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Default Unbelievably Disgusting Incident at Courtesy Honda, Okhla - I need your Support !

I have read of many cases of After–Sales Service Centers and Dealerships treating the Customer with absolute apathy, and have himself been on the receiving end on many an occasion. But the treatment meted out to me in Courtesy Honda Okhla on Sunday, 30th August - is shameful to say the least, and creates a new benchmark in disgusting customer service.

Please go through the below write-up, I need Team-BHP’s support on this one!

I took my Accord to Courtesy Honda, Okhla on Sunday, 30th August 09 at about 2:30pm for getting the O2 Sensor replaced. From what I understand it is a standard replacement – nothing complicated at all.

Courtesy Honda tells me that the ’04 Accord O2 Sensor is NOT available in stock – but they have the same part for the 2003 Honda Accord. Although the part no. is different, they claim that it doesn’t matter as both the parts are same. I disagree saying that the ’03 Accord was 2.3L engine and my ’04 Accord has a 2.4L engine - furthermore, if parts are same they should have the same no. They tell me not to worry, the parts are identical, problem will be solved without any negative repercussion and that their advise to me as an authorized service center was to go ahead with the replacement.

Anyhow, part is replaced and the EML is not ON anymore so I assume problem is solved, pay-up about 15,000 Rupees and am ready to leave. The car is waiting for me outside the Service Centre (it is pretty much open-air, there is no “gate” as such) so I hand over the Gate-Pass and start the Car. Immediately I realize that my Central Display (the one with that shows stereo channels, AC temperature, time, etc.) is blank. On seeing REALLY closely, one can see the alphabets (very dark grey against a black background) but they are not emitting any light like they usually do.

I bring this to the notice of the Service Engineer who was still next to the car – he immediately goes on the defensive saying that they have not done any work related to the stereo so this is not their fault. I tell them that this is nothing to do with the stereo but has to do with the display, they shouldn't get so defensive - maybe it's a blown fuse? So they take the car inside to the basement for a quick check (without issuing a gate-pass), spend 20 minutes opening and closing the dash – insuring that all wires are plugged in. They then again park the car outside the service center and tell me that there is nothing they can do – the car probably had a problem when it came in.

By this time the Asst. Manager – Service comes and has a look. It is now about 5:30 PM.

I ask them to keep the car with them; I shall only take it once the problem has been solved. They say that it’s not possible to do that as I have already taken delivery and now am “returning” with this complaint – so it has to be treated as a separate issue. I reply by saying that that’s not possible as the Odometer reading is the same as when the car came into the Service centre, so obviously it hasn’t moved out of the Service center at all. Anyhow he clicks photographs and so do I.

I then tell them to give me a blank paper, on which I shall write the facts, and they can sign. I tell them the contents would be that the Car came in for O2 sensor work, and that the owner claims that dash display is now not working, they can dispute the facts on paper – and both parties can sign. They say nothing of this sort is possible.

I ask them to create a Service Request for the car, so that I can leave the car with them – they refuse to have anything to do with the car anymore.

By this time I notice that the Service Engineers are slowly backing away and trying to merge into the background. Suddenly, the Asst. Manager turns around, sits in a Car – and says he is leaving as he has some work to do.

Suddenly I am left with the Car keys in my hand and no-one around me !!!

So I walk into the Service Center and ask for the Name and Contact No. of the GM – Service. They REFUSE to share any information and start ignoring me.

Even the other Customers are flabbergasted with the way the Courtesy Honda guys are behaving. On someone’s suggestion I whip out my Mobile and start recording a Video.

On Camera, I ask the Service Engineer the name and Cell no. of the GM – Service. He gives me the name but refuses to share the no. I ask him the name and cell no. of the AM – Service who just left. They give me the name but refuse to give me the cell no.

By this time the other Service Engineer’s are furiously making phone calls asking the AM – Service to return, which he promptly does.

I now ask them to make a Service Request and this time they comply. In the SR there is a column for “Customer Comments” into which they write “Stereo display not working”. I tell them to write that I came for O2 work and that display was working and that now it is not. They Refuse. I reason with them that they should write my comments, as that is what the column is meant for – if they want to dispute the statement they can always write in the next column which says “Service Advisor’s Comments”.

There is a short 2 minutes discussion on this, then suddenly the AM – Service says that I should return the next morning as it was already 6:00 PM and now a SR cannot be created !!!

So, I had no option but to leave Courtesy Honda with my Accord’s Dash display not working (which was perfectly fine when I had come to the showroom).

This was 2 days ago and I haven’t taken any action yet. I’d like you guys to suggest the best way I should go ahead on this.

I want to get the car’s display running as well as take strict action against Courtesy Honda for the treatment meted out to me and my Car.

Thanks for the patient read - and looking for your suggestions.
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I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but legally, they have a upper hand.

I am assuming you signed some paperwork before you took the delivery, where you basically signed confirming that you have recieved the car in perfect working order.

However, you can write to Honda and hope for a quick and hopefully economical solution..
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If I were you, I would log a compliant in there website first, thenTry to get Honda GM contact details and write to them.
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Write to Honda.

My Thread

ATLEAST they will respond. When I sent them a complaint, Arya promptly called me up apologizing and offered to send a car to pick me up and drop me off after I took a TD.
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@AbhiJ & Anand :

The main issue I have with the whole incident is the way Courtesy Honda dealt with it:

1. The AM - Service just getting into a car and driving off!

2. They REFUSING to share the name and phone no. of any senior official - when these things happen there is always supposed to be an escalation process in place.

3. Refusing to have anything to do with the Car.

They did not even attempt to find out or tell me what is wrong in the display - who pays and how much are all secondary issues. I am extremely hurt by their basic lack of courtesy and etiquette when a situation arose. Imagine the impression about Honda they created in front of everyone at the Center.

I was polite at all times, got assertive only when they started ignoring me and not responding to my elementary queries about "who should I reach out to?".

Regarding legal issues - we will cross that river when we reach it. Hopefully, Honda Company will have a say about this incident - I am planning to write to them.
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Originally Posted by flyingspur View Post
Write to Honda.
Glad you got the issue resolved. Congrats.

Who should I write to, any email id, person in particular? Thanks in advance.
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You should have gone on Monday to get this sorted out, by giving a gap of 2days inbetween it is like you are letting them to think that you are not worried anymore on that display issue.
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Hi Manveet,

I empathise with you on the teatment meted out. Please refer to my thread You need a lot of patience and persistence, if you strongly believe in what you are telling.

Trust me, the dealership will be reprimanded and your issue of display resolved.

All the best.

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When will the era stop when threads like this wont pop up anymore? Its really sad that you being a customer of a "premium" car have been treated like this. I suggest you get in touch with the top brass and get this sorted out.
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I think the bigger issue is them using a Primary O2 sensor meant for an F23 engine into your K24. They are completely different families. O2 sensors are pretty similar everywhere, but your ECU will be programmed to work with the voltages and ranges for a particular part number. I have a feeling you'll have problems with that thing in the future.
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First of all why did you agree to put the Honda 2003 parts ???

Now ... If I were you then I would have stressed on this point in a strong mail to the Honda Guys .. I hope some one from TBHP will definitely help you with the email id.

Have lots of patience brother ... I hope Honda will listen to you ..
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I am forwarding a link of this thread to a friend in Honda, New Delhi. Meanwhile you also update the sequence of events here. Plus I think you made a judgmental error in not going back to them the very next day. Anyway, wish you luck.
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Patience is not going to help you. Act immediately. Mail Honda customer care and have the issue sorted out. The more you delay the lesser chance for action.
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Originally Posted by beejay View Post
Patience is not going to help you. Act immediately. Mail Honda customer care and have the issue sorted out. The more you delay the lesser chance for action.
Agreed. The Japanese are far more focussed on service and customer relations that the others. Please try and e-mail Honda with the details. I will be very surprised if you do not get a proper and prompt response.
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Could be that the display went off due to their fault, or not. But they'd have to be a bunch of idiots to behave like this. Terribly handled situation by Courtesy Honda, a simple "We are sorry about the inconvenience sir. Let us check the car out and give you an update". I mean, you are driving Honda's most expensive sedan! Clearly, they were only trying to pass the buck and wrap up for the day.

Unfortunate. Get in touch with Honda directly. And do not forget to mention the serial number of the O2 sensor in your car.
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