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Old 26th July 2010, 22:18   #91
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The most funniest thing is that the diesel got exhausted just half way done thereby landing the car at the middle of the road.

Well I guess this was a car already sold then because dealers have a habit to provide fuel to new customers up to the nearest fueling station.

Be careful next time in case you decide to purchase from the above mentioned dealer or any dealer to be safe, have to go through a detailed PDI.God knows how many will have "tested your car as if it was their own"

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Like someone said above, ask the SP to bring the vehicle to your place. It works 90% of the time.

Five years ago this happened to me. Ambal Cars, Erode was very nice to me when I asked for a Versa TD. Infact, the SPs were surprised because they said nobody was interested in Versa at that time and so they did not had any TD Versa at Erode. But they promised to arrange a vehicle from Coimbatore, and yes it came 2 days later. Unfortunately none of my family members liked Versa.

Mahindra Bolero - 4 years ago
After that I had a couple of TD with Boleros and a Sumo. The Mahindra dealer promptly sent me Boleros to my office. The first year I had a TD, but dropped the plan to purchase due to finance constraints. The next year when asked for TD the same SP came down to my office with a Bolero and he recognized me. Unfortunately, my loan did not process due to other problems. What a bad luck!

Sumo - 4 years ago
During the same time when TDing bolero, I called Concorde and asked for a Sumo GX TD. After a lot of talks and a hesistantly they did send a TD sumo. But it was actually a to-be-delivered piece. I did not like Sumo after the TD. The brand new vehicle was making some squeaking.. and scrrrrching noise during turning and braking. Pathetic quality.

Lancer Evolution - just a week ago
Cant say this as a TD, but an experience visiting the show room. Certainly Maya Motors responded my phone call very well and when I asked If I could come down to their place just to see the Evo, they readily invited me. Upon reaching there I was asked for my phone number and Name. After that I was taken to the first floor where the car was parked. Spent some 10 minutes there looking at it, and sitting inside admiring the Evo DNA. Wish I had 45 lacs to buy that awesome car!

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Old 12th August 2010, 20:39   #93
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Default TATA- FIAT dealership (HIM motors, Peeragarhi)

Today went to HIM motors peeragarhi to test drive a NANO.... Entered showroom and after looking for 10 mins at NANO and little here and there asked the receptionist that is somebody interested in selling the car. Got reply that all SP are busy... As i was already aware of the variants and certain other things, i told her that i am interested for a Test Drive of CX variant. She asked for my no. and some other details and asked me to wait for 5 minutes..

After 5 minutes--->

Lady: "Sir we only have the LX model for test drive"

No problem with that.. I will TD that..

Ok.. Wait i will be back in 2mins.

After another 5 mins --->
Lady: Sir car road show pe gayi hui hai CP connaught place (Sir our car has gone for a roadshow at connaught place.)

Ok but i can see another demo car outside showroom..

Voh toh Std variant hai (Sir its a STD variant)

Its fine with me. I just want to do a small TD right now relating to overall drivability.... TD relating to AC response can be done later.

Hmm... rukiye main SP ko gaadi ke saath bhejti hun. (wait for a few minutes, i will send the SP so that you can have a TD.)

after that I am seeing her running here and there

After 20 mins --->
Lady: Sir bahar waali gaadi kharaab hai. (Sir, the vehicle outside is not in working condition.)


Sir agar aaj TD chahiye toh aap CP chale jao, saare variants mil jaynge. (Sir you can do one thing, if u need a TD, you can go to the Road Show at connaught place [CP]. There we have all the variants for TD.)

How can you really expect someone to go 30kms from here for a TD.

Sir aaj toh nayi hai, aap kal aa jaana.. (Sir today its not available, you can come tomorrow for a TD.)

Me: OK. Thank You

and i walked out...

Spent around 50 minutes in the showroom and still no SP approached... Moreover the receptionist did not even apologized even once. neither for the delay nor for absence of TD vehicle... All SP's are busy dealing with people who are interested in Manza and Indica Vista. Wondering with this attitude, how will TATA be able to sell NANO's

OFF TOPIC: I even saw 3 Sales Persons trying to convince a person badly to buy Vista rather than Fiat Punto.. 1 of them even went to the extent of saying Sir aap toh mere padosi ho, TATA mey kuch dikkat hogi seconds mey thikh karva dunga.. Fiat ka mere haatho mey control nahi hai.. (Sir u are my neighbor, I will get your TATA vehicle repaired in few seconds but for Fiat vehicle i have no control..

Lagey raho TATA......
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Old 14th August 2010, 11:34   #94
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The Ford Figo TD vehicle was easily available at Metro Ford yesterday, at least all through 4 hours in the evening, when I was there for my Ikon repair. So I decided to TD it, and was immediately offered the key. I had a good opportunity to get a feel of the car, for which I might trade in my Ikon.

I guess since the Figo is a runaway success, people no longer want a TD now, they are directly queing up for the buy
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Old 14th August 2010, 17:51   #95
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Went to Planet ford, Paud Road, Pune to check the limited edition Fiesta.

Asked for a test drive, the receptionist asked to wait for 5 mins, waited a good 15 mins and no one came to check. Checked with receptionist again, a guy came running and said test vehicle is not available. Took down my phone number and promised a call on Monday (I visited the showroom on Saturday).
Till date haven't received any phone call.

Called planet ford on satara road, and got the test drive immediately.
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Old 13th October 2010, 23:03   #96
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I have once sent SMS for an Test drive for Ford fiesta, at the time of launch,as they said they will arrange for TD once we send an SMS to an number. but i have not received neither call nor any mail. I was disappointed and wrote to Ford head office, they have apologised for the dealers mistake.

The second encounter is on fabia, when the fabia was launched, all our family members, we four, went to skoda dealer in coimbatore, but there was an customer, to whom the sales person was explaining about the car, but we entered the showroom, but no one to care us, there was 4 others moving here and there, but no one questioned or cared what we want, atlast i asked to one person, he half heartedly showed one car and he answered to the queries which we raise, as if they are giving free fabia to all visiting customers..

i am happy that fabia is almost dead now.
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Old 19th October 2010, 13:43   #97
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one of my friend has been deciding on buying an hatchback. We have test droven all the hatches.

Response wise, the guys from Skoda showroom on Hosur road were the best.

Dissappointing was the fact that they had got a brand new Fabia for test drive which had to be delivered to a buyer.
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Old 26th November 2010, 16:55   #98
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Before finalizing on the Jazz, I went over to the VW showroom in ahmedabad and asked for the TD of the Polo 1.6.
I was handed a brochure which had specs for the 1.2 and the 1.6 and the sales guys calmly mentioned that I would have to do with the brochures to decide as there was no TD car available for the 1.6 version. On inquiring as to when could that be available to me, I was not given any specific date or time as it was all unsure with the dealership themselves as to when would one be available.
In either case, IF i had TD'd the 1.6 I would have been spoilt for choice. As of today, I am loving my Jazz
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Old 26th November 2010, 22:23   #99
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Fiat people drove a FGT Punto for 90kms to give me a test-drive.

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Old 26th November 2010, 22:52   #100
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Thumbs up Good job by Fiat

Originally Posted by Sheel View Post
Fiat people drove a FGT Punto for 90kms to give me a test-drive.

This is something I've never heard of. Good show Fiat

Are you planning to buy a Fiat GP by any chance?
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Old 27th November 2010, 12:42   #101
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Exclamation The Dunce Who Sold His Safari (and bought another one)

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Originally Posted by Klub Class View Post
This is something I've never heard of. Good show Fiat
90 kms one way, i.e. 180kms in total.

Are you planning to buy a Fiat GP by any chance?
Either the 90HP or Figo TDCi Titanium.
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Old 28th November 2010, 00:00   #103
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Concorde Motors @ Bannerghatta rd, Bangalore
Everything was just perfect. I went with my family last year for TD and had called them in the morning. By the time i reached it was 3PM, the SP was waiting to receive me and my family.

Everyone were served with Tea and then he took us on a long TD. I drove around 7-8 Kms (both City roads and Hosur Rd highway). At no point did he ask me to return to showroom.

Explained each and every detail as though I was taking delivery of the car.
It was just a test drive.

overall when i left the showroom, i was made to feel very special. It took me couple of weeks to book Manza.
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Old 28th November 2010, 03:11   #104
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I had booked a test drive for the i20 online in the last week of October. I received a call from customer care the same day informing me that a certain person from Kothari Hyundai will be contacting me soon for organising the test drive. I did not receive any call from them at all. About two weeks later, I happened to pass the showroom and thought I should drop in to ask about the test drive.
There were 3 ladies in the reception area, one of whom was busy on her phone. I said I was interested in the i20 crdi, and she pointed out the Magna model to me. I and my wife proceeded to look at the car. As we were interested in the Asta model, we asked to see that version if available. it was available but parked tightly between a wall and another car. It was impossible to open the doorn forget stepping in. I went back to the reception and reminded them about my test drive. After some confusion, they checked their records and found they indeed had a pending test drive request in my name. Despite a test drive car waiting outside they did not offer a test drive ( though i had booked one two weeks earlier). After exchanging some confused looks, we decided to leave the showroom.
However, in the meanwhile I have also test driven the SX4 VVT and Manza. No doubt the i20 is a good car (I managed a test drive at the other Hyundai showroom across town) but it has affected my opinion about Hyundai A**. if they are like this before selling the car, I am not confident about what A** will be given.
As for Kothari Hyundai, this smacks of nonchalance as they are bang in the centre of town. Hyundai better do some control checks, as they have lost at least 2 sure shot sales (my i20 and my cousins interest in the verna)
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Default Concorde Motors

I booked my TD through the TM web-site. I got a call from their Mumbai office promptly and was promised a test drive last Wednesday i.e 17th November 2010. Nobody called me on 17th, the next day I get a call and I am addressed by an incorrect name (Deepak Shukla) nowhere close to my actual name. The confusion is cleared and I am promised test drive next Wednesday i.e 24th Nov 2010. Nobody turned up on 24th too. I got a call from Concorde indicating that they didn't have any free vehicles and I got a call early morning on 27th Nov 2010 indicating that somebody would definitely turn up.

At 3PM driver called me and asked for directions to my place, I was eagerly waiting for the TD, inspite of completing my night shift I woke up early and was expecting to drive the beast (Tata Safari), however nobody turned up and no call either.... really frustrating experience from Concorde...

I'll now deal with KHT or Prerana and check their service. I will NOT buy my SAFARI from Concorde now..

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