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Default Reliance hikes petrol price by Rs 2.85 ???

Parents went to our native yesterday and as usual went to the Reliance petrol bunk in Hoskote to fill up the tank.... they were surprised to hear that the rates were up by Rs 2.85 where as every where else, other dealers are selling it at the usual rates....

when asked how or why is this..... the reply by the operator was that the quality of petrol provided by Reliance is good and people are getting better FE hence the hike in rates in Reliance petrol bunks all over the country !!!...

Hence parents put fuel for Rs 500 and filled the tank elsewhere.....

Can this be done ??? arent the rates supposed to be controlled by the Govt ??? is this the scene in other Reliance petrol Bunks all over the Country/State ???

it would be helpful if others with similar experience post here.....

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I did read an article in the papers about this.
But the article had mentioned that the price hike was related to taxes etc. and also mentioned that the operators at the reliance pumps will properly explain to the customers the reasons for the price increase. lol.. we can see at least thats not happening!

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Retailer are allowed to increase the prices at their will ! Govt controls the fuel prices through the 3 PSU's Indian Oil , HP and BP ... since majority of pumps belong to these PSUs hence the price stablization. Reliance is a private entity and can increase prices sighting international price increase and the stuff bout Better Quality fuel and FE is a big pile of BS.

This is the jist of it all ... i found it thru the papers too

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Old 15th May 2006, 16:04   #4
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One thing is for sure, They don't give any better FE than Power or even the normal Unleaded Fuel. This is from experience...
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Old 16th May 2006, 03:17   #5
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true, reliance fuel is NOT good. It gives me 1-2 km less average then Indian Oil Extra Premium 91 octain. may be because its 87 octain?
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Old 10th June 2006, 05:53   #6
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I've seen a number of Reliance pumps being closed. Is it bcoz of the price increase. And also I've heard people saying that Reliance pumps are closed for-ever !!!

Whether they have stopped this retail fuel business ?
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Old 10th June 2006, 13:40   #7
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Unadulterated fuel will give mileage based on its octane rating or additives. Therefore "reliance petrol being better" is a load of BS.
As for the pricing, this diffrential pricing is not going to work in India because govt controls the pricing of most petrol pumps.
As for the 87 ocatane thing, E-III norms require that metro area pumps supply 91 octane fuel. So as per the book all pumps in E-III areas have minimum 91 octane fuel, but then its India, you cant trust this.

IF they charge more, the only people who will come to reliance are those who are running out of gas and nearest bunk is reliance. Fill up 200rs and then go somewhere else to tank up.
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Old 11th June 2006, 12:50   #8
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I'm sticking to IOCL extra premium 91 octane, After trying out most of the petrols I liked this best. I'll be a fool if I pay more for reliance when i'm getting 91 octane for less money. No more reliance for me!!
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Old 12th June 2006, 10:09   #9
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What I understand is that Reliance doesn't actually give better mileage, but their measurement is probably better than many of the IOC, BP,HP pumps. So effective mileage appears better.
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