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Originally Posted by swarnava.m View Post
Makes me wonder, the parking sensors are on the body, while the spare wheel protrudes out of the body. Doesn't this throw off the accuracy of the parking sensors? Eg. suppose I was reverse parking against a wall, thus the spare wheel might hit the wall while the parking sensors still tells me that there is safe distance..
nope!! As in the Safari, the sensors take inputs from the rear wheel cover. They are calibirated to check distance from rear wheel and bumper both

Originally Posted by athanedar View Post
We indians can compromise on looks but not on money to paid. Prime example is WagonR. The shape and design of WagonR is horrible but still it sells in huge numbers.

I think M&M has got the pricing right for this ugly car and it is going to sell in decent numbers.

Personally if you ask I will go with Duster solely for the excellent handling and suspension as told by many owners and reviewers.
I agree with you on the price front!!!. Thats why I feel that with the Quanto launched, Duster sales will suffer. I mean why should the price consious Indian customer pay 8 lacs more for a similar 5 seater soft roader? I also sense a price correction on the Duster in the near future.

Some forum members seem to have written off Quanto car based on looks alone. How can one call the rural Bolero as more refined and more powerful than Quanto? How can one comment and write on poor handling? Has anyone got a test ride yet? If the car was only 1000kgs people would have written 'massive cost cutting, light weight panel, flimsy' since the car is around 1600kgs now they write 'oh too heavy, I am sure performance will not be upto the mark' Sheesh!!! lets wait for some test drive and first drive reports.

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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

M&M understands our market like no other manufacturer.
IMO it looks half baked and ugly but the pricing and 7 seater tag will be enough to churn out some decent numbers.
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Angry Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Why, why, why, why are you offering this box in india Mahindra?

Is this vehicle designed by the same company, which has designed an XUV

I personally hated the Xylo. now i have more hatred towards this so called this Quanto.

May be looking the car in flesh might change my opinion a bit. its just a personal opinion.
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This sort of reminds of the first gen Honda CRV. I think we need to consider this as a 5 seater and compare with other cars. No doubt duster is a better 5 seater but it's pricier too. So, I am still very hopeful that quanto is still a very practical 5 seater which gets you huge luggage space....

Have booked a test drive on their website. Let's see when that may happen.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

A very good move by Mahindras. I am sure this will also sell in 1000s but will not cannibalize into Duster sales.

Where are the Tatas? I don't even remember when was their last product launch? Where is the Safari Storme? It seems they have lost their way in the Indian Market.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Looking at the features, the USP for quanto should be "A hatchback that can take abuse like a SUV". If you remove the rear seats, I still do not see value in the boot. Will it have 500 litres of boot space. I doubt it as it lies in < 4m territory. A premium hatchback customer will never compromise on looks (i20, swift, polo, jazz will be anytime right choice for them). In rural parts also, this will never be accepted. How about stuffing 9 in one car - Quanto won't be able to squeeze in. A row seating allows you to do all this stuffing (not a smart thought). I have sat in a Xylo - The last seat which is perpendicular to row seating and I had neck pains because I wanted to see through the window. Its not a pleasant experience. With the last row further cramped and A/C missing - Its a very very bad deal. Even ertiga has middle row air conditioning and that adds to comfort. How can you add additional rows that compromises on comfort and space and claim its a 7 seater. I would still call it 5 seater.
Note: I've not read about middle/last row cooling till now. Waiting for a team-bhp review to see how effective is the cooling and the cooling reach.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

This is one heck of a product.

I would rather prefer a shortened MUV than an extended hatch. We already know how spacious xylo is, so only the third row is compromised.

Interestingly the looks are more inclined towards an SUV (with rounded corners) than an MUV.

Fantastic product. I bet the C6 is a winner here, So much on offer for under 8L on road. Beautiful lifestyle product.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

As mentioned by some one earlier - this probably would become a hit people carrier in the commercial space. Xylo average isn't great and lack of boot space is a sore spot for the commercial guys.

More importantly, as a percentage of rented vehicles, full capacity rentals are quite few. The Quanto has good space for 1 driver, 4 adult pax and even a child (on second row) or side bench + luggage space. The average is decent to provide a good alternative to the other hatches that currently rule the rental section.

If the sizing is anywhere close to Xylo (which I am assuming since the front and interiors seem to copy/paste) - the road presence will be significant. I particularly like the small things that have been provided with the Quanto - the tool kit cubby hole, 3 charge points, lumbar support etc.

Those who have looked at in flesh - how is the 3rd row space when the rear door is closed? Does the grab handle on the left jut out into the head? M&M should probably give the spring loaded folding types.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

i don't think quanto would effect sales of hatchbacks like swift, ritz, figo and vista diesel. Firstly these are much more fuel efficient than quanto and have better dynamics. I surely see quanto eating into sales of scorpio, bolero, xylo, ertiga and the like as it is offering similar benefits at a lower price point. Average car buyer is not too bothered about technicalities but he cares more for looks, seating capacity, price, FE and service network.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

This new segment is a rage and Quanto will build on. Will be interesting to see how the B+ hatches continue to defend.. Nevertheless, this segment has truly taken off.

In our official review OR post it, i would like to request a head to head comparo with Ertiga and Duster. Please!!
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Whilst many of us, including me think this is a super ugly confused disproportionate MUV, one cannot deny that Mahindra has gauged the pulse of the nation perfectly. Expect this to sell in big numbers.

Diesel: check
Space for 5 + luggage: check
Torque/Power: check
Feature range: check
Price: slightly more than expected, but still check
Mileage: who cares! As long as it's subsidized diesel and above 13 kmpl, it still costs only as much as running my RE Classic 500
Looks: Passable, as long as other criteria are met
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

What has happened to the designers of Mahindra? After designing such excellent vehicles like Scorpio and XUV500 this was not expected. According the spy pictures, the car looked pretty good but well the originals ones are shocking. The space too felt a bit cramped according to the pictures posted. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is anyday a better product and well I would say that it may not see much success as the competition is all time high in this segment. People would invest a bit more and go for Ertiga or Duster if they really want overall a good package.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

Why has everyone forgotten the Evalia, isn't it coming in a weeks time. Hey If I have to bum uglies I would rather do it with the Japanese than Mahindra, no offence to either parties of course.

And comparison with the Duster and the Ertiga are a bit pointless at this stage with out a proper review to know what this ugly fella is capable of. I don't believe any Magazine reviews because more often than not they have a bias of some kind. I will wait for the TBHP review before making any final judgments. And guys I know quality takes time but please end our miseries soon.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

This would be popular with the folks who couldn't stretch up to the current options in the market. The high seating, low price and diesel will do the trick, people might stretch to the low or mid version from a hatch, to have something different. M&M's reputation for rugged vehicles and its service network ought to help them.

This is no competition to the Bolero, people buy the Bolero for a completely different set of applications - the less tech, the better.
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Default Re: Mahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs

All MUVs look more or less the same? Compare with an Old generation Honda CR-VMahindra Quanto Launched @ Rs. 5.82 - 7.36 Lakhs-quantocrv.jpg
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