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Default How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

I have come through various manufacturers/dealers during my car purchase. But, I never had complete confidence with the dealers. Rarely some of the SA's come out honestly. During my purchase of Hyundai Getz in 2006, I really had a wonderful experience with my SA at HMP, Chennai. I decided to do some mods and he completely helped me with that. I got Hyundai OE alloys for my Getz and the steel wheels were replaced by the dealer itself (With the help from this SA). I upgraded the tyre and again all exchanges were facilitated by him. ICE setup in my car came out excellently by his suggestions and the same was also installed at the dealership itself. Absolutely no hassles till delivery just because of this Sales Adviser (Soon after my purchase, he left HMP and joined Maruti Dealer Cars India). A year later we booked a Santro for my friend at the same dealership and the sales experience was horrible.

Since then, I have never come across a hassle free car purchase. Here are some of my recent case studies .

Case 1:
My recent car purchase. No. Not again :(.
Link -

Inference - Both Manufacturer and the Dealer have to be blamed.

Case 2:
One of my friend booked Ritz VDI with Popular Vehicles, Chennai. He booked during first week of September and was promised delivery before end of October. He then gets a call from the dealer during first week of October and he was told that they will be delivering the car by 14th October. My friend starts his loan process and pays the full amount to the dealer by the end of first week of October. Two days later, he gets a call from the dealer and was told that the delivery may be delayed by another couple of weeks. He makes a complaint with the Maruti immediately. Now, the manufacturer jumps in. He was redirected to a different dealer by the Manufacturer and the car was delivered to him on 14th October. All the promises made by the previous dealer was honoured at the new dealer too.

Inference - Bad Dealer. Manufacturer rocks here.

Case 3:
My friend books for Linea 1.3 Emotion at V.S.T. Motors, Chennai. Dealer says that the vehicle will arrive in 7-10 days. But, he was given the VIN, the next day itself. After 10 days, dealer tells him that car has arrived.
Today, we went to do a PDI of the vehicle and we observed the following which makes a suspicion on whether the car came in to dealer's stockyard recently.
1. We observed aged (Yellowish) dealer's stickers on headlights.
2. The ODO reading was at 7. Good. But, both Trip A and Trip B shows 9.9. How could it be?

Inference - Honesty of dealer??? No comment on the Manufacturer (Yet to take it to them).

Now, how was your car buying? Was the dealer honest?
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Case 1: My car

My experience with the dealer was pathetic. Promised a RED VDI ABS in 45 days, Got it on the 123rd day. I had taken the case to regional sales office & they allotted the car n just 1 day. Keeping it aside, actually they offered me a White VDI ABS just 2 days after my booking, which was in transit.

With respect to Maruti - the manufacturer ROCKS !

Case 2: My dad's car.

He booked some color and later wanted to change, the same dealer had the audacity to tell him that "they cannot give any other color, you take what you booked". My dad was shrewd enough, he put a "stop payment" on the advance cheque he gave to the dealer and kept it like that till they changed the color.

Incidentally, both these cases happened with the same dealer, bl**dy same SE !!

Dealer in both cases: AVG motors, Kottayam

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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

We recently bought the Altis from Galaxy Toyota and my experience was quite a nice one. The staff was not too pushy for the car or the insurance or the accesories. I visited them quite a few times and took multiple TDs.
The car was delivered on the date committed and had 28 kms on the ODO. Overall a very good experience.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Both my car purchases one in Concorde Chennai (Guindy) and One in Bimal Indiranagar (Now closed) have been awesome. We specifically choose cars which have 1-2 weeks waiting (no longer than that, as after putting in money its difficult to wait, and from the generation we belong waiting is simply unacceptable).

In both cases we were promised 1 week delivery (including loan paperwork) and we received the car i a weeks time. Free accessories promised were promptly put without us asking or checking, both cars had been niggle free (Indica for the first 2-3 years, and Baleno still niggle free). So i guess both dealers were honest in delivering whatever they promised.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Ford Figo from Akshya ford: No complaints on delivery, but was promised a surprise gift for booking during December Dhamal (2010), and still surprised at not recieving any gift.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Nice thread, rameshnanda. Here is my experience:

1. MS Omni - Solar Automobiles, Bangalore - 1992 [my first car]

Nothing to cheer about as it was a seller's market prevailing then. After making an advance payment, I waited for about a month or so before making the balance payment and delivery.

2. MS Versa - Bimal Auto Agency, Bangalore - 2004 [my second car]

When I decided to upgrade from my MS Omni, the natural choice was MS Versa. I took quotes from all the dealers in Bangalore. Bimal offered the maximum cash discount of Rs 12 k plus freebies including running foot-board. When I signed the papers and gave the cheque, the sales executive backed out from his promise of foot-board. When I raised my voice, the GM came down and pacified me. The sales executive had the audacity of telling his boss that he only said he would try to give free foot-board and did not promise the customer. Then I threatened that I would cancel the deal. I would instruct the bank for stop-payment of the cheques given. Then, the GM budged in. But, that breach of promise by the sales executive is still afresh in my memory.

3. FIAT Linea - Concorde Motors, Dairy Circle, Bangalore - 2009 [my present car]

At the time of booking, we indicated Medium Grey colour. But, when the sales executive informed me of VIN, which had the code of EPZ, indicating May 2009, I rejected it. Finally, we were given the option of Fox Trote Azure as it had VIN code of JPZ, indicating September 2009, so I grabbed it. The details are here. I have pleasant memories of the delivery process, the dealer and the manufacturer of my Linea.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Here is my experience in the last 2 months!

Car 1 - Tata Vista
Dealer - Concorde Bangalore

booked the Aura ABS on July 28. Promised delivery by august 12th. I asked the SA more than once about the new vista but there was no 'news'. sometime in first week of august, the dealer screwed up the loan process royally, and clock set back to the start line again. That's when dealer, to save his skin makes an offer to get the new Vista. at the same time, they start selling the old vista (i guess it is to clear stocks) with a HUGE discount.

Finally, got delivery of the new Vista VX. Thanks to the bank's strictness (which we often ridicule as delays of nationalized bank), i am driving the new vista, and not the old variant.

Interventions from Mr Saurabh (Tata Motors) helped save some reputation for the company.

Car 2 - for Dad , Tata Vista VX
Dealer: Malik Cars , Hyderabad

My Dad wanted to get another car, which had to be Diesel and Hatchback. Since I got my Vista recently, and was pretty happy, I suggested it to him. He was initially apprehensive getting another Tata car (he has been using Indicas for the last 10 years) but I insisted on a test drive which he did in Warangal.

1. I started talking to Concorde, Select motors and Malik Cars on the afternoon of 27th October.
2. Decided to get a Silver Vista VX from Malic Cars, price and deal sealed by the evening
3. On 28th, my uncle went to their yard, chose from 1 of 3 silver cars they had in stock, and the formalities of payment and registration were then followed on promptly.
4. Payment completed on 29th Morning, and Car delivered by the evening on 29th.

Mr Varadarajan from Malik was extremely helpful, since I was managing the entire conversation sitting here at Bangalore, his help really made a difference. Please pass on my appreciation to him and his management for a super-efficient transaction completed, and to our satisfaction, considering that between 27th and 29th evening, nobody from my family was even physically present at Hyderabad.

here, Dealer & SA rocks, manufacturer was invisible through the process (which is good. )
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Vision Honda-kottayam.

Excellent service.

I booked a TD on honda website, i was contacted the very same day, and got a TD on sunday. I never visited the showroom except for the PDI and delivery. VIN was given over phone, all the accesories were delivered as promised. I had forgot to include floor mats in he deal, but the dealer provided it all the same.

Delivery was arranged as per my convenience on a saturday evening, which had to be cancelled due to a vehicle strike called by left to protest the increase in fuel price.

And the best thing - They arranged it for the next day, even though it was a sunday.

A wonderful sales experience. Would recommend the SE to anybody anyday.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Swift Dzire - Kalyani Motors, Bangalore

I was very much happy with the dealer on the delivery time of my Dzire. They promised to deliver in 3-4 months but got it in 2 months itself. But technically they didn't have much information about the car and its accessories.

1) During delivery I found lots of scratches/bubbles in 3M Sun-film, this was because it was not laid properly. But as per the sales person, it will take 2 months to dry and for the bubbles to disappear I immediately contacted 3M and they relaid the Sun Film.

2) All door locks were supposed to get auto-locked once we touch 20Km/h speed. But it didn't do so. When I checked with the sales person and he said it will get locked at 80Km/h speed only . Later I used the booklet to program the auto lock and resolved it.

3) For top end model(ZDI) the tyres are wider and hence the air pressure differs but they were suggesting me to maintain the one which is recommended for LDI/VDI models. Then I showed them the recommended air pressure which is mentioned on the front door.

4) The panel gap in the front door was more, when I checked with them they said it is as per design :-) Later i got is resolved from Bimal service center.

There were many other basic information that the SA was not aware of.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

Over the last 20 years, I've usually had great delivery experiences. Perhaps, it's the habit of thoroughly doing a PDI on the car (Thread link) which keeps the salesman on his toes.

That said, I've had one severely negative dealership experience from Ichibaan Honda (ex-Honda dealership). Their damaging my Honda City Vtec prior to delivery was bad enough, but they tried to apply a cheapfix and get away with it, without telling me. I had totally lost it then & brought the house down. Link to Ichibaan Honda Thread
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

The first car i had purchased was Getz (2005) from Kun Hyundai, chennai. The sales person was good and the whole purchase experience was great. I cant say the same about the service though. The second car i purchased was Xylo (2010) from India garage. We had gone to see the logan and thought the xylo would fit the requirements better and turned around. The executive (who is no more working in india garage) did not have a clue about the MUV. Me and my wife were better informed about the vehicle than him(thanks to t-bhp). Though the guy was clueless he arranged the test drive and followed up properly. One day he called and asked me for a loan of 10thousand and i was totally shocked, at loss of words i told him i will get back to him. I called him later and refused and when he requested me again i had to tell him openly that i don't know him well enough to give him the money. I told him that if there is any other non professional behavior i will have to report him to his seniors and cancel the booking. He apologized and did not step out of line after that. The delivery was on time and without any issues. He called me after the car was delivered and i gave a reasonable feedback about the purchase issue without mentioning the incident. But somebody else had reported his conduct and he was terminated from the post.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

may be
but my experience with the mumbai west volkswagen dealership was an excellent one. i went in for a test drive of the polo tdi and was met with mr.pradeep yadav (if i am not mistaken). he was prompt in his service and knew the car inside out . he also was very well versed in the language and courteous during the entire process. he also complimented me on my driving and observance of traffic rules (i thought that was very neat training by VW or a well groomed individual!!!). he also explained the features of the vento tdi when i inquired about it (i was almost on the verge of booking the vento when i heard about the skoda rapid ). but i highly recommend the dealership for the service and courteous approach. hope skoda too has such trained execs at the sales and service centers.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

My first car purchase was a Santro in 2003, there was nothing remarkable about it. The dealer didn't keep up his delivery date promise, but it was delayed only about 2 weeks. It was a neutral buying experience.

My recent car purchase was a year back, I had recently moved to Malaysia for a couple of years, and needed a car. The SA was an absolute delight and thoroughly professional.
But the reason why I felt compelled to write this experience is, while leaving the showroom after delivery, I thanked the SA for the impeccable service, which he politely accepted, but replied, "I should thank you more, because of you I earned some money today". Well, when was the last time you saw such attitude in India?
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

I bought my first car Hyundai i20 Asta in 2010 November in Chennai. I would say the dealer's service was awesome. the paper work was very well managed and i got the loan approved without any hazzles.

He promised me delivery in 2 weeks. but he somehow managed to get me the car in 5 days. he also gave me the sunfilm for free and gave a 50% discount on the leather seat covers. it was a nice experience with HMP Hyundai.
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Default Re: How honest was your Dealer/Manufacturer during your Car purchase?

@GTO sahab; You are too well known for any dealership to try any hanky panky!

I had problems with Honda corporate. They delivered my Honda Civic a month late, and then the corporate joker claimed that he had never assured me about the availability of BS4Civic by the end of April 2010. The dealer was with me all the way.
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