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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by romeomidhun View Post
I'm still unable to convince myself why Maruti stopped production of old Swift around 2 months prior to the launch of the new Swift.
You'll be answering your own question in the Sept 2011 Sales figures thread.

Unless it opens to terrible reviews (which it wont), its going to fly of the showrooms and there is good chance that it'll might even reach 20K for the first month. You know that the Swift never seemed to sell for a discount during its lifetime (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...uki-swift.html) , a newer Swift will set the sales chart on fire.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by rrsteer View Post

And secondly, car buying is more than a consumer buying mobility or mode of transport. Just look at the owner review section of Team-bhp and see how people have passionately named their cars. Some have even named their acquisitions after retired army generals, famous personalities etc. It is this novelty of owning a car and being associated to a brand, which is lacking the most in Tata.
I agree that the Marketing team of Tata should not be blamed for the inconsistent numbers of Nano. I think in the Indian Automobile Industry if you compare the marketing campaigns Tata has been the best of the lot by a long margin.

Lets for example take the new campaign for Indica eV2. They have put up boards on railway stations with the line "Is Rising Petrol prices making you take a train?". IMO, right from vista to Manza the marketing of tata has been sheer brilliance and agression.

The marketing campaign for Nano, Khusyion ki chabi has also been well received in the Indian Market.

Some reasons why Nano is not doing a alto is because

1. Poor Product Positioning: If you are looking at a middle class man who aspires to buy a motorcycle, he will buy something like Discover for around 50,000 Rupees. If he wants to stretch his budget he can go up to say 75,000. He will definitely not go to 2 Lakhs for a Nano which will give him a poorer mileage.

2.Poor Image: Cheapest car in the world, what should be been the strength of the car is turning out to be a weakness.

3. Some very basic features missing

4. Nano's catching fire Incidents hurting the already poor QC image of TATA

3. I think they should Launch a special editio
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

FIAT Linea [175] has joined the elite premium club of Pajero, Jetta, Yeti, et al in numbers. FIAT India is breaking its own record every month in recording lower sales despite having very good products and improved after sales service [my personal experience].
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Originally Posted by souravc

I also wondered the same when I saw the new TV campaign thats running non stop on TV . Omni still has strong preference where people need a quasi goods carrier like kirana shops , medical stores , taxi , etc

On the overall numbers when i see the figures for ANHC and Optra , they tell a very contrasting story . ANHC is a quality product which is flying off the shelf when right priced, its non existent diesel option handicap notwithstanding. On the other hand even dirt cheap pricing for Optra coupled with a diesel mill isn't making the sales go anywhere ! Overall shows how we have matured as consumers - we hunt for bargains but are cautious about iffy products / brands.
Cruze sells more than civic. Does it make civic and Honda iffy product and brand? It's unfair to call Optra an iffy product. Can you substantiate your claim?
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Default Re: What's going with Big 3 of Indian automotive industry

You may be quite correct about declining share of Maruti.

In addition to being no new launches, the waiting period for Swift might had benefited the likes of Figo, Micra and Polo.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thank you so much GTO for the data. When I went to a Maruti Showroom, the white board diplayed 8 months waiting time for SX4 diesel. But the numbers speak a different story. Either artificially boosting the waiting period, or reduced the production after seeing lukewarm response.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

The all-new Fluidic Verna rocks the sales charts with amazing sales numbers. Hyundai has done a brilliant job with this car with a nice combination of superb styling, great engine options and feature-packed interiors. In contrast, Ford has had a quiet start with its global Fiesta unlike the Verna which came with a bang and swept the segment leaders off their feet.

All other petrol-only cars including the trio of hatchbacks from Hyundai, Maruti's Wagon-R and Chevrolet Spark are dwindling down the charts. Its better to stop producing the A-Star that continues its absolutely dismal run in India. Or atleast, Maruti should reduce its price and reposition the A-Star to where it actually needs to be - in the Alto segment.

Finally, I am shocked and deeply saddened to see the Linea selling a meager 175 units. This, despite it being a stunner in looks, with arguably the best-in-class ride and handling, offered with a choice of a superb diesel engine and a stonker of a petrol engine among others. I fail to understand what is actually stopping us Indians from buying any car that has 'FIAT' in it? We are the same people who still remain floored by the rich legacy of the quintessential Fiat (Premier Padmini), bought Uno in hordes and gave a thundering reception to the Palio. Fiat as a company, has proved that it is here to stay and taking every steps to improve their dismal after-sales service. What else do people need to start believing in and start buying Fiat cars?

Wake up Fiat! Move away from Tata, release nation-wide print and video ads, launch brand stores in major cities, place life-size hoardings at prime locations in big cities and make sure that 'Fiat' becomes a respected brand again in the marketplace. We want Lineas and Puntos to fly off the shelves and not go down the drain like the Siena/Petra/Weekend/Adventure.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks for the sales chart GTO.
Linea numbers are shocking.
Happy to see Honda city sales picking up after the price correction.
Happy to see the gypsy numbers .
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

GTO, congrats on the new template. Am sure a lot of hard work went into it- it is definitely much easier to interpret and analyse than the plain text format. Kudos to Technocrat & Zappo!

ANHC at 4,000+ is wonderful to see. Honda's price revision coupled with an aggressive marketing strategy (the new advert has just begun to air) will ensure this remains in the charts for a while. There will always be petrol-loyalists and the City fills that niche nicely!

Fiat Linea at 175 just makes me sad: at first I thought that was a mistake! It's too beautiful a car to suffer this fate: Fiat has dug themselves into a hole they can't possibly get out of.

Skoda Yeti at sub-200 is also incomprehensible: probably people don't see the value in that vehicle as you rightly point out. The discerning few probably buy it on the strength of those awesome interiors and good engine but it doesn't LOOK like an SUV which is where it suffers.

Fluidic Verna and Beat at 5000+ are amazing figures. I expect the Beat diesel will occupy the cheap diesel niche quickly (helped along by some generous discounts hopefully and a shortage of the new Swift!) and those numbers will keep rising.

Vento+Polo at 6300 is about what you'd expect. VW needs to get smart- stockpiling trendline petrols while keeping customers waiting 6 months for a diesel highline is a recipe for disaster. And their dealers need to smarten up their act: "German engineering" is becoming a hollow chant in the face of aggressive competition.

Good month for Toyota and HM of all people- 60 Cedia/Lancers sold!
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by ritzy View Post
In the top 25 table, Make and Model headings are interchanged. Nitpicking! .
Originally Posted by windsurfer View Post
And top 25 table lists only 19 items. More nitpicking!!!
Many thanks for pointing the error out; corrected. There's still a LOT of work left on this sheet and you guys are going to love what's coming your way.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks GTO for sharing the data. The new presentation scheme is very good.

I am Very happy for Honda City sales figure. The car hasnít lost its charm considering the fact that it will be three year old in October.

If you compare the figure of Hyundai Verna i.e. 4724 and Honda City i.e. 4092 then there is difference of 632 units. I can easily say that Honda City is still the winner in C segment considering its Petrol only availability. I doubt if Hyundai Verna petrol is sold half the City's number.

I am sure that the City sales can easily touch 7-8K per month mark once it is available with diesel.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Originally Posted by rrsteer View Post
GTO, why do you blame the Tata marketing. They are doing a good job IMO. They have been able to market Nano very well. Mostly all international colleagues of mine know of only one major brand from India - Tata. And they know it through - Nano. And all of them want to own one and the general perception is that while it is cheap but its very cute and is not chinese, but robustly engineered.
This car deserves better numbers. The Nano with the kind of attention it got at launch could have done much much better, i'd blame it on Tata who was never able to get the right image for the car. Not surprising since most of people i have come across find driving the Nano insulting. To add fuel to the fire, the Fire incidents started, Tata's assurances of the car being safe were shattered when the incidents continued.

Dealerships are not interested to install the Safety Kit announced by Tata, most of them do not have it in stock and they cannot promise any dates. My Sister drives a Nano, she is worried after a recent Fire incident in her locality. She is waiting for the safety kit to arrive, the car is only used when the other car is not available.

Neither Public Nor Tata are confident about this car. International media is excited about the Nano but i am sure this won't last long, unless Tata takes some corrective steps.
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Thanks GTO - one of the most awaited data no doubt!!

It will be interesting to note what Hyundai will do now to the i10 (and even i20). The kappa2 is pricey and folks are moving away from it slowly. The car is an absolute charmer but higher pricing & petrol only is hurting it. They are trying to lure buyers but its not gonna help a whole lot. We will watch it eagerly!

Hats off to M&M on the Verito success! Indeed its a long coming, but what a come-back!!!

Are we staring at the end of Nano? I hope not!!
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Default Re: July 2011 : Indian Car Sales Figures

Even the New VW Passat has managed very low units.Only 61 units compared to Superb's 231 units.
What can be the reason?
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Default Re: What's going with Big 3 of Indian automotive industry

Year-on-year, for July 2011 vs 2010, it appears that the Indica (including Vista) has had a 32% drop and the Indigo (including Manza) has had a 30% drop in sales. Check this link -Tata Motors Posts 5.6% Decline in July Sales
My two cents-
The Manza with its rather quirky & long rear and the Indica lookalike Vista haven't really taken off.
Tata's fit-and-finish and QC may be issues here.
Their earlier reputation of niggles and design-related problems may be pulling down sales of the Manza & Vista.
And then their design and approach (including engine options) appears to be stuck in a strait-jacket. That simley grille & christmas-tree lamps have been done to death and perhaps beyond!
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