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Default Re: Accident cover for vehicle owners raised to Rs. 15 lakh

Originally Posted by shrikantbhogale View Post
It is good that better sense has prevailed for the IRDAI and they have made it optional.
I am not able to find the statement which says that personal accident cover is optional. I see that two wheeler vehicle owners given the choice to opt for a one-year Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) cover or long-term CPA cover.

Originally Posted by shrikantbhogale View Post
The amount the Insurance co. will pay will be related to the income of the injured/deceased so if he has a Term insurance already up to max limit, making him compulsorily buy personal accident cover bundled in TP policy amounts to looting
Sorry for a noob question. Is there any rule which says that there is cap on the insurance cover?

As far as I understand ones income is considered for financial underwriting and their health condition is considered for medical underwriting. If one can prove he/she is not buying the insurance to make profit out of it i think one can get life cover as much he/she requires. Usually the cover will be upto 25X the annual income for one policy and I do not think that there is nothing stopping someone from buying another policy for the same cover. But they will have to declare about the first policy when they buy the second one.

With term insurance one can opt for the accidental cover rider which will increase the cover by a significant amount.

Originally Posted by saket77 View Post
Your advise is perfectly OK given that the insured is within the calculated sum assured based on his yearly income. My point is what if I'm fully insured to the point my yearly income allows?
Agree with your views Saket. Yes there will be a drop in number of people who opt for insurance.

My belief of drop in premium was based on economies of scale. I hope they leverage technology like telematics based insurance to profile drivers and reward drivers in low risk category.

The number of road fatalities in India is the highest in the world. Also, the penetration of insurance in India is quite poor and it among the lowest in the world. So if you look at the bigger picture a majority of the accident victims depend on compensation from TP or government now. Since courts see a lot of such cases, may be they decided that higher compensation would be ideal. May be this is done to bring more people into the kitty and offer them a higher compensation

Also I forget to mention in my previous comment about the hassle in claiming TP. May be even you will agree that a good compensation of 15 lakh would provide a better assistance for the family while they fight for a higher compensation using TP cover.

Your view is considering the folks who make a decent living and insure themselves. For them this additional 15 lakh might or might not make a big difference. But if you consider the lower income group like for eg the drivers, they will not have insured themselves. For them 15 lakh will be a huge sum. So this mandate will be benefit for those who do not insure themselves and even for people who under insure themselves.

Considering the bigger picture, I am for this mandate but I do feel that premium is on the higher side. I rest my case
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Default Re: Accident cover for vehicle owners raised to Rs. 15 lakh

An old thread, but the questions remain the same.
I found the following information at HDFC ERGO site.

Soruce : Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance

Effective from 01-Jan-2019, IRDAI has brought changes to “Compulsory Personal Accident Cover” for vehicle owners holding valid driving license. It means that these changes are applicable only to vehicle owners, who are lawfully able to drive nay owned vehicle on-road.

Now you can opt out from buying this cover with your motor insurance policies, subject to following conditions laid down by IRDAI:

- You already hold Personal Accident Cover Policy of at least Rs 15 Lakhs sum insured.

- Alternatively you already have motor insurance policy of another vehicle with “Compulsory Personal Accident” cover of Rs 15 Lakhs sum insured.

As per IRDAI mandate, you can choose to buy separate “Compulsory Personal Accident Cover” policy also to cover against accidental risks, while driving your own vehicle. This policy can be bought for any type of vehicle like private car, taxi, two wheeler and commercial vehicles (trucks, buses etc).

Additional info:

Cover Applicability : We cover you when you are driving or mouting/dismounting from your own vehicle. Even while traveling in the insured vehicle as a co–driver gets covered.

Non Driving State: If death occurs while the insured is not driving

Disclaimer: I am not associated with HDFC Ergo and does not benefit from sharing this information

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