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sajivr 19th March 2006 11:49

scorpio vs fusion
I am considering fusion/scorpio as my new car. I will get top end fusion for 7L OTR (blr) with ABS + 3 yrs TMP.
New scorpio will cost 8.25 OTR (base model, no discounts). Also the dealer says the waiting peiriod will be 6-8 weeks, & the final price will be the price at the delivery time.
I drive around 30 kms daily. So deisel may not make much difference.. but again scorpio seems to be a good VFM for 8.25 L. I liked fusion very much.. it drives very well in blr roads..(with those big tyres.)
can u guys help me in making a decision.


caroholic1 19th March 2006 13:40

Hey i think you should go for the Fusion instead of Scorpio. Fusion's driveability is much better than that of Scorpio plus there are heavy discounts available on the Fusion these days.

devarshi84 19th March 2006 13:44

While the appeal of both the cars is the same both the cars are as different as chalk and cheese.

1) price
2) city driving
3) daily distance of 30km

everything shouts fusion. the abs is an advantage.

sbasak 19th March 2006 13:47

In a recent post by GTO, it is stated that Fusion is now available at 5.8 lakh.

adya33 19th March 2006 17:28

I would say Fusion.
If you don't want 7/8 seats fusion would make more sense.
You will be getting advantage of ABS.
If you can leave with Fusion styling (neither car nor SUV) take it.

Fiero 19th March 2006 17:58


Originally Posted by sbasak
In a recent post by GTO, it is stated that Fusion is now available at 5.8 lakh.

:Shockked: wow ... which model

go for the fusion man , unless you really want an SUV
makes more sense.

aZa 19th March 2006 22:15

Latest on Autocar or bsmotoring : Fusion Plus (top end) selling with 1L Discounts ... Not much to think now ;)

its Petrol
its 100bhp
its got josh pedigree lol :)

i think u shud go for fusion

deepakhon 20th March 2006 06:59

With these two in comparison, I would say go for fusion. How about considering Fiat Adventure also? Has a lot of attitude, good engine, good power and now Tata backing.

revharder 20th March 2006 14:28


but do bargain hard and you'll get some really unheard of discounts!
sounds amazing? just try it at couple of dealerships. :)

Boom Shiva 20th March 2006 14:42

Unless you really need an SUV or a 8 people carrier, go for the Fusion. You don't really need a diesel if you're doing only 30kms a day.

sajivr 22nd March 2006 23:15

scorpio vs fusion vs petra
I am considering petra/palio adventure also as an option. I haven't driven the vehicle yet. Looks like TATA has started selling fiat cars.. is TATA-FIAT thing going to help fiat in A.S.S/resale value?

devarshi84 22nd March 2006 23:39

fiat adventure and ford fusion are both good cars with powerful engines.

looks are questionable on fusion but almost every1 likes the adventure. even build is tanklike on the adventure.

From these two I will take the adventure.

But isnt the fusion cheaper?

test drive both and decide for yourself

hellspawn 23rd March 2006 02:25

go for the fusion wid eyes closed and y do u say that the scorpio is vfm at 8.25l.neither do u have to drive alot wherin diesel wud be economical neither do u hv to ferry 7/8 u shud look for an eay to drive vehicle with enuff space for those occasional trips.and at that price u get abs with alloys etc.

sajivr 23rd March 2006 09:24


Originally Posted by devarshi84

But isnt the fusion cheaper?

How abt petra? it has the same 1.6l engine as adventure, rt?
also its cheaper than fusion+ I guess (but offcource without alloys, ABS, bigger tyres, etc)

typeOnegative 23rd March 2006 12:55

Test drive all. If you are considering the Petra, then also consider the Baleno. Try them out and see which one you like the best. And yeah, now that the budget is out take your time. Dont be too strict on the price. Test Drive first.

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