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All my cars are parked in the drive way.. Got the drive way covered as last years diwali a stray rocket fell on one of my car's and cracked the rear glass..
After that i am not taking any chances.
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Old 11th April 2006, 11:05   #17
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Stilt parking at home (apartment) and Basement parking (-3 floor) at office. Well covered and protected at both places.
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Old 11th April 2006, 11:51   #18
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at home i parks both my cars on open road, under the sky, right from day1.
delhi has the most vehicular population you see!

but in office, i got a dedicated basement parking very near to the centralised airconditioner's water plant of our buliding! and my car remains cool for whole day!!
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Old 11th April 2006, 12:32   #19
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Our cars are parked in the building during the day where there is little shade and in the office in the night where there is lot of dust as there is construction going on.
We are shifting soon but even at the new house, 2 cars will be parked in the porch where there is a shade and the remaining in the underground basement parking where they will be washed regularly.
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Old 11th April 2006, 13:01   #20
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Accord, Matiz & Indica in parking at our place.
Astra is outside close to compound wall under cover. I used to park Astra at our old place sometime ago (about 200 meters away) however twice someone removed air from tyres so now a days prefer to park it here.
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Old 11th April 2006, 20:48   #21
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We park our Amby and Bolero at my dad's Office.where Amby is under a shed and Bolero is under a tree.gotta make space for third one as its in the pipeline
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Old 11th April 2006, 23:13   #22
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I park my car in the open space provided in our building.

Luckily we got rid of the other two Vehicles, had a was tough time finding parking space. Now i don't have to worry about parking anymore. The vehicles used to be either parked in the office or in the road.

Now I keep my car covered at home and in the office its parked in the open under the burning sun.
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Old 12th April 2006, 10:17   #23
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At home I have a praking in the ground floor.
If I am early to work, i get a basement parking else it's parked in paid parking adjacent to the building (Paid by company) with very little shelter from trees.
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Old 12th April 2006, 16:28   #24
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at office my car is 70% of the time in hot sun, at home i park it in the driveway with a car cover on it. A thick/good car cover made of 2 layers rugged cloth lined inside with platic for water resistance should do the job well of protecting the car from nature. The color of the front bumper has actaully faded a little due exposure to hot (hyderabad) sun.
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Old 12th April 2006, 22:35   #25
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I park my car....

...on a steep slope
...right next to the community garbage can
...under the tree which is continuously shedding leaves, flowers and branches
...which is also a prime spot for birds to pirch and drop their droppings
...and the cats love the garbage can so they chill on my car with their dirty paws
...the dogs like to chase the cats, and use the wheels for ...

But this is bombay so i have no choice! I'm fortunate enough not to have to hunt for parking on the road everyday!

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Old 13th April 2006, 02:28   #26
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My vette stands in the garage and the G35 outside in the driveway...i wash them almost regularly and then wax them to protect from the sun...

my cars are in good condition and then after soo much i just dont worry, cuz they are meant to be driven in and driven in hard...

The cars in India stand in front of the house, there is no garage there, but the next home we build, we will definetly make place for a garage, as of the now the 2 benz are covered as soon as they come home...well now 1, since we sold off the S, so technically 1 left until oct..

all the others stand outside just like that but there they are washed everyday, so you dont have to worry too much.. and no one car park next to them its all good there..

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Old 13th April 2006, 02:34   #27
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Right now, the car is parked in the garage. There was a time when we had our Accord, Nexia and the Skoda all at a time. So the Accord and the Skoda were parked in the garage in our house while the Nexia was parked in our neighbours house. And now since the Nexia and the Accord are sold, there is enough parking at home for the Skoda and another car which hopefully we'll b getting soon
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Old 13th April 2006, 14:19   #28
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At home, 3 cars in the car park inside the house. 2 cars have a roof and one car without a roof. Our 4th car the Maxx, outside the house next to the compound wall on the street.

In my office, we have 2 covered car parks for mine and dad's car.

At my other office in the centre of the city, on the street without a roof. As soon as I park the car the office boys put the car's cover on it. It protects it from the scratches as its a very congested area.
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Old 13th April 2006, 14:40   #29
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Default Car parking at home

Good ol' Amby (1975) in the shed, Innova, Endevour in the porch and Ikon under a tree.
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Old 18th April 2006, 02:11   #30
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mine is usually parked outside my apartment (if i get space).and when people decide to shop at the market,i get to park it next to a community garbage(if i am lucky) where i have dogs under....over....beside my car or take it to the main market and pay for the parking....So next time you (no offence)decide to go shopping at south ex pliz spare a parking space for a fellow bhpian....
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