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Old 30th December 2005, 19:41   #46
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Its really sad that even after the ordeal we had that night you strill have to go through this. I consider myself quite lucky that I havent associated with ICICI for anything even though they pound me with calls for credit cards etc..

I really dont think anyone has really stood up to their misdeeds yet and I its high time to do the same. Like Rocam said lets discuss this next time we meet. And if you need any assistance feel free to buzz

This has to stop
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Originally Posted by Ford Rocam
why dont we meet up and chok out some plan,what say guys,GtO,viper,dippy,aditya,ported.
I know most of us must have planned for their 31st night but still we can meet up on 1st.

Just let me know when and where anytime after tomorrow night I'll be there.

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Hey Rtech, first off, my heart goes out to you. A scratch on your car is bad enough, but a major ordeal when it's not your fault, that's something else...

My dad was right. We NEVER deal with ICICI. Only HDFC, StanChart, and Citibank. NEVER ICICI. Their marketing team would put beggars to shame, and the rest of them make pirates look like choirboys.

All our cars are/were insured with Bajaj Allianz. They are pretty responsive and hassle free. For banking, HDFC all the way. Neither goes out of their way to be overly friendly, but they're businesslike and efficient.

If there's anything any of us can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.
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hey rtech.... cudnt believe we are living in such a country where the guys who are supposed 2 help us are the ones creating all this trouble....and dont wanna say anything abt ICICI....i'll never ever do business with them again & will talk 2 everyone i know abt it... i really hope u fight them till the end...make them pay each and every penny.
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Old 30th December 2005, 21:59   #50
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Sorry to hear about this. I had a bad incident with ICICI - not directly. I was transfering a large amount from my UK Bank to my Citibank. To cut a long story short - what takes 10 days tok a month. Why - My UK bank transfered the money to ICICI who remit it to Citibank. Turns out that ICICI grab any pounds sterling and relend it out - forgeting about the actual owner. Took a stinker from the UK bank + a complaint logged on to ICICI customer web to get anywhere.

I was buying some property which nearly went for a six due to the delay. Luckily, the developer knew this story and held on. Now I route things via HSBC.

Hum Hain na or Hum Pain na ?

Am scared that this thread will become a ranting thread - go to Mouthshut, journalists, magazines - be strategic and hit hard. Summarise the event and send it out as a viral mail - complete with case numbers so that poeple get to know.
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Hey Rtech, very sorry to hear about what happened.I never dealt with ICICI before & after hearing this there gonna be no way in the future too.Well ,try to publish it in newspaper & popular car mags so that all the people out there should know what kind of service ICICI give to their customers.

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Sad to know what you have been through for playing the role of a responsible citizen.

Ur plight relects the sordid state of affairs that we live in. If only you had a few contacts in the right place, you would be one happy ICICI customer if i may say so.

I think almost each bank shows similar set of traits in the way it deals with and handles customers.

Spend some energy in publicising it and bring in some sense of awareness among the ppl who try to deal with these financial institutions.

I think the consumer reddressal courts act real quick in bringing justice.

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Originally Posted by Surprise
Do you have similar bad experiences with Banking and loans or based on your bad experience on this claim you stamp there service as bad on Banking and loans too
Yes.. I have had more than one BAD experiences with ICICI... they are irresponsible... I need not say any more.

Rtech, its really unfortunate whatever happened... but again this is how everything works in india. .... drive safe....
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Old 30th December 2005, 22:43   #54
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I have been also hearing that even if you have money in a savings back account in ICICI, chances are that they disappear for some time. Heard this from folks in office.

Also if you have large amts in a demat account, chances are that you will find them missing for a while. Not sure how true though.

Something def. needs to be done
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Old 31st December 2005, 12:43   #55
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Sorry to hear abt all this..but things like this just go on in India and abt the legal system..its another story altogether.

RTech, try to publish this matter in the car mags, it'll atleast make other humble customers to think twice before approaching ICICI.
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Old 31st December 2005, 13:13   #56
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hey rt, sorry to hear about the bad experiences you had to go thru right from the car got banged to cheating by ICICI. i think as the group tries and expands itself it forgets its core businesses.

i have been dealing with ICICI and have had the share of problems but mine being only the banking account i have let it go. as far as i m not cheated with my money i m ok with it. even hemant, gives me stories about the problems he has to face witgh ICICI surveyors or their officer while passing their claims, they suck is all that he says. it is like a nightmare for him to claim an insurance from ICICI, but he can lose a customer so he manages to do it. secondly he advises his customer ( in good faith) to change the insurance company immediately.

but i think our family ( team bhp ofcourse ) is a big thing and if we unite i think it will give them jitters and no body dare do anything like this.

we all are with u , rt

so all the best and fight it till its logical end.

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Old 31st December 2005, 13:26   #57
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Rtech, thanks for your detailed post. I am sure its warning a lot of us about ICICI and their dirty ways of business.

I wish you the best in giving them back real hard and hope this ordeal ends as soon as possible.
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Old 31st December 2005, 15:18   #58
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here are some examples of private banks
1. HDFC: last week this story came in bangalore edition of Indian express. coll 20K disappears from a customer savings a/c with HDFC as VISA card payment. when the customer approaches bank , they say it will be corrected( first response) but nothing done. when the customer repeatedly contacts them thei fiegn ignorance. then the customer files case in consumer court.immdiatly HDFC transfers 20K to custoemr a/c. and then HDFC argues in the court that the customer is using net banking and helost the password ect etc and some one misused it. it is not the fault of bank. then curt asked the bank to show proof that net fraud took place. HDFC has none. it was fined 10000 by court

2. ICICI: less said about it the better. routenely their own employees swindle net a/c users( i know one employee who told me this) it happed twice in baroda and some other place. where the employees swindled crores form unsuspecting customer a/c. it was all hushed up


3. CITI: it takes the cake in dubious means of banking. it is notorious in USA for using strong arm means to recover dues form customers in INDIA. esp in bangalore. many stories i have read in news papers routinely how it uses thugs to recover loans.

4. ABN AMRO: i appled for home loan to this bank. their marketing agent misleads me about ther quantum of loan iam eligible for. i told him i will include my wife name as co applicant to get the amount i want. he says it is not required. then they sanction me less amount. when i ask the reasons they ask for commision to increase it or i have to apply again with my wife name as co applicant. and then remain silent to blackmail me throught he builder. then i simply complained to their principles and refused to take the laon form them. i have not got any reply form priciples but i got back my processing fee of Rs 5600/

5.ABOUT DEBIT cards: when one uses a debit card he is actually using his own money. then why bank should get 2% commission? after all in the days of no debit cards people are using check which are given freely( up to 60 per eyar) above that one has to pay Rs 2/ per check. now if one uses 1000/ with debit card bank gets Rs 20/ if u r using 10000 it is 200/ this si too much. one can understand if bank collects 2% on credit card where bank is lending money. but why on debit card where bank is not lending any money? it can levy a flat rate like check charge? this is sheer day light robbory ( my feeling)
the irony is u have to pay annual fee for debit card ( ICICI,citi, HDFC, charge it) where as SBi do not have annual fee for debit card
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Old 31st December 2005, 15:30   #59
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here are some links


kindly go through to knwo what banks like HDFC, stanchart, CITI are doing
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Old 31st December 2005, 15:46   #60
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Originally Posted by Rtech
About 4 hours later he comes back and starts writing something. Again, he refuses to talk to me or hear me out. The next thing I know is that I am being charged with negligent driving and causing injury to another person! He refuses to even take my statement although he does confirm that the taxi was taking an illegal U-turn. He explains that this is normal practice in accidents such as these so that the injured can claim third party insurance. When I asked why he was claiming it from me when he should have charged the taxi driver, he says that most of these cabs run without insurance, so the victim wouldn’t get anything!
You mentioned that you had taken care of all hospital expenses for the cab driver and his passenger, so why would they need anything else as a third-party claim? From your post, it's very clear that the injuries were not life-threatening or something which would lead to a permanent disability. And if taxis run without insurance, it's not really your fault, is it?

IMO it's the police report that lead to all these complications. The insurance company conveniently used the terms "rash & negligent driving" from the official police report against you to deny your claim. Add to that your previous rally driving experience and they think they have a strong case against you to rip you off. This is gross injustice. Is there a clause or fine print in the auto insurance terms & conditions to support this?

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