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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

Sir, The whole journey of yours in nothing short of exceptional fightback against the flawed system of a particular PSU Organization (Not many under the scanner though). Loads of thanks educating us on a key issue which you, me or any other member on this forum might encounter in future.

Why is the consumer being taken for granted? Individual organizations that oversee these Insurance companies are aware of the flawed system or bribery card is being played. Only the continues effort to expose the illegitimate and practice what stands as right to the system can pay us results over time.

Only see 'Sabka saath, Sabka vikas' prevailing through T-BHP.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

This thread is highly informative, goes to my bookmarks bar right away. I am going to share this with all my friend.
When unfortunate event happens, brain just don't work as to what is the right thing to do. Also there will be a huge itch to buy a replacement car. One should not fall into this trip and settle for less.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

First of all, really sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved XUV.

Coming back to the intent of this thread, hats of to your perseverance in getting the claim settled up properly. As you rightly quoted, most of the Officers make money on people's ignorance and tight schedule. In your case, they certainly had a bad judgement. You showed us the value of having clear documentation practices.

And this thread would educate a lot of drivers/owners on the generic process to be followed in case of an accident and also on the claim settlement process. I do have one question, where is the wrecked XUV now?

UIIC's guts to write a fake response to MoF is alarming and definitely showcases the inability of MoF.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

@Manipal - I commend you, for the tenacity in pursuing this. I dont know whether I would be able to do it and probably have given up.
It scares me to think that aside from surviving the accident, one has to deal with the idiosyncracies of corrupt cops, insurance officials and even the collusion of the service centers with these parties.
Unfortunately, this is the country we live in and despite our independence since 1947, these characters in our society have not changed their ways of thinking.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

Kudos to your perseverance and hard work to crack this one.

Even after you got very helpful friends in influential positions this case dragged to this long. That shows how bad will be the plight of common citizens.

Anyway glad that the case to come up with a solution as you wished. All the best for your new car. If you are sticking with XUV, then it is a stamp of confidence on the product.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim


Firstly thanks for posting all of your experience in such detail. It takes a lot of passion and courage to do this. This is one of those articles that deserves to be downloaded. So thanks again for that.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

Excellent contribution to the forum sir. This will greatly help others who are struck in similar situation.

My only point of worry after reading this is, in these corrupt
and misleading situations, you had knowledge and support from people who knew. What about those who don't. They are simply crucified of sorts. I came across a lot many people around me who don't know anything like NCB as well. The awareness has to spread.

Sorry to hear about the incident and the entire series of issues that followed. Hope things are better now.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

Awesome read and a very learning experience. I wonder if you didn't know so many people (RTO/Police/Friend in truck business etc.), what happens to a common man? How does he get justice in the system?
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

After a long time visited Tbhp website and saw your thread as the first one, what an ordeal.

My only doubt was at one point it was mentioned the repair cost was 11.5 lakhs but from the pictures, the damage does not seem to be so huge. Was the engine damaged? At what speeds were you driving when it hit the truck. Initially, it was at 80kph on the cruise control then quite a few times of braking happened, so speeds would not be more than 50-60 when the car hit the truck on the left side. For that much speed, accident damage repair cost does seem severe. Don't want to take you back to this ordeal but just trying to think if the repair cost was accurate.

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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

I think some car insurances have a rider now for invoice value. Maybe new car buyers are better off shelling some extra premium and going for this rider.
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

First of all, a big thanks for all,

My story grew as an unfortunate accident which really dent my confidence, to me almost, almost surrendering my driving licence, to abstain myself from driving. I could not pardon myself, in spite of having a decent driving experience,2 sets of 100 watts, H7 halogens (Hi & Low beam installed by me), I was blinded by some smoke, for a period of maybe a second or two, hitting a truck ahead of me. I was so angry and unforgiving on myself, I started traveling by public transport, which was hard, I must confess. In the midst of all these emotions, UIIC started acting lethargic, which actually shifted the anger, which was on myself, now towards UIIC, Udupi branch, so I should thank them for this. So I got better within no time as UIIC became, the deserving collateral.

I would also like to share this as well,

In between, when I met the divisional manager in one of the visits, he offered me to pay IDV plus Rs 1 Lakh (in cash), as a compromise. I was adamant that I would get Rs 2 lakhs from the RTO, further, I told him I have spent almost close to 4 lakhs as modifications, upgradations (K&N air filter, Shell Rotella T6 engine oil, waxes, Teflon sealants, amplifier, subwoofer, additional speakers etc), so even with the IDV and road tax refund, I am still at a financial loss, in addition to mental agony. I said if I was offered IDV plus Rs 1.8 lakhs, I will surrender the RC to UIIC. Things did not move for a while, till the day Demonetization was announced by the Prime Minister. I got a call, from my insurance agent, that the Divisional Manager (who smartly chose not to call me directly), had told him to inform me that, If I was ready to accept the total claim in cash, they could do it immediately, I told them even the dumb of the dumbest would not accept cash, on that day, however, if they would deposit it, to my account, I am ready. Unfortunately, my phone did not have a call recording app, I do not have any proof for the same, but for the call detail, in my monthly mobile bill. It was a rude shock of my life, a public sector enterprise employee can offer me Rs 9.85,714 in cash. Frankly, I have stopped believing any public sector enterprise, since this day.

My claim disbursement can be described with simple mathematics,

IDV of Rs 9.85,714

A scrap dealer, sent by them, who was ready to buy the vehicle (condition as present) for Rs 6.5 lakhs, he visited my uncle’s house thrice to see the XUV, and I have spoken to him on an occasion too. I have paid close to Rs 1.2 lakhs as insurance premium (bumper to bumper, nil depreciation), over a period of 3 years. So the liability for the company was just around Rs 2 lakhs (No previous claims) and still they slept on the deal, as it did not satisfactorily answer their question …. What do I get from this deal?
My first visit itself I had told the officials, I would gift 25K (words chosen by me here to be politically right), if my legitimate claim process was done without much delay. But its clear expectations were much higher. I called up my insurance agent, spoke to him as a friend, all through my police station ordeal, this was a big mistake, as they presumed, I am tired and would agree to whatever they offer, from the insurance office, sensing $$$$$. They misjudged me badly, as an opponent.

TIP: Never believe anyone in the insurance business, no matter how much business you give them, they are never on your side.

Repair estimate

The body was shell Rs 3.8 lakhs, painting the shell Rs 1 lakh (which I found out, then), dashboard, door, glass, ICE, installation charges, etc…parts of XUV are really expensive. Obtaining a repair estimate itself was Rs 5000.

Source: Cardekho

The tale of a Total Loss Claim-price-list.jpg
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

I went through a similar situation when I had an accident with my Polo.
I was following a 407 truck at about 60 - 70 kph, and saw the truck disbalance, a fraction of a second later saw that it had run over a fallen tailgate which curled under the weight of the trucks wheels, and I had no scope of avoiding it.
I went over it, and my car spun a full U turnto the LH, and overturned.
I later found that the link from the steering rack to the LH tie rod had been ripped out, and the tail gate chain hook had also lodged into LH rear tyre and the free end wound around the brake drum.

Coming back to the claim issue, my Insurer New India assurance offered me two options, first was entire repair cost as long as it does not exceed 75% of the IDV.
Second was net of salvage which I took. Here they told me to check the average resale value of other VW polo's of my make and model, then they took salvage offers, and asked me to do the same, finally they payed me about 75% of the IDV, with option to keep the car and repair at my own cost, or sell to a salvage buyer as per my choice.

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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

What an ordeal! Sorry to hear about what you've been through after an accident having to deal with corruption in the insurance process, the police, RTO though you did have some pretty good contacts in some of the departments.

Looking positively, there were no major injuries to any of the occupants and you gained a lot of life experiences on how to deal with officialdom and the laws, a learning experience.

Thanks for sharing with the community here, especially the tips you mentioned based on your experience and also the eye opening details regarding how to cancel the registration and claim the road tax refund (and what could happen if one just signed the Form 29 & 30 and handed it over to the insurance folks!).

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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

Originally Posted by Rahul Rao View Post
finally they payed me about 75% of the IDV, with option to keep the car and repair at my own cost, or sell to a salvage buyer as per my choice.

What did you do finally - did you get it repaired or sold it to a salvage buyer?
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Default Re: The tale of a Total Loss Claim

This post provides you so much and touches at so many levels -

Learning - I did not know all this. So thank you for all the learning. I think myself pretty aware but compared to what can be in store out there, awareness is not really the only power you need. Also, how important are acknowledgements and documentation. Also, that justice doesn't cheap.

Sadness - Sad to know how the whole system is against the consumer, how corruption is hard not to come across and people are sitting to make a fast buck wherever possible ignorant or indifferent of your plight.

Consensus on many things - Agree to your logic that subordinates will rarely listen if they are not directly reporting to you. Anything related to govt. sucks. I try to stay away from anything that is linked to govt. Private insurers always have higher premiums but better claims settlement ratios. If not anything, they will at least be polite in declining and if something is proven wrong, someone will pay the price. I doubt if any of the guilty here paid any price.

Euphoria and inspiration - Glad to see a battle won against many odds. Your story also inspires to fight when right.
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