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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by riziali View Post
Take a look (hope its not been posted earlier already)
Thanks for this. This is the first 85bhp version video I have seen. If with a 4WD, drive is good, I hope it would be better with the lighter version without it.

Good to see this.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by Neil Roy View Post
My SA is telling me that RTO approval for Duster in Chennai will be given only on 20th of July and only after that registration is possible. So theoretically delivery should start from 23rd of July onwards, or he is trying to placate me and my constant nagging. Vehicle should be available in the dealers yard from this monday(16th July) onwards and he has promised to give my allotted VIN by tuesday and I can see my allotted vehicle next week itself.This was the same SA who told me that I will get my Vehicle by this week itself, So fingers crossed.

Hello to all! My first post on Team-BHP.

I have been following the Duster thread on Team-BHP for the past 3 months or so and based on the feedback, pre-booked the Duster 85 RxL (O) on the 20th of June. Later, based on a TD - on a 110 RxZ I must admit - confirmed my order on 6th July. Yet to get any intimation from the dealer regarding the proposed delivery date!

No hurry though! I'm still getting the finance organised.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by riziali View Post
i've been following all the posts on this thread and its thrown up some very interesting insights on the car. sadly no ones managed to get their hands on a 85bhp variant yet, which we are all assuming will see the bulk of the sales. interestingly enough i came across a one year old review by FIFTH GEAR on you tube, where the model being tested was a 1.5dci 85bhp 4WD variant. I'm sure the 85bhp variant in India without the 4WD will be lighter than the one you'll see in the test.
Take a look (hope its not been posted earlier already)
Duster in Marrakech on Fifth Gear - YouTube
Thanks for sharing this. Jonny summarized the review quite well. Not a fancy automobile, but gets the work done with minimum fuss. I feel the humble Dacia workhorse is here to stay.
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Originally Posted by methilsunkara
The audio control placed behind the steering wheel is difficult to locate and impossible to use while driving. It is sure to cause a few nasty accidents.
Whilst I agree that the positioning of the audio controls is indeed very unconventional, I would also say that once you get used to it you may wish all cars were like this. I can only suggest the analogy of the QWERTY keyboard - whoever came up with that must have been a real sadist as new typists would agree. But if you get good at touch typing with all your fingers, then you simply type instinctively!

This is based on my experience with a Renault over 5 years.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

After driving the RxZ 110 today, here are some of my thoughts. Mind you, my frame of reference is my current ride, a Punto 75 MJD EP.

First thoughts, the steering. Nothing like the meaty leather-wrapped darling in my Punto, but boy oh boy, was it a hoot to turn around on the road. I found it quite similar in feel and response to the New Fiesta, which I drove a couple of months earlier.

The ergonomics will certainly take some getting used to. The biggest quirk for me was the placement of the ORVM adjust switch (right under the handbrake!!). I also thought the ORVMs themselves were a tad smaller than ideal.

Refinement of the engine itself was top-class, and the gear-shift was smooth in operation without any noticeable notchiness.

Coming to the lag factor, I honestly didn't feel it was any worse than the Punto MJD. I'm sure if folks here are complaining about it, then it must be so. However, compared to my current ride, I thought this engine was tuned better. No complaints. Based on ACI's review, I am eagerly looking forward to testing the 85BHP model sometime soon.

The ride quality was superb. Period. High-speed and low-speed absorption of road irregularities was upto my satisfaction. In fact, I'd say it even bettered the Punto, and that really is saying something.

I found the Duster very easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces, and the added height vis-a-vis a sedan certainly helps. The bonnet was completely visible from the front seat and the view through the rear glass was adequate, so judging the extremities of the car was not a problem at all.

Coming to the interiors, loved the door trims and the quality of plastics on it. The centre console, not so much. But not a deal-breaker by any stretch of imagination. Personally, I think you'd need to be seriously anal about the overall plastic quality to call it a deal-breaker for this car. I think it betters what's there on the new Fiesta by a few long country miles.

What can and might well be a deal-breaker is the horrible AC tower for the rear passengers. It intrudes severely into rear leg-room and should have been left out. If Renault really wanted to provide rear AC vents, I think a roof-mounted unit may have been better. Alternatively, Renault could have pushed the rear seats further behind at the expense of some boot space. I think the version 2.0 MUST come with an adjustable seat-rail mechanism and a 60:40 split to increase fliexibility. The boot is gigantic. I have no idea how most people plan on using that much space.

My final take is that if I were in the market for a 10 -14 lac car right now, the Duster 85 RxL (O) sounds like the perfect beast. I'd have chosen the 110 RxZ BUT for that horrible AC tower for the rear-seat. I'd advise Renault to ditch it and reduce the price of the variant further.

All said and done, I'm gonna be quite envious of the new Duster owners on this forum. Hope they post amazing ownership threads to keep me hooked!
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by pradeepkm View Post
When did you book ? which Model ? Eagerly awaiting to hear your experience ?
Had booked in Mid June,the 110 RXL model
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

We've booked the 110 RxZ (O) today at Jaipur. The people at the dealership there were also mentioning the extra two seats that they have on offer. The on road price of this particular model in Jaipur came to 13.06 L

Booked in White as the silver coloured bits in the exterior blended in nicely.

Delivery is expected to be in November as they are expecting to receive only 40-60 cars per month. I now have to look for a new owner for the Verna.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by FlyingSpur View Post
I don't know what people are complaining about. The Duster i really good for what it is. Leagues ahead of Tata / Mahindra IMO.

Strange, I did not seem to notice this problem. I am a big fan of the rear AC.

Rear AC killing rear legroom, bad ergonomics and placement of switches, poor rear legroom with tall guy in front... all issues I've previously highlighted with the 320d. Perhaps that's why I still like this thing. I'm used to it
I agree the duster is way better than tata and mahindra MUV's as a overall package in terms of engine, interiors and especially ride and handling. Frankly people would prefer the lower and mid variants of Duster over C-segment sedans. But the top end is overpriced, with space being at a premium and XUVW6 costing just 60-70K more.

My car also has rear AC vents. But I would have preferred the roof arrangement like the Ertiga. Space is restricted in the second row and my elbow was constantly hitting the AC tower. But I sat with my seat almost fully back and that could be the reason, so may not affect shorter drivers.

Also the audio controls were impossible to use as they are placed behind the steering. I can.t even see it from my driving position.

Both these issues are restricted to RXZ variant, which is anyways overpriced. But the middle variants do seem to be a good package.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

From the price list of Bangalore, the insurance for the 85PS diesel Duster is:
RxE - 29267
RxL - 32818
RxL (O) - 36369
I am not sure what kind of coverage these provide.
1. Are these rates similar in other cities?
2. Are these rates reasonable?
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

My observations based on available content on internet.

- Possibly 10,000+ bookings tilldate.
- Of which atleast 5000+ are for 85ps model(s).
- Majority (or all?) of those 5000+ customers have booked 85ps without TD.
- Who are these 5000+ customers? Nissan Sunny fans? Have amazing powers of imagination?
- Most of the online/print reviews contain almost similar analysis on 110ps vs 85ps. Talking points round?
- Will Team BHP official review include comprehensive review of 85ps version?
- Everyone is congratulating Renault. Has Marc received such a note from Carlos? What else was included in that note?

my Observations = maynot be facts
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Default A layman Test Drive Report of the Duster.

Just back from my Duster Test Ride (err... Drive). Given the number of people flocking the showroom, we(me & my friend) had a pretty good extended(relative to others) test drive (had to do a little convincing talk to the SA who accompanied us). And also hopped onto the back seat when another prospective customer was driving.

The following views are my own. [After 9+yrs on my Indica & a few test drives of Manza, Verna, Vento, Rapid, etc (in search of my replacement)]. Also - I am looking at the Duster as a Sedan equivalent. I am/was not into the SUV space. Fuel Efficiency is critical to me.
Up and until today morning, I was left with Manza & Rapid (no apparent logical reasoning though.) Now Duster is IN too !

Key Observations :

- Even without the Rear AC, it is a stretch(by Indica standards - or am I biased) to call this a 5 seater (lean folks should not have a problem).
(I guess the hard to reach automatic window switches and its casing on the 2nd row has eaten into shoulder width)
- Legroom is on par with Vento/Rapid in my opinion (Did a quick check by stopping by the Skoda showroom while returning back)
- 2nd row headroom is far better than Sedans. Is that what (mini)SUVs are supposed to give !
- Driving was very involving, Yeah, Had to work the gears pretty hard to 'feel' the drive. A little less work than my 2003 Indica though.
- The gear shift itself was easy work, but for the comparitively hard clutch (or was it only with me).
- While the internal rear view mirror was good enough, the side mirrors were 'small-ish'.
- The engine did not make too much noise on the RxZ 110 when revved. Need to check on the RxZ 85 as well.
- The u-turns were enjoyable. Steering feel was good. No vagueness. & Did not need too much space to turn.
- Braking was more than my expectation. I was amazed at the grip the tyres could produce.

- I almost booked the Duster today, after falling for the ride quality over undulated muddy roads.
(I decided against booking today & am determined to wait for our own TBHP review. One more week to kill)

Known-Unknowns : Since the Test Drive was understandably restricted.
- Handling & 'Noise' Levels(wind & tires) at highway speeds.
- Performance on Inclines. (just to verify the rumors/reports of lack of power)

Miscellaneous :

- A separate place for the Toolkit was quite nice. A plastic Spanner holder(might break in time). However the jack holder(screw mechanism) looked durable.

Renault Duster : Official Launch Report-renault-duster043_mod.jpg
Renault Duster : Official Launch Report-14072012289.jpg

- The underbody is sufficiently protected. Behind the silver colour plastic front bumper - there is a hard metal plate. I also noticed the protrusion (oil seal/cap?). However this was almost in line with the front wheel axle (have to really try hard to get hit here)

Renault Duster : Official Launch Report-14072012294.jpg

- The Reverse gear needs to be engaged in Hyundai Verna style. Pull up and slot.

Renault Duster : Official Launch Report-14072012292.jpg

- The luggage compartment has a flat metal floor (Need not worry about weight of objects placed) & It seems like V2.0 with slid-able 2nd row seats would need major changes. There is no place behind the 2nd row and the start of the flat metal floor.

Renault Duster : Official Launch Report-14072012291.jpg

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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Went to Renault Trivandrum and had a short drive in the 110 RXZ.
Before that sat on the display RXZ(O). Build quality very good, but interior quality not upto the level of Fluence, front seat and rear seat plenty of space. Only some small ergonomic faults like ORVM controls under handbrake, LHD oriented controls and rear power window positioning that doesn't allow to rest our elbow comfortably in the door arm rest.
Good power and tractability,smooth gearshifts on the go, but stiff steering in parking speeds that requires effort and super hard clutch.
View outside was good and boot space is more than what we can ask for.
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9,000 Dusters booked. It will be interesting to watch XUV's bookings when they open next.
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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Originally Posted by sumeshmani View Post
Found this video review from MotorBeam

1:30: "Its styling is one of the sole reasons for the high demand of this vehicle" LOL

I thought what followed was a heavily negative review when he first seemed to suggest that the styling was the only thing going for it! Wish they had the sense to turn that infernal background music down at least while revving the engine to close to 5000 rpm!

Yet again, one more Indian review but no testing the 85 bhp machine (not counting the Fifth Gear's test in Marrakech).

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Default Re: Renault Duster : Official Launch Report

Finally saw the Duster in flesh at Renault Andheri. Too much crowd as shared by all, no sales advisor to attend as well, just a receptionist busy with overlooking the test drive queue. Well I was asked to wait for 1 hr for the test drive, could not do so as my 9 month old daughter had slept on our way to the showroom but did get a chance to sit inside the vehicle.

Initial impressions -
# Loved the looks especially the brown colour
# Amazing under thigh support for the rear seat, sat in fluence immediately after that, felt duster's rear seats to be better
# Huge boot, can have my baby easily sleep there
# When i shut the boot, heard some weird sound as if something was loose, not good for a new car
# Panel gaps were fine
# The rear ac control knob and ORVM adjuster felt very cheap, won't last long
Not to mention the weird placement of the ORVM adjuster
# The beige strip on the dashboard looked weird
# Tried the steering mounted volume control and channel changer, felt fine, its just about getting used to I think

Overheard an SA saying that they had received 800 bookings so far and indicated a waiting of at least 3 months.

I was told another 20 days before they can send the cars to customers for test drive. Will wait for the same. Overall liked the car and can even consider it as my next car.

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