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Old 29th September 2007, 11:09   #46
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Originally Posted by kjdesigns_2000 View Post
Gosh you guys are tough on your cars, i sold my Santro 6 months ago after clocking 1L kms and never ever did i hear any thud or bump from it.

You guys got to take care of suspension and only then the noises from interior and exterior can be avoided.
My bill for suspension/steering/clutch overhaul is posted here:

You are right about taking care of the suspension. In my case, I have hit quite a few potholes at high speed on the Mumbai-Pune route. And I do consistent speeds in excess of 130 kmph, including enthusiastic cornering, on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. I am told that these high speeds and hard cornering on the Expressway concrete just eat up the tyres. This, coupled with the high tyre pressures (35 psi) that I run is bound to reduce the life of the suspension/steering components on our bad roads.

All this has become a drug. I tried operating at 30 psi after fitting new tyres last week. After 2-3 days in Pune city, I found the mileage to be dropping to less than 11 km/lit and the pickup was awful. Couldn't tolerate it, so went back to 35 psi! Let me see how long the the present set-up lasts with more careful driving and less enthusiastic cornering.
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guys...when do you think, swift would need a suspension change. its driven in delhi and ncr.
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Old 27th October 2009, 13:37   #48
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Changing all suspensions of my VTEC '02 at 85K. Rear ones are not particularly problematic but not as new (of course). In fact changing the rear ones at recommendation of the service center (what to do, have to trust someone). But according to them, the front left is gone. I can take that because it was problematic doing hairpin bends at high speeds, how I love it.

Anyway, so replacing all for 15K approx, including the front right which was good otherwise but does not fit in my philosophy to have a new and a 85K suspension on the same side.

Costly but there's only one VTEC. With all the changes till date (lights, mirrors, clutch, brakeplates, silencer, radiator, and now suspensions - 1L total), it's always been a new car. Guess that's how we need to treat the machine. Keep it new.

If you get used to doing fast turns, keep a watch on your suspension and change at the first suspicion. You don't want rolling.
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Old 27th October 2009, 14:16   #49
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I had my 800's suspention changed at 125k kms (its 5 speed 2000 model). Also my cousin's lancer had a suspention change at 140k kms, so I expect my cedia's suspention to last atleast somewhere around these figures.
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Old 27th October 2009, 14:37   #50
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well my palio has done arnd 130 K kms, the front suspensions were changed twice... mostly thanks to monsoon and the famous mumbai potholes, and the reason that I still drive the car as fast as it can go. once it was changed at 70K and the next was recently at 120K (this one was because of a new driver who was driving quite rashly) The rear suspension was changed at 130K because they had worn out

Overall, I feel that fiat truly indianizes the suspension better than any car that I have come across, also the cost is not too high it costed me 2200 for a pair , if I recollect correctly.
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Old 27th October 2009, 14:56   #51
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When you people say SUSPENSION - what do you mean?????? OR do you not have any idea?????

Shocks, Springs, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Bushings or Everything ??? WHAT??
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My 2004 Ikon 1.3 now 45000kms old, still drives pretty firm as from day 1, but there is a distinct chu-chu like an ungreased spring going up and down every time it goes up and down a speed breaker. What could be the cause of this sound?
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Our balneo's front lower arms gave up around 40k. Not bad for the kind of road she sees.
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Old 27th October 2009, 16:55   #54
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Originally Posted by aerohit View Post
When you people say SUSPENSION - what do you mean?????? OR do you not have any idea?????

Shocks, Springs, Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Bushings or Everything ??? WHAT??

I guess they mean, how long before your requires repairs or replacement of suspension components, since it is obvious that all the suspension components will not fail at the same time.

I would be happy if my Safari suspension lasts 50k kms and Id be thrilled if it lasted 60k kms.
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Old 23rd March 2010, 13:44   #55
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Got the suspension of my ford Ikon overhauled yesterday at about 78k kms

At 70k kms, my swift VDi is begging for a makeover. The habit of not slowing down over bumps has proven to be too much for the car
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Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
.....The habit of not slowing down over bumps has proven to be too much for the car
I think thats the main culprit. Extended driving on rough roads seem to do less damage than racing over speed breakers. I drive at decent speeds on rough roads, but always take bumps slow. After 60k km, the suspensions on my Swift Vxi seem to be pretty ok. In fact, the front still goes 'woosh' while driving over bumps.
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Old 23rd March 2010, 14:29   #57
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2001 Esteem, Done 72K with no issues, sold off in 2005.

My 2005 NHC did 97K without any major issues, however, Around 80K, my driver drove over a boulder damaging the left Tie-rod resulting in a replacement of the same and both front bushes. Now sold off in Feb 2010

Other than the above, nothing else ever fluttered, drove over all kinds of village, city, hilly terrain. People in Gurgaon/Delhi know the conditions of the road network there.

Corolla Altis, within 1 month developed issues with the Front Right Suspension, problem diagnosed to problematic initial batch of cars, prominently replaced by the A.S.S under warrantly, post that around 25K done with no further issues.
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Originally Posted by vnabhi View Post
I get a cranking noise when I turn right with the steering in extreme right position--
I am also getting the same noise in the same position (i.e. steering in extreme right) and I try to move the car...this is on the front-right wheel.

Any idea what could be the issue?
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Old 23rd March 2010, 15:13   #59
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I did 103k kms in my 800 over 9 years. No major issues with the suspension even though most of my driving had been spirited
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My Octi rider is Mar 2006 model clocked almost 82000 Kms but shock absorbers are perfectly in shape. Infact in comparision to my friends brand new Honda city i believe my 4 yrs old octi handles the uneven roads better.......
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