is a corporate meet somewhere and they have sent all their TD models. This was obviously not a last minute decision so the person answering the calls must have been blind or dumb or both. I made it clear to them about what I thought about that person. I was asked to leave my details with them, but they never got back to me. They did not even have the brochures of the beat. The salesperson was more interested in knowing who had answered my call that morning (as if I would have taken down all their details) rather than explain me the car.

I decided to go to Maruti on the way back. I was not interested in a diesel car yet the diesel ritz was offered to me for a drive. I was after either the petrol A star or the petrol Ritz. Again the salesman takes down my details. He calls me the next day, fixes a time and does not turn up. Repeats the same the day after.

So as someone said, theres no point in getting upset with the manufacturers , its the dealers who are different. We had a fantastic time when we were going to book a Matiz - the sales man was simply fantastic. I guess with so man buyers, the sellers are spoilt for choice. I mean one sale walks out and another literally walks in at the same time. At least thats true for Maruti and the other high volume sellers.

Next time around (next month when I am back again ) , I am going to try using the online forms for test drive bookings. Hopefully that should help. I read as to how someone said we should ask these guys to come at the office, that way we dont loose time. Soemhow when I fix an appointment, I expect it to be held at that time. I just cant tolerate people turning up when it suits them especially when I am the customer. It just messes up the rest of the day.
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Yesterday, I called up NCR Ford, Def Col, to test drive a Fiesta 1.6. I was told a car would be sent to my office in CP before lunch today.

It's 3:00, and no one from the dealership's called, and, needless to say, no sign of any car either. The saleswoman i talked to is not picking up her phone.

First time this has happened to me. So weird!
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