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khaadu75 10th March 2006 23:19

What can I do to this Maruti dealer ??
Hey, I've been away for quiet a while and finally back to Team-bhp and that too with a peculiar problem !!! As you guys must be aware I bought a Swift VXI in Feb from Rohan Automobiles in New Delhi and then the very next day dad took it to Himachal to get it registered there !!

The problem is that when I took delivery of the car it was late evening and I was only given the insurance policy and the payment receipt of the car ... was told that the rest of the papers wud be couriered to me next day !! I checked the Insurance policy and on that the Year of make was stated as 2006 and I thought all was OK . Anyways the next day the papers didn't get couriered in time and as dad was in a hurry to leave for Himachal and he was passing the show room he decided to pick up the papers himself . He picked up all the remaining papers and the temporary number receipt as well ... Call it his mistake or too much trust in the dealer , he didn't go thru all the papers in too much details.

Now, when he finally went to the RTO in Himachal he was made to realise that the car was a Oct '05 model and not the '06 as was told to us :Frustrati !! He too didn't make a big hue about it and didn't mention it till the other day when we were discussing the car ... He mentioned it very casually ... !! Anyways I got on the phone and called the dealer and threatened them with various law suits, etc though I have no clue if I can do anything regarding this ... Anyways the guy who sold it to me said that we will sort it out and what wud I like to do ??

I'm posting this here as I'm back in Delhi and I will be calling these guys tomorrow so wanna know what I should say or rather what all can I threaten them with according to the law... !! Also if they agree to settle .. what/how should I settle this ... ?? PLS HELP ... made a stupid mistake I know but the insurance policy threw me off completely !! 'TRUST' I guess is non existent with these dealers ....

Pls help !!!


BUSA 10th March 2006 23:32

Get some accesories from him for free
You paid for a 2006 car?? He gives you a 2005 car. You can threaten him to either give you a new 2006 vehicle or ask him to pay you some amount for cheating. Since when you go to seel your car its going to lose on resale for being one year before.

I have a friend who booked a swift in June 2005, his chance came by November but he waited till Jan to get a 2006 piece.

When will these dealer learn :WTF:

khaadu75 11th March 2006 00:49

Hey, Accessories not required as basic ones are allready given but if it comes to the cash quotient , what is the amount I should be asking for ?? And what if they refuse or offer some funny figure like 5K .. can I take them to the consumer court or something ???


SLK 11th March 2006 02:52

I think almost all cars are manufactured much before they are delivered.
This is swift... not much stock is maintained so it should have been a later model at least a Dec'05 or Jan'06. Otherwise consider a car like the 800... always in huge stock.... u'll always get an older model.

What matters is the registration date.

So, if you didn't ask for a car specifically manufactured in 2006, you have nothing much to do.

But since the guy is himself willing to compromise..... better take some accessories.

khaadu75 13th March 2006 11:56

Hey, I gotta meet this dealer this evening but u guys still not advised as to what path can I follow when dealing with him ??



anupamsinha 16th March 2006 14:41

I guess it's OK. What really matters is the regiesteration date and not the actual make of the car. The reg date is important as from that day onwards the vehicle was actually used.

sumitdongerkery 16th March 2006 14:51


Anupamsinha is right. When you dispose the car what actually matters is the date of registration. And again try to recollect what you had told the dealer whether you wanted a 2006 car or a 2006 registered car. I wanted a 2006 model skoda octy so I had to wait till 3rd week of Feb. So be clear about these things. And incase the dealer is accepting that he is wrong I feel settling down for some accesories or a nominal cash rebate wouldn't be a bad deal.

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