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redcandle 31st May 2006 17:35

VW To Enter Into India With FOX!!!!?
Hey Guys,

VW has always been thinking to enter in to india with the New Fox, the super mini which they aim will challenge the likes of New Zen, Santo Xing, Palio etc...

Dont know much about the car coming to india but here are a few pictures of the car which i saw my self. the car is kinda compant, the rear (i feel) looks a bit like new Punto, and the interiors look good for a compact car but there isnt much space inside.



goldie_malhotra 31st May 2006 20:20

hmmm... the shape reminds me of our good old indica... now wonder who inspired whom ?

DCEite 31st May 2006 20:24

Actually looks quite ugly to me!

sbasak 31st May 2006 20:32

Whether Fox can challenge Santro/Alto etc. will depend on price. I doubt whether VW will be able to price it right. Somewhere in this forum I read that VW Passat will cost ~30 lakh in India. On that line, they are unlikely to rival Japanese/Korean counterparts.
Lives of German cars were never smooth in India.

VW Fox costs £6600-£8000 in UK (
£6600 = 6600*85 = Rs 5,61,000
Experience shows even in absolute price, it will be more expensive in India.
So, my guess (of course I may be wrong) it is unlikely to be priced below 5.5 lakh.

Also, base model 1.2L has only 54 HP.

So no way to challenge Santro/WagonR/Indica

islero 31st May 2006 22:54


Originally Posted by goldie_malhotra
the shape reminds me of our good old indica...

Exactly my thoughts here.

tsk1979 31st May 2006 23:07

Fifth gear UK tested this thing (base 1.2) with toyota Aygo and Hyundai Kia.
In looks this lost and Toyota won with kia in between. mpg this one was worst. Kia was the winner and aygo second
In the handling and performance inspite of having the biggest engine it was a big dissapointment with Aygo emerging as the winner.
This car is not better than santro in any way except for solidity and safety. Now buying this over the Getz would only work for somebody who wants a Volkswagon at any cost

ranjan united 1st June 2006 06:22

I dunno how serious VW are about the Indian market if they are planning to launch this new FOX. They cant seriously be thinking about challenging the Japaneese and Koreans with this car. Not bcoz its expensive, but bcoz why pay more to get German, when it performs lke a Korean ??!!:mad:
For heavens sake, bring on the Jettas and the Golfs !! lol:

theMAG 1st June 2006 07:52


sbasak is right - no German manufacturer has the lo lost production infrastructure to compete with Jap/Korean/Indian superminis on the price front. My guess is this car will not come to India primarily cuz VW cannot sell it less for than 6.5 laks here. And then there is the issue of spares cost.

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