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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

For me, it was a huge jump. From Swift Diesel to Honda City 2012.

Had booked the Swift Zdi in the month of October 2011. Then the strike at Manesar. Waited till February 2012, there was no sign of it and was 65th in line for the Zdi variant as per the dealership records. With the speculations about the increase in tax for the diesel cars doing the rounds, I was really worried.

Commuting using car became very less during the waiting period and started thinking about a petrol sedan with good resale value, which would also fit my bill. Learned about the new Honda City 2012 with increased GC, took a TD and booked it.

Now a proud owner.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Swift dzire !
I always disliked and made jokes of this car before finally settling with it. Although it was more to do with the previous gen dzire, the all new dzire (which I own) too is an awkward car to look at from certain angles.
From Swift to Figo to i20 and finally Dzire, it was an interesting car hunt.
But the car indeed is a sensible choice and a good allrounder thanks to the engine, interiors and suspension. Maruti's advantage being a bonus !
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Nice topic
Not there yet. But soon will be. I was looking for a second car which would be an upgrade from My palio 1.6 sport. I was totally against buying from an indian manufacturer as I felt the Jap/Korean/European manufacturers offered better value for money in the long run.
TD'd all the vehicles available in my budget range. Couldnt find 1 vehicle that felt like you were moving up a class compared to the Palio.
Went to look @ the XUV just cos the W6 was just outside our budget and we could stretch that much. Went to the showroom and took a TD of the XUV. The whole family loved it and Booked a W6.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Nice topic.
When Wagon R (New) was launched in 2007 thought who will buy a matchbox car and ended up buying it doing a great trouble free 40K kms in nearly 2.2yrs.
Next when hunting for diesel never thought of swift (used to tell my friends looks like a frog waiting to leap) but did a TD and got hooked on to it. Great drives and after 30K kms still loving every bit of the beastly beauty (well the swift grows on you literally)
Looking at a SUV and do not want the Innova but going by history ..really never know

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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

After driving my beloved Indica V2 for 8yrs without any major issues, the next choice was obviously for a car with a boot and of around 7 lac budget.

Then Home ministry (Dad & Wife) suggests that, with my 2 kids & 4 adults, it's better to go for 7 seater. budget now increases to 9 lac's.

I want to buy Mahindra bolero but ministry says it's boxy and rejects it outright, they want me to buy Innova.

Checked Innova at Ravindu Toyota Rajajinagar and the base price for g series is around 11+ lacs and GX around 13 lacs.

As the budget kept on rising, I convinced the ministry for fully loaded Xylo E8 which was available at 10.5 lacs after all discounts. also couple of my close friends had them for a year and it was an obvious choice.

I took my dad & wife to India garage at palace cross road with a 50K cheque to book Xylo E8. but that was not to be.
Wife & Dad see XUV, Dad compares XUV with Reno Grand Scenic that my sister has in UK, Wife compares XUV with her brothers 5 series Bimmer again in UK.

Both are happy with XUV, both come to the conclusion that they will give me another 2 lac if I went for XUV.

I come to the conclusion "there will be a hole in the pocket, whether it is little bigger doesn't matter".

Booked the XUV W6 with a promise to the ministry that I will change the steel wheels to alloy(which I'm yet to do ) and got the XUV delivered this JAN.

this is how my hopes of driving a 7 lac car snowballed into a 14 lac affair.

I have done 9K on my XUV till date. even though I had my own share or issues with my XUV, I dont regret going for it.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Had my eyes on VW Polo, Swift Vxi, Fiat Punto .... Was researching various options.. Zeroed in on swift and was about to book it, when my friend suggested i10 .. That was the time when i10 "next gen" was about to come up, and people were singing praises about the vtvt engine.. decided to go for it in the last moment.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

FORD Classic for me. Have started looking for a sedan and considering Manza, Linea, Ford Fiesta CLassic was not considered because of huge difference between CLXI and SXi close to 1L to be precise. Introduction of Ford Classic Titanium made it a complete VFM and went ahead with it. Detailed Ownership report to follow.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Its my Dzire, well it wasn't actually (pun intended)! I hated the so called sedan for spoiling the swift's sporty design and never thought i would buy one. When i was in the market for an entry level sedan with ABS, Airbags, good reliability and a big boot space, no other car made sense. Well, Manza was the only other entry level sedan at that time with those features, but sadly it wouldn't fit my parking space and the big reliability/*** factor. Fiesta was way over budget, and i think the older verna had no airbags even in the top end

Do i love the car now, oh yeah i do I still think its a bad looker, but it serves the purpose. It has been THE reliable work horse i wanted with good safety features for the budget. So i love it for the awesome companionship it has offered and never letting me down..
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

When I was looking for a hatchback, the A-star was never in my consideration. After testing Wagon-R, Beat, i10, etc. the A-star's character and wonderful steering and handling won me over.

No regrets ever since.
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

WagonR(2006): This was my first ride. During 2005 one of my friend bought WagonR and that is when I took a first close look at this car and my impression was "I will never buy this car" because of its boxy look. 2006 - We were looking for a hatchback with budget of around 3.5L and the options were WagonR and Santro. Ended up with WagonR since my parents/in-laws were more inclined towards Maruti for its reliability and maintenance.

Dzire(Old Gen - 2011): When I saw Dzire first time on road, again my impression was same "I will never buy this car" because of its grotesque looks. 2011 - We moved to Bangalore and was looking for diesel sedan with good boot space, ABS/Air Bag. At that point of time,the only car on my mind was Ford Fiesta, just wanted to do a test drive and book one. But a bad experience with Lathangi Ford made me change the decision and I started looking for other options, liked Linea but ground clearance was an issue for me, Manza - My wife was totally against its look, Vento - Liked it but out of budget, SX4 - Liked it but again out of budget and thought it was overpriced. Dzire was not in the picture at all.

Then I decided that I will wait for the New Swift. But one of my cousin was looking for Dzire and hence I thought of doing a test drive, which followed with 5 more test drives(to get used to the looks) and booked a Dzire ZDI. April 27th, 2011 - My Dzire came home and now after 36K Kms on it, I would say I don't regret buying a Dzire.

Now my wife wants me to hate VW Beetle!
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Maruti Ritz (2011): When saw Ritz for the first time, I was not at all happy with the rear. I am sure there are loads of people who think the same even today. I was basically looking to replace my Santro with a small diesel hatch-back. Options considered were Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat, Maruti Swift and Maruti Ritz. Swift had a waiting period of 3 months and the other 2 cars did not appeal me as much. Finally booked Ritz VDI and got the delivery after 1 month. I do not regret buying the car at all, as I have already clocked 28k kms without any problem….
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

For me it was the VW Jetta. When it was launched in 2008 I saw someone test driving it on one of Chandigarh's Industrial area's arterial roads. The car looked so solid and good looking (most people wouldn't agree with this)and I remember thinking to myself buddy this is as close you are gonna get to that car.
Come december 2011 and i had one parked in my garage!
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

All the cars I have owned so far were cars I disliked.
2002 Santro Zip Plus My impression on Santro at that time was that it was one of the ugliest cars on road. My parents had told me that they would buy me a car when I got my first job. I was hoping to discuss about Palio. But before I could even start the discussion, my parents came home with a brand new Santro. I cannot blame my parents, since they had thought Santro is my favorite car (based on my expression on the Santro ads on paper and TV) and thought of giving me a surprise.

2005 Hew Honda City Gxi Almost 3 years later, I was quite dissatisfied with the Santro and the Hyundai A.S.S. Then decided to go for my second car exchanging my Santro. Started with Palio. The new Palio had launched then and I was not quite impressed with the car or the dealer. Almost booked the car but decided not to when the dealer was not sure about the delivery of the car. Next stop, Toyota Innova. Test drove the vehicle and absolutely loved it. During the test drive, my parents sat in the last row with the middle row pushed forward. They liked the comfort with ample space in the 3rd row, but when they realized that it was due to the center row pushed forward, they were not satisfied and ruled out Innova. In the mean time, I test drove an used 1990 BMW 3 series and the Chevy Optra. The 3 series was fun to drive but rejected as we did not want a used car. The Optra was comfortable to be seated in the back seat but was not fun to drive. This was compared to the OHC which my father owned. Finally, decided that Honda is the best option and bought a NHC Gxi which was the first car I had rejected based on the exterior design and engine.

Honda Brio V(MT) Few months back, my wife and I decided to buy a small hatch. We had a look at A-star, Alto K10, Eon and rejected them due to lack of space. Rejected i10 since the price was too much. Rejected Ritz based on looks. Wagon R was shortlisted. Then something strange happened. When my wife and I were returning home from shopping in my dad's OHC, the radiator pipe broke and we were stranded on the road. I told my wife why not we have a look at Jazz. Brio was one car I hated. When I saw the pics for the first time in Team-bhp, the first impression I had was 'Yuck, who would buy this thing'. At the showroom, the Brio was displayed in all colors and Jazz was nowhere to be seen. Even the dealer recommended the Brio when compared to the Jazz. My wife liked the car. So we booked the car the same day. My parents, my wife and myself still wonder how did we buy this car. We all still believe the Ritz looks better than the Brio. But I love this car for its performance.

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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Nissan Sunny (Dci) for me. I always thought if I bought a car in that segment and as a 3rd car (as my wife's replacement car) it would either be a Vento (as the most direct alternative) or Innova / Ertiga / Dezire / small Automatic hatch like i10 / Verna diesel AT.

Never thought I would end up with the Nissan Sunny Dci
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Default Re: That car you never thought you'd end up buying!

Interesting thread and fun to read everyone's decision process and changes . For me it is Ford Ikon Flair. When i was in the market for my 1st car back in 2004 when i started working, the only sedan options i had for my budget were Esteem, Ikon and Accent. Esteem was too cramped and dated, Baleno was bit out of budget. Accent was the popular choice but some how didnt tickle the heart. Test drove Ikon last and within 5mins mind was made that it was the car. Today after almost 8 yrs and 65K kms, the car is continuing to serve me well and still so much fun to drive with no major issue with Ford maintenance as such.

Thanks to experience with Ikon, we bought Figo diesel 6 months back with no hesitation and have loved every bit of it.
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