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Default re: The game of 'The Perfect Car' of our time

Originally Posted by gkveda View Post
Water is also exhaustible resource on earth. I would prefer and like to modify your wish

The fuel should be CO emitted by other NON-PERFECT CARS. It should be inhaled by the Perfect car and exhaust should contain only Oxygen
Too much of Oxygen is also not good. Perfect car would be one that can suck in air, and expels it as it is, with no addition, no modification at all.

But then, it is the perfect engine we are talking about. The thread is about the perfect car.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My perfect car would be the 320d we own. Except that it has a 6 speed manual transmission and a mild remap bringing the car to around 200-210 horses and with oodles of torque! Boy, what a car that'd be..
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Default Best mashup car

If you could make a mainstream car with the best attributes of any Manufacturer/Models then what would you chose? This will also work as as ready reckoner for which Manufacturers/Models are good at/famous for what.

Here's what I'd choose:
  1. Engine - BMW 30d or 40i
  2. Transmission - ZF 8 speed
  3. Body - Fiat
  4. Suspension - Automatically switches between Tata Hexa/Renault Duster on bad roads and 5 series for good roads. Kind of like Jeep Compass's, but better. Perhaps the magic body control from Mercedes
  5. Safety - Volvo
  6. AC - Any Japanese/Korean
  7. Interiors - Mercedes
  8. Ergonomics - Honda
  9. Space - Honda
  10. ICE - Skoda Octavia
  11. Features - Skoda Superb
  12. ASS - Toyota
  13. Reliability - Toyota
  14. Handling - BMW 3 series
  15. Looks - BMW F generation
  16. Mileage - Maruti
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Default Re: Best mashup car

Interesting, so If I understand correctly the idea is to have your perfect car??

I don't think, I need to mashup for this.
For me these 2 cars are pretty perfect in their own right:
1) 911 991.2 GT3 with Manual.
2) BMW 330i (Maybe with the looks of Alfa Romeo Gulia)
3) G500 AMG

Just the perfect garage for me.

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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

I want an E92 335i engine in an E92 M3. Keep everything else from the M3, including the DCT. This would be perfection.

I want a K10 engine in an original Zen.

I want a Swift diesel engine in an Esteem.
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

My parts bin special(s):

VW polo with the mad 1.8 TSI, cloth interior, everything manual with manual transmission.or Fiat Linea with 2.0L MJD.

Gypsy 4x4 with the sweet sweet G16B and CNG(to reach OTR location).

The urban retro bike - Hero honda ambition with ZMRs suspension and drivetrain or the old style discover 100cc with P220's underpinnings.
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Default Fantasy Project Car Builds

The memory of going through Overdrive magazine when I was around 13 years old to find a full page advertisement from 'Autopsyche' brandishing a two tone (red+black) Lancer converted to a 2-door coupé with 4WD, is still as fresh as the aroma from a sweet bun bakery in the morning. Since then an embarrassingly large amount of time in my life has been spent day-dreaming, researching and making notes (yes I was that kind of a kid) about fantasy project cars that would be built someday.
The ongoing global pandemic has given some people more free time than usual, in my case it has given me more free time than I could have ever asked for. Lucky, I know.
Alas, the only logical outcome of all this free time, despite my sincerest (okay I lied) efforts, has been another fantasy project build. And I'm 100% certain I'm not the only one.
Lets pen down our fantasy builds and admire each others' imagination!

I'll start.

The Inspiration
Over the past few years, I have desperately fallen head over heels for 'restomods'. Analysing, improving and modernising every square inch of a classic car to bring it up to the expectations people have imposed upon them over time has become my favourite trend in the automotive realm thus far. Sure many don't agree with it since it dilutes the purity of a classic, but each to his own.

Particular examples such as the 964 Porches by Singer,

And my personal favourite, Alfa Romeo GTA-R 290 by Alfaholics (enough words do not exist in the universe to express my love for this car and its cousin, the Guilia Ti Super)

What do the two have in common? Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, they also cost about $500k each. For an average joe, that's around 2-3 lifetimes worth of wealth, but that wasn't going to stop my imagination!

The Indian Adaptation
Since the Alfa plucks at my heartstrings like no other, I'll be using that as a reference point.

What pulls me towards it-
  1. Beautiful design (the Italians just have a knack for it)
  2. Sounds awesome
  3. Handles like a dream (judging by what I've read/seen)
  4. RWD (have always wanted one because powerslides)

The only affordable classic in India that comes to mind when thinking of such a project is the Padmini. With its gorgeous Italian design, handling characteristics praised by Enzo Ferrari himself and an incredibly rich racing history in the country (if you have the time, definitely worth the research) it's the perfect car for the job.

The Plan
Lets break it down into sections
  1. Powertrain
  2. Chassis and suspension
  3. Brakes
Disclaimer : Please note, I am no mechanical expert, this is just a thought experiment but I've tried to keep it as realistic as possible. Would be more than happy to hear the opinion of an actual expert.

1. Powertrain
As legendary as the 1100cc Fiat engine is, it's still a +50 year old design. Additionally, I imagine parts to keep it running must be a pain to find.
The solution? Swap out the complete drivetrain for one from a Gypsy + G16B from the Baleno, with a custom wiring harness and a standalone ECU, its starting to sound like an achievable dream.
Impractical? Outrageous? Yes. Impossible? NO! Gypsy drivetrains have been shoehorned into Padminis before. There's proof on this very forum! (post #81 (Premier Padmini 2007 - Engine Swap))
With around 100hp from the stock setup and an incredibly tuning friendly motor, it should be a hoot and a half!
Personally I'd avoid forced induction, keep it naturally aspirated, lighter flywheel, forged internals (because why not), a completely reworked head and ITBs (for the love of aural pleasure!). I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

2. Chassis and suspension
Now this bit is pretty straight forward, not much can be done to the chassis AFAIK so the only things that come to mind are tig welding the entire thing (as they do for rally cars?) and installing a roll-cage. The two combined should give more rigidity to the chassis.

With the suspension, things get a bit tricky, particularly with the rear. The ideal set-up would be to have coilovers all around but since the Padmini comes with leaf springs to begin with, converting it to coilovers will be a mammoth task. Again, difficult? impractical? Yes, but not impossible. Coilover conversion kits for Muscle cars and even Trucks are extremely common practice and is well documented online. It will take the efforts of a seasoned expert in a very well equipped garage though.

3. Brakes
Honestly, it should be the first thing on the list since Padminis came with drum brakes all around. Converting the front to disc brakes sourced from the 118NE seems to be possible and tried before (based on some posts on the forum). Otherwise there's always the option of going all out and getting custom made everything It's a fantasy build afterall!

Aesthetically I would keep it completely stock, some nicer wheels and tires (RS Watanabes perhaps?) and a fresh coat of paint (British Racing Green or Nardo Grey) to complete the package.

That about sums it up. Few minor details have been left out since the post became way longer than I anticipated.
How much would it all cost? Would any garage even be willing to do it? Perhaps I'll find out someday, the ever elusive place where all dreams live.

So what have you been dreaming about?

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Default What's your Dream Car + Engine Combo?

Mod note: Post merged with existing thread that is similar. Please use search before opening a new thread. Thanks.

Hi everyone!
Hope all the members of the forum are safe and in good condition.

Recently, I was going through the reviews and comparisons of Maruti Suzuki S-Presso vs Renault Kwid. All the reviews showed how the Kwid is such a superior product than the S-Presso in almost every way except one thing - THE ENGINE. The K Series 1.0 engine is so much peppier than Renault's 1.0. This shows how an excellent product lacks the proper engine to power it. Also, in many posts previously, I have seen that BHPians prefer Engine over the Car.


I personally would pick a R8 and being a diesel patriot would plonk it with the 4.0 Twin Turbocharged Diesel from Bentley. I know this sounds insane but this thread is all about imagination of creating a perfect car+engine combo for yourself. Although, even Audi once presented a concept of Diesel R8 (also known as Audi R8 TDI Le Mans Concept) in 2008 by plonking it with the 6.0 V12 TDI engine but sadly the car never saw the light of the day.

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Default Re: What's your Dream Car + Engine Combo?

Originally Posted by TorqueAddict View Post
The perfect combination for me would be the Tata Altroz + Suzuki K12M engine. Though I've not driven the Tata 1.2 engine to comment on it's performance, that engine is the weak link in an otherwise perfect package, as per our Official Review. Hence, Suzuki's much-loved K12M petrol engine in that sturdy 5-Star rated bodyshell would make it the perfect hatchback. Well, if wishes were horses..
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Default Re: Build your 'Dream Car' with the best of parts

Underpinnings and Body shell of the Safari DiCor
Engine and GB of the Crysta (with 4*4 ofcourse)
All wheel discs.
Build quality similar to the Germans.
Interiors of a Crysta(including the 7 airbags)

That's it. That's my dream machine.
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