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TATA 94 57.32%
M&M 70 42.68%
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Old 27th June 2006, 11:03   #31
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I have owned both TATA and M&M vehicles. My primary objective of owning vehicles is to do point A to B travel.

For this reason I vote for M&M anyday

PS: Among the vehicles I owned, the only TATA I liked is the 407.
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Old 27th June 2006, 11:37   #32
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Originally Posted by condor

DI, I think Nitrous is right on this one - the E stood for Electric. They replaced TELCO with Tata Engineering, so it never was Tata Engg & Locomotive.
Nopes its Engineering & not electric, check this out


Also Tata Motors replaced Telco & not Tata Engineering.

COming back to topic, as some one said I wouldn't buy either of them. But yes quality wise I would trust M&M more than the Tatas.
Agreed that they have ben making vehicles since long but Tatas have always copied designs besides their quality has always been an issue (I agree that recent models are much better than before). M&M has got one product but have concentrated on quality than just quantity.

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Old 29th June 2006, 17:26   #33
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Originally Posted by condor

Steer, would you know what parts does Prerana supply Tata with ? Curious ..
The side claddings and bumpers for sure and maybe some interior plastics..
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Old 29th June 2006, 17:31   #34
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Originally Posted by himanshugoswami
But in all other parameters, I feel M&M are ahead. their vehicles are good value for money (imagine paying 13L for a Safari when u can get teh SLX scorp for <9). Plus, M7M engines are better than tatas, with far fewer problems.

In fact M&M jeeps are reverred for their go anywhere ability and reliabilty.
You need to compare the right models here.. Mahindra does not have anything in VX 4x4 territory of 13L.. The Scorpio SLX is comparable to the Safari EX 4x2 and guess what!! The Safari is cheaper after the latest price drop inspite of being bigger and with more features..

No argument about the Mahindra jeep
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Old 29th June 2006, 17:59   #35
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Originally Posted by dceite
lets not get the Japanese into this... we are discussing TATA and M&M.. the indian car cos..
you need to read my post correctly to understand what i have said, my friend!!
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Old 2nd July 2006, 23:05   #36
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Our office got a new Bolero in the stable, and I thought it sounded different from the previous Boleros. The driver says the new Bolero has the Armada engine. The older Bolero handled better.
So if I like a vehicle today and go to purchase it tomorrow, I can never be sure I will be getting the same type of goods sold yesterday even though the wrapping looks the same!
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Old 3rd July 2006, 00:30   #37
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My vote is for M & M. Any day.... By and large M & M is much better than Tata, in terms of quality,,,,

I have witnessed a few nightmare stories of bad quality of TATA's. Example Mr.Varun Roy's story.....
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Old 15th January 2010, 16:03   #38
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Default Tata vs Mahindra - who will win?

Tata & Mahindra are the two dominant homegrown players in the Indian automotive market. With the launch of Mahindra - Navistar, Mahindra is now in direct competition to Tata in almost all the vehicle categories except in the micro-car & hatchback category (excluding JLR here). Between the two whom do you guys think will win in the long run?

Tata (in comparison to Mahindra) excels in product conception, product innovation and in terms of the vision they set for themselves. Who else could contemplate a Nano or for that matter introduce a sedan like Manza at the price point that it has?

Mahindra in comparison trumps Tata in terms of end product execution and quality. Mahindra has vanquished Tata in the MUV & SUV bussiness. For eg Scorpio outsells the Safari by a margin of 4:1.

So who do you think will be lay claim to the title of the best Indian auto manufacturer in the next few years?

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Old 15th January 2010, 18:43   #39
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Why should one win?. I hope both companies will thrive and continue to produce affordable automobiles and keep this nation moving. They definitely have to hire better designers, though the ARIA is a hopeful step in the right direction.
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Old 15th January 2010, 18:47   #40
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commercially, the odds are stacked in favor of tata. Tata appears to be bigger, management seems to be making all the right bets.

But as automakers, they will be no different to the Big three in the US. They will continue to make bloated vehicles which will cater to a very national audience, and will fall apart after a few years
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Old 15th January 2010, 18:48   #41
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We can all do armchair debates here. Speak to folks in the industry and they simply marvel (i'm talking even of Japs) at the ability of Mahindra to run the organization best and implement processes like none other.

I'll root for Mahindra.

The Bolero UVs I see all around the country are the reality. Though yes, Navistar etc has alot to go. And the network effect can really slow M&N there
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Old 15th January 2010, 19:16   #42
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Both these carmakers will see dramatic progress in stature and will champion the cause of brand India worldwide.

Now we have the patriotic chest thumping out of the way lets get down to the facts. Comparing Tata and Mahindra are a bit odd. The only major areas where thay overlap now are entry sedans (The CS/Manza combo trumps Logan), UVs (Mahindra rules), small and light CVs (Tata leads especially due to the Ace). Otherwise these two companies are moving in different directions, Tata wants to be a larger player in the Global passenger car and CV market and therefore the line up from the Nano to the XJ. They have a far stronger global distribution and manufacturing network. M&M concentrates only on UVs and they are just stepping into foreign shores. But they are one of the biggest players in Agri equipment especially Tractors and are now foraying into two wheelers in the domestic market.
Mahindra?Navistar combo is very promising but still has a long way to go just due to being a late starter. Tata & AL have been in the market for quite some time and Tata especially arent bound by obligations to an International partner especially when making and selling CVs abroad.

Ofcourse we have our band of naysayers for both brands, Tata has QC issues, Mahindras are ugly etc..etc..
These are no doubt issues that have to be resolved but there are plenty of carmakers out there who will give both their hands to face those issues rather than eminent closure.

Ultimately their success is very important for the country because in the scenario that our market matures and sales start falling, the MNCs will stop investing, look elsewhere or worst case pull the cork alltogether, but these two will still have to fight for India.

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Old 15th January 2010, 19:25   #43
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ya why should one win

Thats like saying who will win in Japan - Toyota or Honda?
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Default The Segmented View

Here's the way I see it, if there is a win it’ll a segmented victory.

In the MUV/SUV segment –The Scorpio Safari Struggle will continue in which I suppose the Scorpio will continue to fare better than the Safari. The Xenon XT will compete with the Scorpio Pickup both in India and the world (the Scorpio Pickup having a base in Brazil and USA) and the Xenon also being for a world launch. In the MUV segment the Aria being more interested in competing with the Innova and therefore in the Innova price segment or higher will leave the Xylo to continue to carve out a living with the VFM concerned.

In the Rest of the Passenger Car Segment – Here TATA need not worry about Mahindra as the Logan isn’t doing quite well and is the only offering unless the Megan or the Clio get launched in India through the M&M Renault tie up. TATA’s competitors it seems will be the German/Italian and American competitors. The Nano being something that I suspect will give the other countries a run for their money in India and other parts of the world.

The LCV Market – In the sub 1 Tonne market the Ace’s domination will be challenged by the Maxximo’s might leaving time to decide the Fate, however it must be said that despite Maxximo’s better offering the segment is ruthlessly dominated by word of mouth so one can only speculate. Piaggio will also be a player with the Ape Truk. The 1-3 tonne market will see The Bolero Maxi truck and the camper slug it out with the TATA 407, 207DI(which if I am not mistaken is no longer sold) and the TATA Super Ace.

The HCV Market – This will be the bloodiest with Mahindra Navistar, TATA Prima, AL U Truck and the AMW and the likes. Mahindra having launched the 25-31-40-49 Tonne trucks and with the actual selling said to take place at the end of march and with the Mahindra Navistar project coming out with trucks within the 10-49 Tonne range and the TATA with a maximum of 75 Tonne range one can rest sure that by the end of the year the picture will get a bit clearer.

The 2 wheeler segment – Mahindra showcases the 2 wheelers in the Auto expo marks its extension into the 2 Wheeler segment. Something the TATA’s having yet to enter, though one could argue that the Nano will definitely eat into the segment. So yes a Nano v/s 2 wheeler market battle is inevitable.

So all in all it’s very early to see who dominates but it’ll be a very interesting and heated battle in some of the segments but overall from a consumer’s point of view we will no longer be starved of choices. Any errors in the above information is purely due to ignorance kindly point them out as and when seen.

I'll post some pics for visual reference.
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Old 15th January 2010, 20:45   #45
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i feel that nobody should win & they both should have a tough fight with each other so that both offers us better vehicles at a lower price.

as said by many, i agree that tata excels in the product portfolio, value for money & innovation. where they lack is quality, reliability & brand image.

to whoever i have spoken within the industry, they have really appreciated mahindra's effort for being a "quality" manufacturer & offering customer friendliness. their products are more reliable & somehow, they have built a better brand image than tata. (bolero outsells the sumo & scorpio outsells the safari). i am not considering the logan since its not "made" by mahindra. i just wish mahindra hires better designers though.

so i feel, both manufacturers should make india proud.
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