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deepug 12th September 2006 08:22

New Baleno
According to AutoCar India Maruti is set to launch New Baleno in 2007. Find the link below with the story


Ironmarine 12th September 2006 09:00

Hey that a really nice info. Well the price seems to be bit high. However, the looks are good.

New esteem got to see how it looks. and got to see how they are going to be priced.

Samurai 12th September 2006 09:24

Not sure I like the new nose, looks broken. Is that a panel gap?

What engine will they give? If it is bigger a car, they better give the 100hp engine, or else Baleno will lose the performer tag, just like NHC did.

Surprise 12th September 2006 10:03

I love the flat styling of OHC and O'Baleno. Slowly Iam getting used to the new aerodynamic designs. New Baleno looks good. Hope they dont compromise on POWER

devarshi84 12th September 2006 10:10

the new styling is good I must say. I liked it.

Has a close resemblance to Nissan.

Being a maruti it has an advantage of being a hit.

esteem_lover 12th September 2006 10:53

looks extremely good, except for the gap. but with the present baleno engine, it will suck.

thanks for the link

shrivz 12th September 2006 11:01

IMHO the front and wheels are similar to the corolla and rear somewhat looks similar to the optra.. I HOPE maruti isnt going hyundai's way and making mixed breeds!!! and the pic seems very fishy... it could all well be a photoshop job!!!

thainogkok 12th September 2006 12:06

Is SX4 sedan will be lauch same time as SX4?
any news on diesel engine for SX4 sedan?

Aditya 12th September 2006 12:40

Sucks! It looks like it's been made by borrowing parts from other cars. Look at the front quarter glass. The bonnet looks like it's been stuck on with Fevicol.
Still, I like the grill.
The old Baleno was no great looker either, but, it was still unique.

windsurfer 12th September 2006 12:42

Baleno needed this desperately. Looks like maruti has finally woken up to the fact that giving huge discounts will not keep the sales ticking. This will really heat up the competition in C+ segment. More choices...Yummy ;-)

meerkat 12th September 2006 13:38

If this is how it's going to look, I must say it will be a lot uglier than the current Baleno !

The new Baleno is substantially different. Since Maruti doesn't have a track record phasing out models, I wonder what will happen to availability/ cost of spares for the existing Baleno a few years down the line !

Ajay_J 12th September 2006 13:42

Doesn't it look like the FIESTA ??

pmbabu 12th September 2006 14:09

Horrible to say the least...... BTW, do folks believe that Maruti can manage to sell big numbers of 8-10 lac cars?

da MotorHead 12th September 2006 14:16

Hightime the Baleno got a lift. However they've tried to modernise it with those lamps and the grill. Not a great job though. The front is obscure..


noviceDriver 12th September 2006 14:45

For some more info on the Suzuki SX4 Sedan and its looks, here is a link which you guys can refer

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