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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

That was quick. And Excellent report I must say.
1-2-3 Maruti - Awesome..... After the strikes Maruti is taking the fight to its competition now.

Swift on Fire. Not going too well with brother Ritz.
Alto still to return to 30K levels. Dzire is still very desirable to Indians.
Fiat looks like it is adamant that it will sell below 1.5K units every month.

A segment is shrinking; People now want bigger and better cars and not the basics. No wonder the beat diesels and the figos are selling a lot.

Nano 2012 - Would it run 150kms for a tea or give its competitors a run for its money ?

Kizashi ? how is that possible ?
Poor honda - from trouble to trouble ..

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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Originally Posted by carwatcher View Post
Suggestions :
1. The Bar Graph showing Total monthly sales - Segment wise is little hard to read as some segment numbers are too small to be noticed by the graph in comparison with other segments.
2. Similarly Bar Graph showing Top 20 Cars by sales volume should show each car sales volume on top of each bar (in very small font) to make it more informative.
3. Segment wise trends should also be shown in table form below the graph with sales figure of each car.
Thanks Again
P.S. - Please start similar thread on sales numbers of Two-wheelers. Only four-five major manufacturers present.
Thanks for the suggestions. We'll look into them. This is just the first iteration. Your feedback will help us refine the presentation
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO for a great review. So Maruti is back, though still way off from its peak. The market is still struggling with rising fuel prices and lack of demand.
Big surprise is the huge increase of Kizashi to around 160. Who is buying it?

Bad month for Honda. Looks like the Jazz and Brio effect will take some time to show.

Hyundai has been performing consistently though the eon effect has been on santro to an extent and not alto.

GTO: I feel the earlier format was more reader friendly. Ofcourse I am not taking away anything from jalsa777 for the efforts, but some of the bar graphs and line graphs are difficult to read. I would personally prefer a tabular form.

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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

GTO and jalsa777: Excellent work! Haven't seen anything like it - inside team-bhp or even in print media!
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
The Dzire clocks a stellar month with over 10,000 cars reaching customers.
The first time a sedan touches the 10k mark?
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Toyota has its best month of the year; perhaps the party’s going to run late into the night at a Bidadi club! After a long, long time, another Toyota overtakes the Innova as the brand’s best seller. Yup, it’s the Liva with over 4,300 cars sold. The Etios has a good month too, with 4,000 units moved. Thanks in no small part to the fresh diesels under the hood.
Originally Posted by anekho View Post
Toyota meanwhile do very well. Etios and Liva have a great month (I still wish Toyota had brought the Yaris here instead though - not a fan at all of the Etios twins).
I humbly disagree.

Liva was supposed to be the big Swift killer. Etios was supposed to do circles around the DZire + Manza. But, even with the introduction of diesel variants, both Etios and Liva are doing insignificant numbers compared to Swift and DZire and even Vista + Manza.

Toyota has taken the 'cheap' compact car concept to another level, and it shows in the sales as well. Considering the margins and price levels both of these cars are offered at - they are receiving only lukewarm sales! Consider this - Hyundai i20 which is a hatch at Etios sedan prices, sells almost close to what Liva + Etios sell- combined!
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Nissan isn’t able to capitalize on the Sunny’s super pricing. Anyone seen the stupid C-A-A-A-R ad? The spacious sedan deserved a better marketing strategy, as well as a DIESEL engine. Hopefully, the diesel Sunny is launched soon (@ the Auto Expo). Business as usual for the Micra @ 1,500.
I thought the C-A-A-A-R campaign was brilliant. Never heard an ad becoming a topic conversation with non-enthusiasts. The brand penetrated deep into most layers of society including ladies/ older folk that Nissan has launched a big spacious sedan.

However, the lack of a diesel was bound to hurt the Sunny. I wonder what Nissan was thinking, launching it without a diesel! Even small cars are struggling without diesel option these days - a big petrol car image could only hurt. Not to mention - the DZire looks.
Originally Posted by groom View Post
With this real picture, we can say, are we seeing light at the end of the tunnel or this is just a mirage!!!
Excellent point of view!

However, you also need to factor in Honda's sales decline. Once Honda is back on top - the rest of the manufacturers have maintained their average sales.
Originally Posted by carwatcher View Post
Biggest surprise of the month is Kizashi. I thought both MUL (no Ads) and people have forgotten this car. I think massive discount or some bulk order is behind these numbers.
Originally Posted by anekho View Post
Maruti are back, with 4 of the top 5 sold cars this month being theirs. One interesting thing to note is the significant jump in Kizashi sales. Anyone know why? Price cut?
The numbers qouted are dispatches to the dealers.

The sudden jump can only be attributed to a big shipment arriving from Japan, and not actual sales! Expect to see the numbers back in double digits next month.

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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO! Liked the new format in parts, I am pretty sure it would only improve over time. With data in a broad range, sometimes graphical representation becomes tricky. Logarithmic scale anyone?

C-segment trend chart seems to me missing data for Vento. Please check.

I was eagerly waiting for XUV5OO numbers. Wanted to speculate the bookings reopening date

With a capacity of 2000, 1600 odd dispatches for XUV seem to be on the lower side (especially when they claim that have sold 4 months of production capacity). A SA at a dealership had mentioned that the capacity has already been ramped up, but looking at the Nov numbers, doesn't seem to be correct information.

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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

The new format is quite interesting and viewer friendly. Kudos !

- Why is it like Tata always gives the combined figures for indica+vista and indigo+manza ? Aren't they the one who want brand differentiation ? This itself shows the reason why vista and manza didn't exactly click with the families. Thanks to the taxi image associated with the original brand. I am sure the TDi version of Vista,which is quite popular with the taxi fleet is churning the real numbers.
6000 units of the sedan combo isn't anything great either. I am damn sure more than 50% of numbers contribute the figures of indigo CS. Manza doing < 3000 units is just average.

- Interestingly, Hyundai used to sell 1/3rd the numbers registered by Maruti 6-7 months back. Now it is closing 1:2 ratio. Hyundai is one manufacturer that can challenge the numero uno status of Maruti. They need to take the diesel segment more seriously. i10 or even Eon diesel !

- Liva's numbers are more like Swift conversions. Especially the diesel versions. While both cars are as different as chalk and cheese, certain fraction of Swift costumers go for the brand based on brand image,service and reliability factor. Same peace of mind can be associated with Toyota brand as well. And thanks to the waiting period, Swift costumers end up buying Liva.

- I still don't understand the reason behind Spark's poor show. It is simply the best VFM vehicle for the price peanuts. Spark at the price of Alto/Eon is actually a better car overall. Brand and service isn't a problem either !
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Great representation - big change from the usual numbers in the list monthly sales figures.
Couple of things that stand out for me -
Eon is on the rise - I think it could soon be Hyundai's top seller if they reach out the car buyers well.
Honda - Oh my god! What is happening with them? I saw big discounts listed on Civic and Accord - I guess it is really past time that they get their diesels or sell the hybrid models of those two at the same prices. Petrol only won't work anymore in India.
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO and Jalsa777 for this excellent sales report.

-Good to see Maruti bouncing back, especially Swift and Dzire.
-Surprised with the Kizashi number, it has jumped from 3 in October to 162. Is it a typo? :-)
-i10 has dropped down to 6th in the sales number, is it the Eon effect or the competitors doing better? But overall I think Hyundai has gained with the combined sales number of i10,Eon and Santro.
-As usual Bolero rock solid @ 8K+
-So, 3rd consecutive 10K+ month for Indica+Vista. Good going!
-Another poor month for New Fiesta despite some discounts going on.
-Etios, five months back it was doing around 5K with only petrol version. But now with diesel also available, the sales number has not improved.

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
The first time a sedan touches the 10k mark?
Dzire has done this before. Not sure about any other sedan .
March, 2011 - 10278
April, 2011 - 11797
May, 2011 - 10812
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

That was a brillian post. Heart felt thanks to GTO and Jalsa777 for the stats and the graphs. It was an amazing analysis which can't be seen anywhere else. The graph clearly indicated the segment leaders and the sales duds of each segment. Had a blast reading through.
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thank you GTO and Jalsa for a comprehensive analysis . Rating it *****

If Maruti phase out the 800 and reduce the prices of Alto by another 15-20k , Eon will be in really deep waters .A car which was launched with a 800cc engine clearly aimed at the Alto, has done everything but take the buyers away from Alto . Hyundai themselves had set a target of 12-13k units per month for the Eon and it is barely crossing 7 thousand units per month . There was an article in economic time about how each dealer still has an inventory of 30-45 cars and response has not been so overwhelming . Its the Santro which has taken the hit and not the Maruti's.

Car launches take a back seat on costlier fuel, high interest rates - The Economic Times

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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Its really disappointing to see fiat worsting itself to bankruptcy by selling ridiculously low figures as often said ,fiat top brass must think something at least we dont expect them to be on the payrolls of marutis and hyundais .
Maruti as usual the reigning knight of Indian carmakers stands tall and will remain so for foreseeable time.
God bless the Fiats
Praveen singh
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thanks GTO and Jalsa for the detailed analysis.

In Oct, it seemed that Eon was eating into Santro's share. However, Santro has come back with good volumes in Nov and is here to stay.

With petrol price riding high and so much advertisements for Beat, I am surprised at its figures. Same with Micra. Are people not buying Diesel hatchbacks? or are they blindly going into Liva fold?
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Thank you, GTO. These past few months have gotten me addicted to this month on month sales and analysis. Your presentation keeps getting better and better.

Here are my views on a few manufacturers I admire:
Chevrolet: It's like you pointed out ... GM seriously needs to pull their pants up. The lethargic upgrades and importance to cars sold in India is going to ruin the company (again) if they don't get serious. Also, I am guessing the Cruze sales figure has gone down because of the announcement of the Cruze refresh. The same goes for Captiva. Both are due for a new engine sometime next year.

Honda: Such a sad story for Honda. One misfortune after misfortune. I hope their first ever diesel cars turn their fortunes around.

Mitsubishi: I love Mitsubishi. Period. I think the Lancer (99/00/01 models) is one of the best car to hit the Indian market ever. It hurts to see HM showing total ignorance in promoting Mitsubishi vehicles.

Skoda: I will be rooting for the Rapid. 900+ in just a few weeks is a good number for Skoda. I guess the December/January sales figure for the verdict on this car.
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

Superb report GTO and Jalsa777. This has got to be the best report ever created on TeamBHP.

Just one thing I noticed. In the "C-segment Trends" chart, Indigo+Manza trend is missing.

Great to see Nissan having their best month. I guess when the Sunny diesel comes, the numbers will go even higher. Its a phoenix comeback for the Swift. No wonder! Indica+Vista have enjoyed consecutive 3 superb months. But, once Maruti is back into full-swing mode, I think these numbers will go down to their usual. I know of atleast 10 cases where people had booked Swift and cancelled and got the Vista home. 17k+ number of Swift will scare the sh** of most B and B+ segment competitors.

Rapid will crack through the charts very soon and GTO, your question's answer will be YES IMO. Rapid sales will beat the Vento sales and I think that WAS the plan at VW AG. Having just one C segment car selling at 3k+ units per month, VW AG will LOVE to see 2 c-segment cars selling at 5k+ units per months (3k Rapid + 2k Vento).

Finally, here's one of the reasons why Honda sales submerged to their lowest. I am sure Honda will be back to their usual best in 2-3 months time.

A picture of Honda vehicles submerged at the Thailand unit:

Name:  Honda_Thailand.jpg
Views: 3752
Size:  53.4 KB
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Default Re: November 2011 : Indian Car Sales & Analysis

The Eon does not seem have made any impact on the Alto at all.

This is quite surprising even after discounting the fact that Hyundai might still not have the reach of Maruti.

Also surprised with the numbers on the Maruti front, including the Kizashi.

May be my ignorance but could this just be backlog of dealer shipments manifesting itself as performance?
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