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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

As always the most waited thread on team-bhp is here.

Great effort GTO and as always rated this thread 5 stars.

Diesel is the way to go.

Entry level petrol cars affected the most.

Ertiga selling more than Innova, although they belong to totally different segments i am afraid Ertiga has managed to take at-least some buyers away from Innova especially the entry level variants.

XUV has proved that as long as a product is value for money and it runs on diesel the actually price does not matter. A 12-15 lakh vehicle selling more than quiet a few entry level small cars and sedans.

Swift is slowly becoming the national car of India. Again a vote of confidence by public that if the product is value for money and runs on diesel it will sell.

What a waste of a good car by Ford. The new Fiesta would have been a successful product what with Petrol prices soaring but the award for least value for money product under 10 lakh has to go the Ford fiesta.

On the Contrary the new Verna is ruling the charts .

As predicted by me in successive sales figure and analysis threads unless Hyundai plonks a Diesel in to i10 and do some price correction it will suffer heavily. A car which used sell around 15k units not so long ago is struggling to match even half that figure. As i had already predicted Eon has struggled to narrow the gap to Alto despite Alto sales also going down. i10, Santro and Eon have put together sold around 18 k united when not so long so i10 and Santro used to together sell around 25k units. So despite an all new product Hyundai's market share has dwindled in the compact car segment.

Chevy would do better to pull the plug on Spark not cos its a bad car but ask anybody and they still refer to it as a rejuvenated Matiz and nothing more. It is very difficult to break the market perception sometimes.

Honda has been impressive in that they have done well despite not having a diesel car in their portfolio. They have priced Brio competitively and on par with i10 which in reality is a car a segment below in terms of size. City continues to surprise and Honda's pricing is reviving the Jazz slowly but surely. Its nice to see that cos cover the price tag and Jazz hands down would be the best petrol car in its segment.

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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

That was a blood bath. We could see Petrol Car sales nosedive big time unless there is a significant reversal in petrol price rise or an increase in Diesel Prices.

M&M overtaking TATA this month is the other big news. Of course while M&M has been rising month on month the major contributor to this reversal has been TATA slipping significantly in the last few month. The odd bit is TATA which is said to be driven by diesel car sales seems to be suffering even as petrol prices rise?
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Well looks like Maruti should do something to SX4/A-Star ASAP And Why at all Maruti is still selling Grand Vitara/Kizashi?

There is sudden drop in WagonR's sales as well - Beat D effect?

Honda should be happy with this month. Brio and City back in 4K+ and 3K+ category respectively.

But I think Honda will suffer this month as a result of petrol price increase.

Tata Aria is a failure at least when sales figures are considered. Safari sales also down due to the arrival of new model.

Toyota Liva not selling well as expected since last couple of months. Same is the case with Corrolla.

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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

What a month it has been. Complete reversal of fortunes compared to 1st 3 months of the year. Few things I want to point out though
  • If you look at the total sales bar chart, May 12 is still better than most part of 2011, the peak in early part of the year makes it look much worse. However it seems that few manufacturers like Maruti, Mahindra have done better at the expense of others
  • Companies like Chevy really need to rethink there product offerings. They seem to be having big list of duds now. Ford is not too far behind on this either.
  • Interesting to see the surge from Honda, but i think its just a spike considering there all petrol offering. Good to hear about diesel Brio but i really wonder if it would be too late by diwali when it launches. Pricing will be critical factor.
  • I am still amazed at what the new swift, dzire are doing. People just cant to see get enough of either of them. And now Ertiga seems to be joining the party.

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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Nice presentation GTO....I love it.

Ertiga is an intelligent move by Maruti . I am sure it will soon reach 10K mark. Bolero has done exceedingly well. I am trying to figure out who has sacrificed for this ? Can someone help me please to understand this reality.
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Whatever happened to the Optra suddenly? It was selling constantly at around 250-300 units per month. And suddenly its managing only single digits?

Fortuner still continues to amaze me. It baffles me as to how it still manages to find more than a 1000 homes each month.\

Edit: GTO where is your promised review of the Sunny?
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Me thinks that the 30000 per month numbers of the Alto in previous months were most probably because Maruti was stuffing the pipeline and building inventories

The same thing now seems to being repeated with the Swift/ Dezire/ Ertiga
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

It's sad to see Renault not finding too many takers. None of their cars has hit the 1k mark (monthly) this year, so far.

And it's great to see the sub-10 lakh Hondas finding some ground finally. The Jazz is picking up, and the Brio's break into the top-20, plus managing 4k figures is great! For a car that's available only with a petrol-engine, I'm actually pretty surprised. Imagine what the diesel Brio could do to the mid-range hatch segment.

The Civic on the other hand managing only double-digits is very disheartening. Time to bring in those diesels, Honda.

It's quite obvious now, that to win in the number-race, you need a diesel in the portfolio. Just look at those Hyundais and Marutis rolling out of the showrooms. The i20 and the Verna in particular.

Thanks for crunching the numbers, GTO and Jalsa.

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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

GTO - Superb analysis as always!
Honda did well but I fear in the coming months it is going to slip (unless there is a substantial hike in duty for diesel cars).
Ertiga will be 'the' superstar in the coming months for sure.
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

It was good to read Honda doing well, in the sub 10L category. This when they have petrol only offerings. Hopefully Honda has learnt its lessons in terms of pricing.

XUV500 staying consistent at 3000+ levels is a sign for Tata to price Safari Storme right. If its done right with better QC, i do not see any reason Storme numbers being in the similar range.

Fortuner numbers continue to baffle me.
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Data from Tata Motors shows the kind of dealer push that happened in the last quarter and now the slow absorbtion due to the glut.

Clearly the Indica / Vista / Indigo / Manza should have done better in the present times where diesel car's aresupposed to have a waiting period, which they have'nt. Just goes to show how much radical thinking is required.

From the likely product portfolio's of Tata and Mahindra, I think Mahindra number's surpassing Tata's will slowly become an increasing , if not, permanent , phenomenon. Which could only get affected if the diesel Nano is successful - at some future time.

Volkswagen has a juicier portfolio than Honda, atleast - at the moment,temporary upsets due to other factors will be there.

Renault selling those numbers of Koleos and Fluence in this market - simply amazing !!

Maruti will rue it's decision to not have established diesel lines lower down and invested locally much earlier. It was funny to hear them as well as Hyundai say that the budget announcement would help them finalise. As if, one moment they would invest and have a factory and the next moment they would cut-paste and shift it elsewhere. Are'nt these long term plans ? And long term plans don't go by budget announcements which can change every year or quarter.

Ertiga's a BOMB. But for Innova's numbers , imagine the margins. Toyota the creamer.
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Great effort to launch the most awaited thread on the dot. Kudos to the effort and research that has gone into compiling this.

I am astonished to see the Swift neck and neck with the Alto, the long time topper and would be toppled any month from now. I never thought that Swift would achieve this sterling performance but thought that Eon would give the Alto a run for its money. It is not the car's share alone but of the common man's rising aspirations.
Even the Ertigo's arrival had not dented Maruti's own Swifts which shows that the major chunk of Ertigo sales is lured from other segments.

Another great winner is the Brio now threatening the Figo, even without a Diesel motor. The moment Brio diesel arrives sales are sure to skyrocket.
Bolero is another fine performer and also sad that the car that put India on four wheels, the 800, is closer to extinction.

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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Staggering to see the numbers clocked by the new Swift platform and with a big help from the DDiS, no doubt. I think the Ertiga will gain more numbers from the Swift and the new DZire going forward. But the Alto & WagonR will worry Maruti no end.

M&M looks very good, but Tata at an all time low but for the Nano & Sumo Gold. The once sales champs Indica + Indigo numbers are quite bad.

Good to see the Jazz & Brio doing well.

I recall a clip by Hormazd Sorabjee stating VW will take it slow in India for a while now. Wondering whether that sent a wrong message to the VW India management.

The market is tightening. We have been seeing very good Auto years since 2009 when the industry went from strength to strength. I guess there will be big delay in new launches now.
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Originally Posted by drmohitg
Whatever happened to the Optra suddenly? It was selling constantly at around 250-300 units per month. And suddenly its managing only
If you don't know, please be informed that Optra has been discontinued. Chevy has stopped production of Optra.
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Default Re: May 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Originally Posted by Turbokick View Post
- Inconsistent but still performing : Nano isn't exactly rejected by Indian market. Diesel version can be a super duper hit actually !
Having bought a 2012 Nano, i am pretty sure that it is the 2012 Nano that Tata should have launched in 2010. I have no niggling issues (touch-wood), good fuel efficiency, head turning looks.

Tata should quickly add the power steering option along with the Diesel + CNG models and also offer an upgrade to the existing customers.
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