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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

My first car was a M800 and what a car it was. It was a ruby red, fully loaded and it was the best 5 years. I enjoyed driving it each and evey day and numerous trips to Mysore and back, boy it was simply good.

I have some pictures of it and will always cherish and have nostalgic memories of this first love of mine. I think the M800 must go down in history of Indian automotives as a truely peoples car. M800 you will be remembered and missed

It is really sad that the M800 is finally being laid to rest. Goodbye M800

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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

It is said to be the car that put India on wheels.
Also it is the car that made paved way for Suzuki to become a serious Global Automotive Player. MSIL overtook Suzuki Japan 8 years back.

I am pretty sure that it would still retain that special status for many years to come. Because in a world alien to us the humble M800 still delivers mobility to homes in the most interior parts in the country.
These cars are the only means of reliable and cheap motoring for a vast majority of the population. I am sure that MSIL/non OE suppliers would supply parts for ensuring that this great machine is kept alive for years to come.

I still remember Jan 10th 1996 when we took delivery of our own m800 for 2.01 lakh. I used to just sit inside the car inhaling the aroma of the new car. The cars fuel efficiency used to amaze us with consistant 20kmpl runs on highways. The old padmini that we replaced used to return just 12-13.

Lot of fond memories but 26 years old f8d engine and the body shell should give way to a modern avatar of the 800 retaining all the simple characteristics of the original.

No nonsense styling with clean lines
Brilliant Space packaging
Feather lite with a nippy engine(a k series?? k8 may be)

Lets hope that msil think tanks retain the M800 brand atleast!
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

I vividly remember the long drive back home during 91 in the brand new gleaming car after taking delivery from the neighbouring town. Dealerships were far and few then. We had booked more than a year earlier, such was the waiting period.

Then it served without a hitch for 20 years and its still being used extensively by the new owner.

But after getting used to the newer generation cars, it used to feel cramped whenever I used to occasionally sit in it, hard to steer and the brakes felt not at all confidence inspiring and didn't feel safe.

It was like a status symbol back in the early 90s and felt amazing in every aspect. Silent, smooth, fast, efficient, good use of space for that small footprint and reliable, go anywhere car.

It will have a special place in everyones heart, I hope the newer model retains the same name and spirit of the 800 with modern design elements like strong passenger frame, brakes, etc.

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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

I am sad to see that all the pics (if I have missed one please point it out) are of the Mk.II. Where are the pics of Mk.I?

Please oblige!!
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

Over the years, M800 was produced in many colour options. Can we have at least one image per colour in this thread remembrance.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

Well, as they say, the show must go on!! I fondly remember the nimbleness of the car which was unheard of in those days where Amby's and Fiat's ruled the roost. It gave us the first taste of Japanese engineering and fuel efficiency which revolutionized an entire country. Still see some of those very old red boxy 800s on the roads and they still rock! So Long.....
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

We were lucky enough to own the very first model in the original light blue color - maybe I am biased but that was really my favourite 800 amongst all subsequent models. We had this from 1983 (or was it 84?) all the way until about 2002 / 2003. Its been with us in Delhi, then Pune, and finally Mumbai as well. It was the only car my mum and I owned through all those years and what lovely memories I have of it. Bought when I was only 7 yrs old and sold after I started my first job in 2001. I used to steer as a small kid while my mum drove on a clear stretch, changed puntured wheels ever since I was in my early teens, learnt to drive on it when I was 18 and had numerous Pune Mumbai runs (days of old highway) and some Pune - Aurangabad / Nasik runs too.

I just can't forget all the memories this car has given us. Its a beautiful little car and it really was "go anywhere" and ultra reliable. That car served us beautifully for 18 odd years! In some ways, they just don't make cars like that anymore. Thank you GTO for a nice little thread that brings back all the memories. One suggestion, perhaps you could supplement the opening thread with a picture of the original 800 as well together with the outgoing model.

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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

As sgkiit pointed out, all the pics are of the newer avtaar of the car. I will try and find my old cars pics and upload. I had the priviledge of driving a Nov 1984 model Deluxe 800. It was so well put together that my family and later me added more than 200,000 km on the car before its first overhaul. I gifted the car to my parents' driver after a 15 year registration expiry + another two 3 year further road-worthiness extensions!

I still think that the new ones do not have the finesse of the 'original japanese' models. Yes, the spare parts were much more expensive (such as the axles, front lights, etc.) but they just lasted that much more.

I still miss the car named Funky by my pals Lots and lots of memories attached with it. I used to drive it on highways with a consistent FE of 18-20 kmpl with AC on and in city eco of 14-16 depending on AC usage and traffic.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

I am not a fan of any car model being in the market well past its sell by date. But that said, this news makes me sad.

The car was a true mountain goat and could go anywhere. With its humble footprint, it never hit the underbelly anywhere. It was peppy, very reliable, FTD and fuel efficient. The 80s and early 90s cars were very well built as well.

The M800 was quite simply the people's car! And 29 Years is HUGE by all means. Thank You M800!

I hope MSIL makes a very able successor worthy of that legendary moniker again.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

Really sad to know that the M800 production is being closed down. It was my dad's first proper car (after the ambassador) and I learned driving in it as well. We had it for 4 years after being replaced by Zen. I believe it paved the way for all the modern cars we have nowadays in India. Simple, light, fuel-efficient easy to drive, small parking space, light on the wallet; it was the perfect car for first time car owners. Farewell M800, you will always have a special place in my heart!!
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

It will be a disaster for Maruti if they plan to replace 800 / Alto with a tallboy car. First time drivers prefer compact cars. Alto, 800 and old Zen is good in that area. Tallboys are mostly preferred by second time buyers only. So what Maruti has to do is to launch a compact and cute low-slung car instead of 800, priced at 1.8 - 2.5L.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

For me it would always be the best car in terms of ease and comfort. Every Indian in late 80s and 90s would have dreamed of M800 as their 1st car.

This machine had altogether changed the way automobile industry used to work. A 1995 M800 handling still can make current cars be ashamed of themselves.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

A couple of pics of our blue beauty.....now gone.
Attached Thumbnails
*Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012-maruti-800-dx.jpg  

*Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012-15-c-5589.jpg  

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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

M-800 is my first car which I bought in 2006 and I still own it. It has clocked 57K KMS and still no complains from the car.

It is a car for every occasion with a attitude of take me anywhere. Whether long drives or daily city commuting, it has never let us down.

No plans to sell it in the near future and I will continue to own it.

It is a legend coming to an end.
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Default re: *Rumour* : Maruti 800 production to end in April 2012

800 was the automobile revolution in India. A car which all of us have driven at some point. I drove it for 5 years myself. Trouble-free, low maintenance, GEM of a engine and brilliant handling (surprising) for a car of this class. Could shame cars several segments above sold currently. Thank you for sharing this article.
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