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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Tata nano concept with chrome garnish on front and rear, wider front tyres with alloys, front disc brakes and twin glove boxes.

Name:  407193_320098974691061_100000728839436_1101466_3517842_n.jpg
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Name:  408081_320099061357719_100000728839436_1101468_1060981917_n.jpg
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Name:  403758_320099018024390_100000728839436_1101467_245831681_n.jpg
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Tata Nano CNG with 35L CNG cylinder tank (as mentioned in the brochure).

Name:  408010_320099198024372_100000728839436_1101471_1107466500_n.jpg
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Tata Ace refresh
Name:  383701_320101698024122_100000728839436_1101522_1756981726_n.jpg
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tata's new ultra Cv range
Name:  387512_320101141357511_100000728839436_1101509_1966778331_n.jpg
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Prima trucks
Name:  398479_320101294690829_100000728839436_1101513_196365691_n.jpg
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Name:  401531_320101258024166_100000728839436_1101512_1340877798_n.jpg
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Tata marcopolo bus
Name:  379507_320101444690814_100000728839436_1101516_762915447_n.jpg
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Tata fuel cell bus concept
Name:  400566_320101494690809_100000728839436_1101517_1712869708_n.jpg
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Looks so much like a regular Aria that you'd just walk pass it, right? WRONG:

Say hello to the Aria's 6 speed Automatic with Tiptronic function. The first 3 ratios are tuned for urban usage, while the 5th & 6th are taller for expressway cruising. There are 3 driving modes; Sport, Economy & Cruise. The transmission also has "Hill Hold" & "Hill Descent" controls. The AT will be available with both, 4x2 and 4x4 versions. Interestingly, the Aria AT makes 154 BHP (@ 4,000 rpm) and 400 Nm of torque (@ 1,800 - 2,700 rpm). It's kerb weight is a hefty 2,230 kilos:

The Aria AT gets a Harman 10 speaker & amplifier combo:
I think I read that you get this option both 2WD and 4WD.

The power upgrade should have been done when they first launched it. Also, its good to know that it can indeed be remapped! The race chip kit says 156bhp and hence this proves that what they say about those extra bhp with the tuning box is true.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

I really liked the S2 concept. Even if they make it into production, not sure how many would want to buy it with TATA's reputation. I loved the steering & sparcos - looks awesome. I seriously hope they bring the navigation screen showcased in the Manza or Vista to Aria. That's where it belongs. Does anyone know what's the current music system in Aria? - Harman should be a good addition too.

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012


every time TATA comes up with something new, it clearly shows their progress in terms of technology and maturity.
for me, the best of this lot is hybrid manza. the front and rear makes it totally proportionate (as opposed to the current manza).
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Wow! An AT from Tata! Please please please put it in Vista and Manza!
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Woooow is the word here and atlast some one is covering the Tata Stall - thanks GTO. I am always amazed at the talents that our Indian companies have and feel we are at par with any global car manufacturing companies as far as R&D is concerned or maybe even better.

I really liked the Tata Pixel and hope that its launched in the same avaatar as its shown here then it will be a hot cake. Also the hybrid looks really dashing and the hot hatch Indica with the 138bhp Power will be real treat to drive - hope they can give a car which also has handling to match which will ensure that this car will go down in creating history of hot hatches for the petrol heads (one of point of time the crown was with the Palio 1.6 GTX)

Even the commercial vehicles have shown huge changes for the homegrown companies and vehicle created by Tata are lot more better than the ones that our BEST uses (Chinese buses - am sure mumbaikars can relate to what I am saying) and looking at the commercial vehicles in this thread - I am sure there will be lot of takers for these. Way to Go TATA ---- India

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Thanks and kudos to GTO for nice coverage.

The Manza concept is awesome. The diesel + electric has lot of potential and hope it sees production in the near future.

The Indica racer looks pathetic to say the least. Guess it's to showcase Tata's customization services that they are launching. They should have tried it on Punto - would have been lot better (oops, what if otherwise?! Why screw a good relationship that Tata has with Fiat)!

Most of the technologies shown here are no industry leading types, but just play catch-up (a few years too late?). But wait, here comes Pixel. Now, that's a real genius. If it sees the light and soon, will be one hell of a hit (of course at the "right" price point)!

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

The main reason why the 2.2 dicor was limited to 140 ps was because the G76 gearbox could not take anymore power without questioning long term reliability. Also 140 ps was good enough for the competition around.

Now the newly developed 6 speed manual and auto trannies should enable the 2.2 dicor to reveal its more potent avatars!!
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Thanks! Is there any news about alto rival that they were talking about?
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

So finally Tata's JLR acquisition is proving to be of some use!

Check out the Hybrid Manza. The rotary Gear-selector knob is a straight lift off modern Jaguars. The plastic around it leaves a lot to be desired though. It does NOT look well put together. Look at those little gaps. Leaving things half-baked is what irks me the most about Tata and Mahindra.

Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012-tata-manza-14.jpg

Name:  JaguarXF19711111135122841600x1060.jpg
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And who else thinks the front end of the Manza hybrid is a Civic copy? Those lights, I tell you!

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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

@Suhaas 307,

Although I understand your sarcasm, Jaguar Land Rover has actually been TML's saving grace lately.

In the last fiscal its Net income was more than a Billion pounds (to put things into perspective that's approx. much more than THREE times what Maruti Suzuki makes). Also as a carmaker it gave TML global credibility and presence, something Indian cos. can only dream of in the near future. Its also stunning because Tata bought the operations for 1.15 billion pounds, which seems like a bargain now!! So even without the retrofitted 'drive selector' knob, JLR have proved to be more than useful to Tata Motors.

That said Tata have put a lot of effort in turning JLR around, including reworking the management, negotiating with the U.K govt. for assistance, additional investments etc...

The future of JLR is very exciting. A slew of new models incl. a supercar with Williams, next gen Range Rovers on aluminum platform, 2 seater sports coupe, Jag exec. saloon (3 series rival), next gen Defender. etc... Also include the upcoming engine plant (presently they face huge supply constraints especially due to Evoque's demand), new factory in China.... Tata has only begun to reap the benefits of owning JLR.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Thanks a ton for the Pics GTO, Amazing coverage as usual.

The Manza Hybrid looks hot, is it planned to be in production any sooner. The Pixel looks straight out of the comic strip - cute. A good initiative by Tata to get the CNG on Nano, one more oppurtunity for tata to revive the Nano.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

Thanks GTO and the gang for the fab coverage. The techs from Tata stable look promising for future, the hybrid concept, 6 speed gearbox, pixel and man is that Xenon HOT, didn't expect to see it so HOT having seen it road-tested on the Satara Highway.
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Default Re: Tata Motors @ Auto Expo 2012

This is a really good thread ! Loved to see TATA coming up with new tricks and better techno cars. Now i didn't see a TATA NANO "DIESEL", it has a Tognum engine and i'm eagerly wanting to see it. Anyone on this ??
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