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Originally Posted by xingamazon View Post
What happened today is rather a personal thing between you and the AGM of the Dealership. Dont think you should have used the TBHP to advertise your personal tiff.
@xingamazon, that is exactly my point. Why does the dealership make it a personal tiff, when what has happened has happened, and he has gone there for a brand new car purchase?

I come to your shop, we disagree on something, that turns into an ugly fight on the road. Years pass. Then I come to your shop and ask for something. Will you try to resume the fight from years back, or will you try to give me what I am asking for?
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Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
1) Service centers visits are mostly not good for those who are technically more inclined. Faced this with Bajaj, Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki. In case of friends, Hyundai, Honda and Tata have given similar treatment to us.

2) Sid, the first mistake you did was not reacting to the shouts of service center manager. You should have reacted in louder voice.

3) Sales person from whom you bought the car is insulting you. Well, insult him back the same way. If you dont react, they feel its their right to insult you.

I would have surely got Physical at this. Its not worth mentioning, but I have fought with Bajaj Service center manager. You have done right thing by posting the incidence and letter here.

4) Sunrise Hyundai claims that you drove roughly. For a moment, just for a moment lets believe you drove roughly. Then how do the general trained mechanics of Sunrise Hyundai drive ? In very smooth manner ?

Most of the service center mechanics drive roughly. I suggest you dont enter premises of Sunrise Hyundai but stay out of gate. As soon as some mechanic comes with customer car, start recording how he drives. This way it will be clear who drives rough.

5) Restricted area. How many restricted area are there in a service center ? One cannot photograph his own car under repair ? Why ? Camera inside service center is very frowned upon in many service centers I have visited. I dont know why. Agreed that the license plate must not be clicked, but what is wrong in taking a picture of engine bay ? Service centers hate even that.

6) Trained mechanics. The way most of them act, behave and speak make me think twice before giving any automobile for service. Trained mechanics cant paint a car properly. Good training then. The poor work done in visible in pictures.

7) OTC parts must be sold. This is a must.

8) Most of the dealers are very well connected. Prevent a fight, but when it boils down to self respect, one has to react. It would be nice if you shoot emails to as many as possible.

At the end of the day I believe that most service centers have not very good attitude and they never accept their fault. Fortunately we have overall good experience with both Maruti dealers in my city.
capital hyundai has always allowed me to take parts which I can install in my own. For that reason I recommend that service center.

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Haha. Its like a letter from the school authorities saying your kid beat up someone in class.
Sorry for your experience. Few things i want to ask you.
1. It was Sunrise Hyundai's fault that the i20 was not covered/hidden or disguised or whatever. Sid did not go there in the middle of the night with night vision goggles to take the pictures. For this Hyundai bashed up the dealership who got pissed and came after Sid. And the apology letter, apologize for what? I see something, I like it and I click it. Unless there is a board saying no photography or a guard standing there to tase me or inside a secret service agents conference where people have handguns with silencers on them.
2. Is it legal to refuse to sell a part just so that you have to bring the car in and pay the showroom those ridiculously high labour cost? Arent they making enough money of looting people by selling plastic lights at the rate of gold?
3. I buy a car and go to the service station to get it serviced. I have all rights to stand next to my car and see what those people are doing and tell them if I find something wrong in the way they are doing it.
4. Rash Driving. Haha thats a good one. Tell me one service center where the service center driver drives your car NICELY and does not abuse it?
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Originally Posted by drpullockaran View Post

I say this with experience of Hyundai in Ernakulam. In my case my father and I shut down all dealings between Hyundai and the Military canteen services in Ernakulam. Thankfully the canteen service officials could not be won over by Hyundai's smooth talk and money power.
Interesting. Could you elaborate on the specific reasons which led to this?
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Old 1st August 2010, 00:24   #35
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Default Hyundai lost lakhs to proove a point.

Originally Posted by rishab.k View Post
Interesting. Could you elaborate on the specific reasons which led to this?
To make a long story short Hyundai had advertised a 12000 rupees refund for government and ex government employees. They refused to give it to my father who is a retired Colonel; since he got it from the CSD canteen. No where was it mentioned in the advert that army personnel could not avail it. Finally a few correspondences later with the head office in Delhi all dealings with Hyundai and the CSD was stopped and that too for just rupees twelve thousand.

Imagine the lakhs Hyundai lost in the bargain from vehicle sales over the years since 2007.

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Its not unusual for customers to get into a conflict with dealerships, though this has taken a larger magnitude. The only thing i wish to understand, what is the point of taking this ahead by posting this here? If we are trying to get this fixed, its better to write to hyundai. If the point is to have folks stop going there, well its not the right thing to do i feel.
If a service provider is denying service, its their call, maybe its best to diffuse the situation or if sid wants to take this to the end, he should work this out with hyundai and then let us know what's the outcome. I doubt that any dealer vs customer fight will ever result in things changing( looking at what all has happened with skoda, fiat etc). Just wish and pray none gets into a useless fight with these guys
Just my 2 cents that its a waste of time and effort to carry this debate on, unless its going in some worthwhile direction
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Originally Posted by sidindica View Post
I criticised hyundai because they did not take my matter seriously inspite of numerous calls to them in late 2009. And then the opposite happened. The letter printed by AGM and sent to my home. Is this customer care? the dealer himself is accusing me of spreading hate mails against them here. He did mention my complaint and then at last, he calls my acts as "twist of facts". Read the letter's second page and see whats written.
But how do you know that HYUNDAI did not take the matter seriously.
Generally when a complaint is made about the dealership,the company would follow up with the customer/dealership about the complaint.
Hyundai will generally not tell you about what action it has taken on your complaint,unless and until you have some insider who tells you about the same.
Now if i remember correctly,you had cautioned us on some repainted cars being sold by sunrise hyundai.
i dont know whether it came to the notice of HMIL,but still i will say that you escalate the matter.
When i did the same about AALIANZ AUTOMOBILES OKHLA,Maruti responded to the complaint and made sure that it was solved,not only this during the last service I realised that the service quality has improved quite a bit.
I think complaints/feedbacks are an important part of the business.

: i am sure that if you compile your experience at sunrise hyundai(threads,posts etc), they will lose quite a bit of their prospective customers.
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I appreciate Sidindica for his courage to fight against the dealership. Not many would dare to do this. He has valid reasons too. If a car is sent for a repair, it has to be given back without a need for any rework. Since there services have been bad for quite a few times, he has every right to be wary on whatever they do. As a responsible dealership, they should have realized that what they have done is wrong and should have made sure that Sidindica was treated at ease. But their attitude that, "If not this customer, there are lakhs outside" takes them over and they just try to shoo him away and avoid the extra amount of effort for good quality. Why should we tolerate averagism? Isn't it time we start fighting against it?

And I wouldn't go by suggestions to go to other dealership; this is the attitude that makes companies to offer poor services. It spreads like a cancer. If every company realizes that the customer is not going to go away with poor products and services, it will pull up its socks and offers accepatable products and services. I would say we need a lot of Sidindicas. I would suggest him to go to this dealership again for any future repair work. Make them correct themselves, until then don't let them go. If everyone does this, everything fall in place automatically.

Sidindica, just a suggestion though - don't let your temper take over. I could see it in the last few lines of your first post. Though it is understandable, you would not appreciate it when you read it when you are at your normal self.
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Seems to me like Sid has posted a dealership experience which it is quite proper to make public.

Also seems to me like, whether they lost customer before, they certainly will now, and deservedly so. Who would go to a business that treats somebody else like this?
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Blacklisted by a Dealer, a first for me
we are not taking into consideration what the AGM has to say(apart from the Notice). So very little can come out of this discussion.

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Kudos to Sid for bringing this to notice.
They have no right to talk to him like that. If the main grouse was that he clicked the pic of i20 then it was actually fault of dealership. They should have taken care to keep it hidden.
I am on Sid side on this one.

Seems the dealer really got it nice and strong from the Hyundai for the leak.

Can't speak about koreans but Japanese are very particular on dealer ethics. I have faint memories of an incident I heard many years ago. Seems there was one big shot Maruti dealer who was planning to switch over to some other car brand. Maruti got wind of it and when a big shot suzuki official came on a visit, that guy in front of everyone shouted at the dealer "You are out!!".

Originally Posted by drpullockaran View Post
Finally a few correspondences later with the head office in Delhi all dealings with Hyundai and the CSD was stopped and that too for just rupees twelve thousand.

Imagine the lakhs Hyundai lost in the bargain from vehicle sales over the years since 2007.
Made my day.
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By creating this thread you have opened a goalpost with no goal keeper. I just have one thing to say, you are really thick skinned to go there and click pics after such a bad episode with them, even if that was the last transform on the face of earth and even if it was not for a friend and for my own dad i would still avoid them. And guess what pics of "silver Transform" is freely available on the wonder called internet, and trust me no one is from Timbuktu to believe that your friend who wants to buy a car asks you for pics(if buying cars was so easy) and since you told him the whole incidence he now wants to buy a Silver Linea? Good one. I hardly know anyone, who had heard of someone who has so many problems with anyone that you had with sunrise Hyundai. This is not a place for washing dirty linen in public.

Peace , and please avoid them.

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I believe Sid is well within his rights to pen down his experience in the dealership.

It clearly falls within "Your real life experiences with Indian car dealerships and service stations" category.

There are several other threads in Team BHP regarding shoddy work by dealers. In this case, the dealer in question had not only been poor in his work but also insulted a customer of Hyundai Motors.

It may be their dealership but how can they deny a customer from entering a Hyundai authorized dealership?Why sell cars in the first place if you do not want its customers to step inside the premises ever again?

This is NOT a personal between Sid and the dealership. As a car manufacturer, Hyundai is reponsible for the dealers and their customer satisfaction. This is a case of Hyundai not taking due actions despite Sid's earlier complaints(in fact the dealer has gone further).

Cant figure out what some people intend by claiming this is part of any propaganda.
If so, half the topics in this dealership review section must be propaganda!
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Sid... brother, my 2 cents.

1) First, cool down. These idiot at Sunrise are not worth your time/energy or anger. Dont go to them ever again. They certainly do not deserve your business.

2) How can you let your friend buy a Verna Transform? Friends dont let friends buy hideous cars!!
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Well, I would like to say that it is just one side of the story heard. I dont think a showroom will react like this for no apparent reason, unless provoked.

And what surprises me, is like you are asking for more trouble, Why do you keep frequenting the showroom so much. It is as though you enjoy getting lambasted.

Not once, twice but several times. There are numerous showrooms, why not visit them.

You may be entirely right, sometimes dealerships are run by dacoits, but then again, that does not mean they are always at fault.

ONly when all the facts have been put forth, can we really take a call.
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