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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Challans to make car cover costlier, trial soon in Delhi-NCR

A year-long pilot project would be launched soon in Delhi linking vehicle insurance premiums to traffic violations committed in the last two years. To begin with, the vehicle owners of Delhi and adjoining areas in the NCR would be the first ones to pay the additional premium while renewing their vehicle insurance for violating motor vehicle and traffic rules.

IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium-80382258.jpg

According to the exposure draft published by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), while a driver caught drunk driving would attract the maximum traffic violation points, the second highest score would be for dangerous driving which includes talking on the phone while driving.

The traffic violation points will double and triple if the offence is committed second and third time in two years.

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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Why putting more n more burden on common people with Neven ending insurance premium hike?

Why making laws which clearly & easily favour the VIPs?

Why there isn't a law for respective RTO or police departments for punishment in failing to catch vehicles which are running without insurance?

Why there isn't any uniform & transparent framework for laying Speed Limits?

Why 3rd party claiming process is such an impossible nightmare? Even the RTO or Police personal opt for claiming own insurance !!

Lastly, where are the data for police, RTO, NHAI working? Often we find how many vehicles are running uninsured but how many did you catch? How many trucks were weight tested against the number which pass through a certain toll plaza? How many people were arrested for making & selling those illigal 3 wheel motor vans? Where are those data?

Only data that are imposed on us are gross violations numbers, as if the entire public base is at fault.

Certain groups, individuals are empowering themselves with law after law. General public are forced into a corner with ever shrinking protection.

We already had enough laws, there was no need for increasing penalty. Just implantation was needed. Traffic violations are prevented with implementing the fines, not by increasing the penalty amount. Suspension of driving licence was already a provision in earlier law too with lower financial penalty. What stopped them on implement that?

Am I sounding like ranting?

Sorry, but what else can a common man do?

Such a depressing situation.

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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

AFAIK, Insurance in India is linked to the cars and not the individual drivers. Unless they can change this, this policy isn't going anywhere.

Like the Income Declaration Scheme in 2016, GoI can give every owner till June 1,2021 to get insurance coverage. If they are caught without insurance after that, the police should impound cars, 2 & 3 wheelers and release them with a Rs. 25k fine after they produce the proof of insurance. Penalties for LCVs and trucks must be higher.
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

I should say a welcome move.

If this is implemented and followed properly by all government and insurance companies, that will be a major contributor to improve driving manners. It’s a Win-Win situation for careful drivers as well as insurance companies.

In developed countries, the insurance amount is tied to your driving history. It includes speeding ticket, accidents, (Based on fault is on which side – In our place this is also a joke where a smaller vehicle is always right if hit by a bigger vehicle unless if there is some substantial proof), driving on influence (Medicine, drugs or alcohol), signal violation etc and there are some more to the list. Insurance companies are in favor of using Dash cam to find who cause the accident.

I have two incidents and the first one is when I was trying to park between two cars during my initial driving days in US. My car bumper got scratched with another parked car. This was a minor scratch which majority would ignore in city conditions like in Bangalore. To avoid any complications I informed the insurance company because a second car was involved even if the other car was almost in “ready-to-Scrap condition”. Here the fault is in my side and my insurance premium doubled from around ~110$ to around 220 per month with this single incident. It took almost 3 years to remove this accident totally from my driving history and to bring down to a normal insurance premium.

Second Incident was when I was crawling through a parking area to find a spot, a Mercedes SUV took reverse and hit my car at the rear tire area. He took reverse in a hurry without looking at the reverse cam or mirror and the situation clearly shows that in the photos I took of the accident. This time I got my car fixed without impacting the insurance premium and I am guessing that the other cars insurance might have gone up.
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Is it linked to Vehicle or to owner. (Why I am asking this question , the NCB is linked to the owner.). If its linked to the owner, say for example, if we use a leased car, we will be paying a higher premium for the mistakes of someone else.
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Log Your Feedback

For the stakeholders who think they should contribute.

This link tells you how to log your comments on the draft.

IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium-exposure-draft.jpg

And the report on which comments are sought is also attached.

Report of WG_Traffic Violation Premium 260120.pdf
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

A very welcome step. Though the increase in premium is missing a zero at the end to my liking. All these detriments should be kinda like a slap in the face not a pinch in the arm. I hope with this, the new motor vehicle fines are also implemented properly with no reduction in fines.

Way too many people are loosing their lives on the roads and its need to stop sooner.
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Originally Posted by wheelguy View Post
IRDAI has invited inputs of all stakeholders on the recommendations till February 1, 2021.
I believe this is much required. Increasing insurance premiums will certainly be a deterrent to traffic rules violators. Yes, this will also mean the scope for negotiations by cops will increase, but even this will serve as a deterrent.

Insurance premiums linked to traffic violations is implemented here in the UK. The way it works is both interesting and scary! If one gets a speeding ticket or a ticket for running a red light, they can expect a SIGNIFICANT increase in their insurance premium. In the event of a crash - the increase in premium is almost un-imagineable!

Originally Posted by RedTerrano View Post
Something on similar lines was implemented by the Pune Police, not for law abiders though, but for those who paid the fines.

On a similar note, in some countries, the fine for traffic violations is proportionate to your income.

But I doubt this will work in India, where hardly 7% pay Income tax or file returns.
Some traffic offenses in the UK are fined as a % of the monthly salary. e.g. running a red light (if its a repeat offense, especially). Agreed, it will be a challenge if the violator does not have a declared income. However, this is the case in the UK as well - not everyone files their returns. Yet, this rule continues to stay.
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Default Re: IRDAI: Traffic violators should pay higher insurance premium

Instead of doing all this, make sure that all the traffic laws are followed by the citizens and nothing is waived off upon "recommendation" of a local gunda or politician. Increase the fine for all the major traffic violations and make sure it is implemented. For eg. 1000000s of people are still breaching the red light signal in India AFAIK.

On a lighter note : Penalty for crossing the red signal here is 6000 Riyals (=One Lakh Sixteen Thousand Indian Rupees), no one dares to press the gas pedal when the yellow light starts blinking.

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