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Old 23rd September 2012, 20:20   #166
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Originally Posted by karpusv View Post
Even from my TD at Bangalore, I can agree on those quoted points above.

But personally, I feel that many people will lap this offering.
The dealer (India Garage) had 4 register pages filled with enquiries. Many of the people had booked a Duster!. The dealer is already talking of a waiting of 2 months as he has only 4-5 vehicles in stock and only 45 allocated for the next 1 month.
Sure there will be lot of takers for this VFM offering.those who would look at price and could ignore the flaws.enquiries would be there. a duster customer could shift if

1. he ignores the poor handling of the quanto.
2. wants to spend lesser than duster
3. wants more features for less money
4. cannot wait for 6 months for delivery.

I have test driven duster and can confirm that the duster is light years ahead in terms of handling.power delivery is marginally better in quanto in comparison to the 85ps duster.

The dealer here had an allocation of 20 in one month. they are asking for 45 days for delivery now.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

India's Mahindra will launch Quanto small SUV in Europe.

$10,800 model likely to be a rival to the Dacia Duster. The Quanto will go on sale in Italy shortly after appearing at the Bologna auto show in December. Sales in other European markets will follow.

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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

I saw this vehicle today and felt it is almost the same height as of Xylo and also as mentioned by some of our group members the jump seats could not take full size adults. My overall impression on this is not so positive. Let us watch and see how the market will react.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Originally Posted by YashD View Post
Completely agree, the Mahindra's designing team is really weird. They have done an excellent job with Scorpio and XUV500 but at the same time ruined the design of Xylo. Even the Bolero's exterior looks good but they have ruined the interiors of it especially the instrument cluster. I am confused what are they really upto seems like Mahindra didn't increase the salaries of the designers or appreciated their hard work on XUV thats why they decided to take a revenge by ruining the design of Quanto.
for the record i own 2 mahindra stable cars currently -xylo e6 & logan gls 1.6.
Xylo was never going to be a good looking form as it was designed inside out ( as in 'form follows function' ).
today i must say that the xylo rear looks decent as compared to the xuv five o o. scorpio is a an over modified and curvaceous jeep and not the best looking one in my frank opinion. the safari which inherently is about 14 yr old design ( am i wrong ? ) still looks better than anything mahindra has dished out as yet.
Check out the jeep cherokee designs over the year. The boxy land rover evolution is also a jeep form in essence, is it not ? but yet manages to look refined and mature in form.
mahindra's obsession with using quirky forms in detailing is bad taste but in essence its forms are a bit too top heavy and the whole contraption manages to look a little clumsy when simpler treatment, squarish details would suit the jeep form a bit more. the problem is that mahindra designers obsess with trying to make every box and cube appear curvy ( this extends to even treatment of the dashboard ), when they ought to be looking at refining the details to be less in your face.
i am not a mahindra basher. in fact i love their engines and i loved the old bolero look. engine tech wise i think tata's passenger car division is half a decade behind the m & m and the gap seems to widen every year.
its just that they are letting themselves down....
both tata and mahindra.
as far as quanto was concerned ... no amount of chopping would help make a shorter wheelbase xylo would look good. they could have atleast changed the panels , the nose , the fascia.

the damn premier rio looks better than the quanto , i am afraid.
and the rear seats are so dumb.
the mid seat of xylo was always its forte. making that less inclined to accommodate the 2 jump seats is a bad strategy.
also ,a vehicle which is already half a foot too tall for its width is now with reduced wheelbase. that is seriously compromising the ride and handling.
if they make the setup stiff the rear will be thrown up and down harshly, and if they make it soft , it 'll have some serious roll. with that high centre of gravity and with same suspension as xylo with smaller tyres wont help the cause of refined ride and handling is my guess.
you first breed a cow that 'll live long. then you want it to give more milk. if it 'll plow the field its even better. then in its rest time it can give ride to the kids. and importantly it should not eat too much.....
and the most importantly it should look like a magnificent horse.
difficult wouldnt you think?
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

it would have been good if the 2row could have folding /adjustable seats.

Is this worth plonking 8+ laks ? what are the other alternatives - for this kind of budget ?

how long is typically a safe period of waiting before buying these kind of new vehicles ? 6 months / 1 year ??

eagerly waiting for the tbhp review - this will be more unbiased / authentic than the aci and zigwheels.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

I was eagerly waiting for this car. Can somebody post an official t-bhp review please?
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Originally Posted by deep_bang View Post
You have answered your question yourself. Mahindra is making these because buyers are still there.
Not that the buyers are fools. They have a need and If Quantos is satisfying that need that's all they need.

I can sense your frustration about how the two Indian companies who have more cash than most other Indian auto companies , but still think They are doing a great job.
In fact in anything Tata is the laggard here. Mahindra has managed to position itself much better in terms of reliability. Who cares looks ? First lets talk of reliability to take someone from point a to b. then comes everything else.
You are right about the looks. looks are subjective and can be largely ignored if the rest is in place. unfortunately it is not. i have used 4 tatas in past and using 2 from mahindras now. tata's were reallly troublesome but original spares were cheap and easily available even aftermarket. mahindra spares are harder to find aftermarket and more often than not even with the authorized dealers.
mahindra workshops are simply the pits.
and if they are a little better in reliability than the tatas it is only by little.
I have had lots and lots of problems with both my vehicles from mahindra and sourcing the spares in a bloody nightmare.
the labour rates are lower than the tatas and so are some service parts, lubes etc but by large things are more expensive and hardly more reliable.
the engines are far better though. in that dept tata is a real laggard.
i think if tatas were to design the suspension setup , the space inside and the form - mahindra were to provide the engine drivetrains and let maruti source , manufacture and service we would be better of.

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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Was able to check out Quanto which is on Display at Deccan Sahyadri motors next to KFC.

Interiors are not impressive for the price quoted.
Seats are not as thick as Xylo.

OTR PUNE prices

c2 - 6.83
c4 - 7.43
c6 - 8.02
c8 - 8.59
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Now that's super expensive! I would better buy the Punto or i20 diesel at that price. At least I will have a great premium hatch which is comfortable, has great engine and is well loaded too plus the mileage is indeed good.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

I am sure that Quanto thread will easily overtake XUV niggles thread. Oh wait but for that we need few ownership threads. We already have very few Xylo ownership threads so chances of good number of Quanto ownership thread are pretty low gauging from the initial response generated on this thread.

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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

We have seen many a times in the past that looks doesn't matter to Indian customers. Look at the number of dzires on road and its only increasing everyday. No offense to dezire owners. But the fact is that 1.3 MJD engine/handling, maruti service and mileage is what make the car sell.
About the quanto, i think Mahindra got greedy to make some quick money.Come on what are they thinking, a new suv/mpv/crossover [whatever] based on genio pickup up truck? No manufacturer is thinking about our safety and they never will unless government bring up some laws. I have a bad feeling about this reduced wheel base, tall body, skinny tyres and body roll which is going to roll quanto on road. And with that bad designed jump seats [our people will really use it], i am really worried about the safety.
I still feel that our real need for a crossover/mpv/suv under 10 lks is still waiting [i think duster is very overpriced]. Come on, all we ask is a spacious, 5 seater, better handling suv with safety features that can take on our bad roads.

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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

I wonder what M&M was thinking when they were concieving this project.
It a ladder frame with an engine meant for city driving only. Why would one compromise with a Swift or an i20? Only two aspects 1) 2 extra seats (for kids) 2) More space. These are not enough to counter the bad specs it is bundled with.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

I am not sure what the design guys in Mahindra were thinking when they designed this hideous thing. No offense, but looking at the rear end makes me squirm in disbelief. The quarter glass looks ugly and does not blend with the tall tail lamps at all. Wrong design strategy. The approach should have been to come up with a completely new product rather than modify an existing one.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Why does Mahindra put the seats on a higher platform inside the vehicle. In other vehicles the seats would be tad lower than the door sil. The difference between the lower portion of the vehicle outside and the seat base is huge. This forces them to make the roof a lot higher to get good interior which in turn makes the cars look top heavy and high CG.

Do they need so much space between the axle and the body base to package transmission/suspension?
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

High time for me to say good bye to my 2004 Fiat Petra. Being a big fan of Mahindra vehicles (though never owned one), I had been eagerly waiting for Quanto (Mini Xylo) launch for at least six months. Yesterday I visited Mahindra showroom and was quite disappointed in very first look at Quanto...kids and wife were also not quite excited about the idea of Quanto replacing our beloved and beautiful Petra. I could not take the vehicle for test spin hence can't comment about handling, ride & engine performance but the following were the downsides:

- No AC for II row
- Not so comfortable (II row) bench seat
- Poor plastic quality
- Cramped III row space (even kids won't be ready to take this punishment)
- Tempo like, disproportionate design

I am having doubts about handling of Quanto (courtesy high CoG). Still waiting for a test drive call from Evergreen Motors but first impression makes me distant from this Mahindra.
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