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Samurai 12th February 2006 23:50

Chevy Aveo Sedan Launched in India
I see Aveo Sedan was launched in India yesterday, refer 4th page of today's Times of India.

Anybody knows the specs, how come I don't see any discussion on this so far?

I think this will hurt the Fiesta sales more than anything else.

v1p3r 13th February 2006 00:01

The Fiesta has sales?!

narasimha raju 13th February 2006 00:06


Originally Posted by v1p3r
The Fiesta has sales?!

Ha Ha Ha.... Good point V1p3r

mclaren1885 13th February 2006 00:21


Originally Posted by v1p3r
The Fiesta has sales?!

Did i tell u that there are 3 brand new fiestas in the road that i live .. All in orange .. I guess these guys like being one of a kind ..

highpriest 13th February 2006 00:26


Originally Posted by v1p3r
The Fiesta has sales?!

It doesn't? Anyone got numbers? Bookings, deliveries etc.


Mpower 13th February 2006 04:51

Ford has reported good sales. Dunno where these cars are hiding.

As far as the Aveo, the sedan looks a baby optra. but no diesel.

Godfather 13th February 2006 05:51

I have seen a couple of these cars on road dude... and the colors were in black, silver, and ofcourse the orange.. but i dont think these cars are selling like ford had expected / claiming.. anyways anybody have the pics of the chevy??

tsreekaranrao 13th February 2006 08:54

These are the only pics i could get .... No info on their website also

tsreekaranrao 13th February 2006 08:57

General Motors, in an effort to revive its fortunes in India, has announced the launch of its Chevrolet Aveo, a mid-sized sedan. GM in fact is launching this product first in India ahead of US and European markets. The company, which presently offers the Chevrolet Optra in the D-segment and the Tavera in the multi-utility vehicle categories, is positioning the product in the entry-level C-segment. GM India said that the product will “redefine the small car segment”. The launch comes close on the heels of Ford launching its Fiesta in the same genre and is expected to be priced anywhere between Rs 5-7 lakh depending on the variants. The company will announce the price of the vehicle after the Union budget. GM India also announced that Aveo will be followed by a sporty Aveo U-VA and Optra SRV. GM had earlier offered its Opel Astra, Opel Corsa and Opel Swing before coming in with the legendary Chevy brands in India. It is also expected that the Opel brand will not see any more launches in the Indian market. Rajeev Chabba, president & MD, GM India said that they are aiming to sell 14,000 Aveos this calendar, followed by over 20,000 units next year. A hatchback version is also expected shortly. Added Jim Queen, VP, Global Engineering, GM: “The Aveo is a key driver of the global expansion of Chevrolet. Following its market introduction recently, the Aveo is being rolled out in more than 140 countries around the world.” GM India during last year sold around 30,000 vehicles and is targeting to sell 50,000 units this year.

himanshugoswami 13th February 2006 09:54

the Aveo looks good, but think the Optra SRV is brilliant....could be indias first true hot hatch (palio GTX 1.6 notwithstanding)

goldie_malhotra 13th February 2006 10:12


Originally Posted by Mpower
Ford has reported good sales. Dunno where these cars are hiding.

Ford has reported over 10K bookings so far - and from the posts on the Fiesta TD thread - seems like they might be falling short on the delivery front.

Havent seen much Fiestas on the road in delhi - and just a single one in our huge office complex.

On the other hand, the NHC ZX seems to be breeding like rabbits lol: - a couple of months back, mine was the only one among ~ 300 cars in our office - and now there are 12 already !!! - there goes the exclusivity ...

Back to the topic - hope the Aveo sedan has more space than the Corsa... - any inputs on that one.

ajmat 13th February 2006 10:48


Originally Posted by v1p3r
The Fiesta has sales?!

They are selling but you need to look hard as it looks so anonymous

satish_appasani 13th February 2006 11:08

I see few Fiestas. Seen more of them than all the Petras & Sienas combined...:lol

tsk1979 13th February 2006 11:25

agree: The fiesta is so common looking that many times I saw it and ignored. Then I realized at a second glance that its a fiesta,

maedi 13th February 2006 11:37

typical GM move....launch the sedan first and then move down to the hatch (as they did with the corsa)....ion the process build perception that you're getting more a value proposition...i suppose it needs the perception to work for it since the aveo will not redefine economy (since they don't have a diesel) and GM servicing costs aren't cheap....

as regards the fiesta, i haven't seen too many of them on the road either!

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