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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I would prefer a 'Hot Hatch' any day if not a capable SUV (read as Landrover).

So here is my Dream 'Hot Hatch'

Exterior: This with Red RVM's please
Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-fiatpunto_evo_abarth_esseesse_2011_1024x768_wallpaper_03.jpg

Engine : Fiat 1.4 MultiAir Turbo, 180BHP variant mated with a slick 6 Speed MT
Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-engine.jpg

Interior: Add some bits of brushed aluminum, carbon fibre and leather. With top class fit and finish
Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-interiors.jpg

Seats : Exactly like these
Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-seats.jpg

Note : Pics courtesy -- Google search!

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Now this is what I call a whacky thread! Awesome indeed!!

Well, my automotive cocktail is as follows:

Body Skoda Rapid
Engine - Ford Rocam 1.6
Instrument Cluster- XUV 500
Interior -Honda Civic
Seats - Ford Ecosport
Brakes - VW Polo
Maintenance cost -Maruti 800
Handling - Ford Figo
Mileage- Hero Puch!
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car to drive in India will be Porsche Macan Turbo (with toyota reliability ) which can be had for < 50 L rupees if import duties are brought down to 0%

On a more practical note:
Below 15L:
Fiat avventura + 2.0 TDI + DSG + perfect ergonomics + audi levels of insulation/refinement + octavia quality interior plastics + Bose/Harman high quality ICE

Below 50L:
Audi Q3 + V6 3.0 TDI /TFSI + tank like built quality of octavia vrs (older) + classic BMW ride and handling + toyota reliability and upkeep costs.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I need a crazy gypsy mode which may be practically cheaper to implement,
1. hyundai sonata lx 2.7 litre dohc 24 valve v6 or toyota qualis diesel engine which may be cheaper to source.
2. DSG 7 speed automatic gear as i am a lazy shifter or hyundai sonata automatic gear box which may be easy to pair with hyundai v6 engine.
3. sporty interiors by sparco
4. off road shock absorbers and tyres.

Attached some pics for your eyes sourced from google.
Attached Thumbnails
Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-3_2002-hyundai-sonata-lx-v6-2.7-liter-dohc-24valve-v6-engine.jpg  

Attached Images
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream car would have
1. Body of a cls with panoramic roof
2. V8 bmw engine rear wheel drive, exhaust with no resonator (min. 450 horses)
3. Handling of any porche coupe
4. Gearbox - 8 speed auto with paddle shifts.
5. Brakes - slotted and drilled disc, brembo (the big red ones)
6. 20inch vossen/vorsteiner alloys and tyres that have at least 50-55 mm sidewall height.
7. Steering of my skoda superb ample feedback and nicely weighted always.
8. I don't want to adjust my seat for a rear passenger. Lol
9. B&o music system
10. To top it off should cost 10 lakhs
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Dream Sedan:
1. CIVIC's steering, console and driver seating
2. VW PASSAT's build, design
3. BMW 3-series fit and finish
4. FIAT's 1.6 Multijet (*not available in India)
5. old ACCENT's Double wishbone suspension
6. LANCER's handling
7. MAZDA 3/6 gizmos - Adaptive cruise controls (*Not available in India)
8. SONATA's fluidic design
9. SX4's tyre profile, ingress, egress and ground clearance
10. CRV's AWD system
11. ACCORD's dimensions
12. VOLVO S60's safety picks - Multitude of airbags including pedestrian airbags and braking
13. COROLLA's suspension coils and reliability
14. DZIRE's maintenance costs
15. CITY's refinement levels of engine
16. CAMRY's passenger's seating
17. TEANA's leg room
18. OCTAVIA's boot space
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Dream car
In Laura need
- 2ltr Tdi manual in the front.
- 2ltr Tdi Dsg in the rear.
- Petes 6-pot calipers to stop the beast.
- B-14 / Tein adjustable suspension.

- Cost under 25lkhs for a 400bhp diesel car.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

On a lighter note, on an already light thread, a few highlights of this thread:

- Nobody wants anything from a Chevrolet
- Toyota does not inspire us with anything standout, but we hope that our cars are as reliable as the Toyotas. No wonder they are reliable, maybe call it boring.
- Nissan, Renault, Datsun, I guess none of us have even test driven one of these (I have driven them though)
- Nobody cares what Maruti produces. We just like the Fiat 1.3 MJD. And yes, we still love the jelly bean. We cannot come out of its nostalgia. (There was one mention of the Kizashi, and I completely want to ignore it)
- A lot of duster suspension fans. I guess its down to those huge tyres. You cannot fit them onto your Jelly bean, can ya?
- Many Ford lovers, no buyers though.
- Fiat, we love everythin about you. Just shed off a little wheight from your cars, get some better ASS, redesign for better visibility, cut the clutch lever into half, improve interiors, and then we might still not buy a fiat. Because, you seem to be going through a bad marriage. TATA
- And TATA, <Blank>, This space is for future reference.
- And, many like to sit in a Polo, or a Hyundai, but thats just it. Maybe, we can sit on the other side of the driver. TAXI?
- People still want Skoda, but I guess they will be packing bags soon. Tough luck guys :(

And somebody mentioned the horn! !!Don't honk!!
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Under Indian conditions, my ideal car would have to be a Fiat 500 with:

Engine: 3.0 V6 twin-turbo diesel engine from a Range Rover (280+ BHP)
Transmission: Ford's 8-speed dual-clutch transmission
Suspension: comfortable ride offered by a Lotus Evora
Ergonomics: cockpit, interiors & seats designed by CitroŽn
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Mine would be very much possible, if someone has a deep pockets that is! here goes the list:

Looks : Ambassador in matte green paint similar to the one below, but with beige color roof

Name:  team bhp.jpg
Views: 1297
Size:  9.7 KB

Spoke alloy wheel with white tyre wall (very specific about this combo)

Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts-tru-spoke-wire-wheels5.jpg

Interior: Combination of red and beige

Name:  MMC_7.jpg
Views: 1354
Size:  27.0 KB

Engine from Isuzu MU7 : 3.0L turbo diesel with 163PS and 360Nm of torque, might even be a proper fit since Amby uses Isuzu engines for sometime now!

Modern bits: Disc brakes, ABS, Proper RWD system, Power-steering, AC(must for chennai), expensive ICE with speakers hidden, HU should look like its from the 80's.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Looks from the Genesis
Engine from the R8 V10
Handling of old BMW M5
Safety features from the S Class
Interiors from the S Class
Equipment from the Rolls Royce Phantom
Alloys from the BMW 328i
Boot space of the Ciaz
ICE from JBL
Interior in Black, beige with silver accents

That's all I can think of.



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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I just love hatcbacks and here is my dream build:

- Outside Body of VW Scirrocco
Engine from New Octavia 1.8TSI mated to Slick MT Gearbox
- Suspension setup from Linea T-jet or Punto
Alloys that can probably resemble the Lambo Hurracan
- Interiors and acoustics from Jaguar XJ.
Body color from the Laura VRS (Sport Blue)
Market price finalized by TATA
After Sales & Support by Maruti
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

While there are a lot of hot hatch dream cars here, not enough SUV's. That would be my dream car:

# Body - Tata Xenon XT (man can I kill for those looks)!
# Seating - Seats from Ertiga but the seating position from Safari electronically adjustable
# Suspension - Force One Lotus developed suspension
# Engine - Any Mercedes Engine will do, turbocharged ofcourse! (I wish I could make it supercharged if not for the 50 L limit)
# Gearbox - VAG's 7 speed dual clutch MT + BorgWarner manual 4X4
# Drivetrain - Borgwarner 4WD triple axle system
# Interiors - XUV
# Features - XUV + Aria
# Sound system - Tata Aria
# Alloys - Hyundai Diamond cut alloys
# Steering - Swift Desire
# Headlights - BiXenons

Well that's all I can think for now! But this would be a sweeeeet vehicle! Gosh!
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My dream build as below based on what is available in Indian market as of today

Exterior & Interior - Mercedes A Class
Engine - Audi A3 1.8 TFSI
Gearbox - ZF -8 speed gearbox
Ride quality & Handling - Mercedes E Class
Reliability of Toyota
Servicing cost of Maruti - this is too much too ask for but its a dream...

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Reviving an old thread

My dream car under 50L would consist of -
  • Toyota's 3 liter D-4D engine, mated to a 6 speed manual gear box.
  • Exterior design like that of the old Volkswagen Jetta, ground clearance raised to 190mm. Build quality, ride and handling like that of a Linea.
  • Interior space (and layout) identical to the Tata Indigo.
  • Brakes from the Fiat Linea T-Jet.
  • Minimal electronics, no in-car entertainment.
  • Fuel economy of a Bajaj XCD 125.
  • Parts price and availability equivalent to a Bajaj Platina.
  • Reliability of all parts similar to the Toyota Qualis. After sale service also like Toyota.
  • Labor, and consumables like synthetic engine oil should be free for the first 1 lac kilometers.
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