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The Rani-Saif advt for the Aveo launch was simply ridiculous. It seems the advertising agency who concieved the advt employs a bunch of nursery class students. I mean what the heck... GM must have spent a fortune having those two endorse, they could have easliy gone in for some subtle yet very impacting advt, just like the Tata Safari Dicor which IMHO is one of the best if not the best to have come out in recent times. It has the right amount of impact without any big faces. GM could very well have saved money and priced AVEO lower than the competition.
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Good Ads

One of the best ads i have seen are for Mahindra Scorpio where the guy prefers the car over a chopper.

another one was a maruti ad, dont remember the model where a kid sardar tells is dad the petrol doesnt get over while using a toy model.

Worst Ads

Sunshine car , santro ad
Chevvy Aveo, a waste of good resources
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Even though Fiat ads in India are very rare, I remember seeing a Fiat Palio ad (mostly from South Africa) and it is one of the best I've seen. It shows 4 guys in a Palio speeding through the highway, happpens to have a close shave with a truck which was painting the middle line in the road while going slowly, somehow the brush gets into the backside of the Palio, they draw a line leading out of the highway and they disappear. Later many other cars are stuck at the highway side not able to continue further into the offroad section as the Palio did superbly.

The worst I've seen:

1) Indica - dumb dumb dumb...
2) Corolla - valet guys fighting for the key.
3) All Santro ads - Sunshine car - SRK
3) Aveo ad - Rani Mukerjee
4) Esteem - My papa's Biiiig car... and how big it actually is.
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Originally Posted by mobike008 View Post
Good Ads
another one was a maruti ad, dont remember the model where a kid sardar tells is dad the petrol doesnt get over while using a toy model.
That was for the M-800.
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To add to the growing group of the disgruntled before me...

1.Santro ads (all those ads with SRK!)
2.The new Lounge ad of the Indigo (if you can sit through the first 30 secs to figure out that the ad is for the Indigo!!)
3.Chevy Aveo
4.Zen Estilo (whats with the boxes??!!)

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Guys, this thread is for rants about ad's .. There's another thread if you want to rave about any ad.

Latest on my hate list: the Ford Fiesta ads on radio that go .. run out of blah-blah before you run out of fuel. This set of ad's is really getting on me .. .. The TV ad is just as bad.
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Worst Ads:

Getz - the Sania Mirza ad - i dunno why, but each and every agency has managed to invite disasters with Sania ads... remember the stupid sprite ads? (oh, how the mighty have fallen... sprite spoofs on mountain dew and 7up used to be awesome!)... the getz one is no different... they used the oldest joke going around to force some humour where a play on emotions would have been better... after all buying a car is not a joke, its an extremely emotional decision where more often than not the entire family is involved.

Tata Indica - dumb dumb dumb - seriously, they couldn't have described their own ad better!! just sit back and try to recall one thing that sticks to ur mind from that ad... anything at all about the car? nopes... just dumb dumb dumb. And this coming from a company that came out with the brilliant ad where the guy gets punched everytime he brags about something!

Hyundai Verna - looks like a hastily arranged flash presentation with some jazzy snapshots arranged to a background score from a hollywood action movie... basically an animated brochure! The personal touch is missing...

Santro / Aveo / U-va (print only) - waste of money... SRK's being made to do the same stuff over and over again for santro... and the Rani-Saif ad is a complete washout... If u HAVE to go for expensive brand ambassadors, at least ensure that the money is well spent!! Usually the agency's stop thinking as soon as the company signs a big name... generally, the best ads have unknown models (think Fevicol, Hutch, Ericcsson or even the latest Nike cricket ad).
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what about the fiesta ad where the road runs out...who the hell remembers these things. ud wonder if it was an ad for brake linings as the car just stops before the road merges into the water body....
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Default Apache?

The latest ad for the TVS Apache should take the cake for being the worst ever ad for an automobile (apart from the Estilo ad). I am talking about the ad where cars (matiz is one I could identify) are painted as zebras and is chased by the bike. What say guys?
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About this new Apache adv I was wondering about those camouflaged cars... Are you sure those are Matiz and not Chevy spark?!
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The Fiesta ad seems to be the latest contender for the brickbats.
As if the ads with Junior B werent bad enough (remember the damned train?!), the new one is equally bad. All's well with it, except for the part where the sea arrives out of nowhere.

Regarding the Apache ad.... I had already put up a thread on that in the Bikes section.

Wonder why they dont come up with any good auto ads anymore.
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the car shown in Apache adv is Chevy spark. but how can they use disguised spy car in their adv???
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Default Fiesta Ad

Originally Posted by benbsb29 View Post
The Fiesta ad seems to be the latest contender for the brickbats.
All's well with it, except for the part where the sea arrives out of nowhere.
And the ad gives a warning of sorts too. While panic braking, car will do a 360 degree spin. NICE .

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the Versa ad with Big B -- Junior B also falls in this category --

Maruti did improve the Versa ad down the line with the tag of Full Family driving together with Grandpa flirting with Granny
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The ad for Suzuki Zeus is pure nonsense. First they show a guy speeding on the wrong side and overtaking blindly , only to be confronted with a truck and he brakes hard , slides back in...then races in between 2 trucks and jumps off a ramp to pick up a kite in mid air !! All this with a pillion !!


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