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Default Do you get real Value For money from your car???

Do you get real Value For money from your car???

Maybe, Maybe not...
The discussion would go on and on about the Purchasing power or the per capita income, but is the car a real VFM???

Firstly is the service meted out of the same quality????
I definitely do not think so??
Agreed, that a big chunk of that money goes to taxes and to the governments kitty...but is it helping us in any way???
Again the answer is NO!!!
Bangalore is the highest state for Road Tax...whereas Delhi is the cheapest followed by Mumbai. Correct me if I am wrong.
So what do we pay this road tax for?? For better infrastructure.
Do we get it..surely not in Bangalore where you pay road taxes to spoil the suspension of your car.

Also, the economies are higher in the US. Cars are cheaper.
Service is better. No! Service is Excellent. So why do we have to take it lying down?
car manufacturers in India are really trying to cut down on features that really add value.
simple features that really make all the difference.
For example the existence of a heater ....
How many cars do not have that feature even if it simply means displacing the engines hot air inside the cabin.

Bigger tires - I do not understand the concept...Why can't car manufacturers give good set of tires? Cost? I do not think so...when the cars are coming out of a production assembly, the cost per car goes down..Is it because we Indians always think of economy, FE etc??
I think the tide is shifting, the above middle class community is really thinking of a whole lot of stuff apart from FE, like safety, comfort, aesthetics etc..

Brakes….Hyundai sells its Accent, a premium car which costs a cool 7 lakhs, but it does not have Ventilated disc brakes…Why?

I will agree on the point that the cars are overpriced in India. Main factors that affect it are taxes and all that jazz.
Also, I will not mind paying extra if the car is the same version as in the US or elsewhere. So why is the disparity where we get sub standard cars for a higher price than it is sold abroad and the cars are manufactured right here in a city of India where costs are low ?????????????????????

Thread Renamed:- Mod team

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The topic name was same as the section name. Renamed the thread to match the topic.
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Default Scam in bangalore!

Here's the thought process... Bangalore has the highest fuel prices as a result of the local taxes.. Not too sure of the lifetime tax..

Now it is in the interest of the karnataka government to not do up the roads as this will lead to traffic jams - people use the horns more - more pollution, so you raise the windows and turn on the a/c - what does this all lead to - more fuel consumption - more money into the government coffers ;-)...

If they do up the roads, get the cops to do their jobs - no traffic jams, less money for the government!!

What would you do if you were dharam singh? Now you know why he put on weight during power (to prove it he weighed himself against something to offer to the gods) to feed more money to the politicians.

Good roads means less repair work and therefore less money for contractors and therefore less kickbacks..

Bad roads means more repairs - more parts being spent - more taxes, more money!!!

Its all one big consipiracy!!!! ;-)...

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india does have a very high tax structure for most things including cars and bikes,but india needs to generate money from taxes as the money collected is not used efficiently,i think the manufacturers are helpless for this ,hyundai cannot sell accent for 4 lakhs or the 1 lakh rupee project would have been completed already.
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Very well said Rangaraja...Im with you on this completely!!! It cant get simpler than the way you have expressed it.
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