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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

The negative comments about Tata are not unjustified if history is known/remembered. Both Indica in 1998 and Nano in 2009 started with even more of firing the imagination of the nation than what is seen for Nexon today, and both cars badly let down the market which then punished Tata severely and it was entirely justified in doing so.

I bought the Nano in 2013, and I have no regrets. I also think that had I bought it in 2009, I would have been nowhere as satisfied - even though my 2013 car is before power steering and AMT, it is still a much better driving experience that what the 2009 car was.

The people here that are enthusiastic about it are entitled to be so, but those here that actually buy the car will not pick up more than one day's production.

The market in general will wait before committing their hard earned money towards the product, not willing to believe in third time lucky. Who can blame such people? This is a hole of Tata's own making and they have to find their own way out of it.

Something similar is the story with Fiat, now with Compass. Except that there it is the fourth attempt after three failures since 1996. Fiat is fortunate in that a large part of the planned Compass production is destined for all the right hand drive markets, so their volume requirement for the car in India is a lot less than that for Tata. On the other hand, expectations at its price point are higher.

It will be interesting to see the sales numbers of both cars for October 2018.
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

I do not understand the furore caused by homegrown and foreign car makers distinction. How does it matter? We all love a good product no matter who makes it. As Team BHP members, both sides of the divide should stay neutral and evaluate a car for it's pros and cons. Let's at least take a Test Drive before we push and defend our opinions.
Cutting aside the froth and crap, it seems that TATA has made an appealing package. The 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine is a choice which I understand ( sub 4 m benefits) , but really pushes me away from even considering the Gasoline engine. There is no replacement for displacement. But then again maybe TATA would surprise me pleasantly at TD. Fingers crossed.
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Excerpts from the Autocar review regarding the new 1.5 Diesel -

1. Quite refined, even at higher revvs.
2. Linear power delivery. No punch, no lag either.
3. For a 110hp engine, diesel turbo punch isn't there.
4. Hits a wall at 4000rpm.

5. 0 - 100 kmph in 13.75 secs, almost a second slower than Brezza.
6. 100 kmph comes at 2300 rpm.

Overall, looks like a good effort with the all important diesel engine, though aimed more at driveability and refinement than excitement - contrary to earlier rumours on the mid-range punch. Same goes with the six speed gearbox as well, which seems to have closer ratios to help the city experience.

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Rushlane video walk-through is very good an highlights different features. Autocar video shoot was really good. MotorOctane video is quite detailed for Hindi viewers.

Will wait for powerdrift video for their assessment.

Here is one from ETAuto.



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Tata's compact SUV, the Nexon

Renuka Kripalani probably expected the Jaguar gear selector in there. Lol.

All in all a better review than what she did with the Jeep Compass. I felt that she deliberately brought in a few negatives as she was bashed on her Compass advertorial.

Nexon overall seems a nice vehicle. Is the ground clearance of 200+ mm for real, with the new ARAI standards of 400 kilo load?

There has been a clear move away from the fluidic/ overdone design by the industry in India. The Nexon first impressions are that it is slightly over the edge in this department( my opinion ).

Also is this a brand new Diesel engine? If yes, Fiat has some worries, with Maruti also developing their own 1.5 oil burner. The only light in the tunnel is the deal for them on their 2 litre engines.

For sure the interiors look very good. The colours used also seem pleasing. The concept car had all kinds of colours on the interior.

Like I say Tata seems to be the most improved manufacturer over the last 3 years.

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Originally Posted by Nissan1180 View Post
I am asking this again though I raised it a couple of pages ago, is there going to be a CNG option?
Obviously there won't be a CNG option, turbo petrols don't work well with CNG and can have disastrous results plus diesels are incompatible with CNG
To add to that, this class of car will hardly see any CNG takers and an option, if there would hurt their sporty positioning of the petrol.

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Had a Nexon experience on my way to the Cochin Int Airport this morning. There was this Red Nexon bring driven quite fast towards the same direction.

Turns out to be the HT automotive writer reviewing the car (and probably picking someone from the airport). He shared some info at the signal and thereafter kept reasonable pace with my Yeti all the way to the airport, even though I pushed the Yeti just to see how far he would drop back.

Pretty impressive pace for the diesel - it kept up with a remapped Yeti reasonably well. Also seemed not to be affected by a large pothole or fwo.

He says the petrol he drove yesterday had lag issues even though its good within its power band.

The Nexon really stands out in traffic. If you think it looks like an Indica/Vista you need your eyes checked. Or your attitude.
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

We have way too many conflicting views based on initial reviews

- Some say the diesel is powerful enough, some complain that its not quite powerful
- Some say interiors are the highlight, some say interiors are not put together well
- Some say the gear box is slick and precise, some say its notchy
- Some say the clutch is heavy while others say its light

While we await the full-blown Team-BHP review very eagerly to cut out the noise and get the facts, sincere request to moderators to share the intial thoughts (akin to the Tata Hexa review).

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Looks like some reviewers took money from competitors before heading to review Nexon. Still they could not stop praising Nexon, that is a good sign. For a preview Motown, Motor Octane (Hindi) and Gaadiwaadi are good, much better than famous Auto Magazines. Will wait for PD, Autoportal and TBHP review for detailed engine performance reviews.

I was bit worried about the road presence due to it's non boxy look. But it looks excellent even in that blue shade. I think 1811 mm width contributes to the overall stance.

My little Chevy Spark is 8 years old and clocked more than 95 K on the ODO, and I was not planning to change the car due to financial constraints. Can't wait to test drive the Nexon. Let me see how it goes!!

@Sawer - I think dual airbags + ABS with EBD + ISOFIX points are standard safety features in Nexon.

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

In one of the reviews I read that ABS is standard across all trim versions, and that being accurate, it would good if the same is the case with airbags - at least the 2 in front. And if so, kudos to Tata for going against the trend for these essential features.

That would let the lowest trim cars be excellent value for money with minimised dependence on reliability of gadgets sourced from vendors; the diesel probably, for those that run decent daily distances.
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
In one of the reviews I read that ABS is standard across all trim versions
Based on the information trickling in, 2 Airbags and ABS are standard across variants. However additional airbags in higher variants are still unclear, although unlikely, given the higher variant XZ+ had grab handles for rear passenger.
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Whatever said and done, TATA has really come out shining with the Nexon. Interiors look so much better than its competitors, maybe even a class or two above. The engines are also adequately powered even for the difference in weight of the vehicle compared to its direct rivals. The addition of the 6th gear really gives it that much needed cruising ability on highways, a cruise control feature would have been much appreciated. I am not so sure about how automatic headlamps and wipers help much as I haven't been accustomed to their use. 6 Airbags would be the icing on the already delicious cake. All in all, I feel TATA has come a long way in design and luxury and Nexon is surely going to prove that point. Long term reliability is a question as how much 'quality' is there in the parts is yet to be seen. I hope this brings back TATA's glory days. I am probably joining the queue for the top-end diesel XZ+.

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs


The Nexon looks as good as any international product. Am really impressed with the build quality and materials used on the Tiago. Am sure the Nexon will be only better.

Renuka from Autocar was impressed with the ride quality and I will not be surprised since I too was with the Tiago. And more than outright engine performance its the Comfort that I look from a 4 wheeler.

6th Gear, 16 inch wheels, ABS, Airbags Standard across variants. Kudos. Looks like my 6 year old Chevy Spark Replacement is Here..!! The cherry on the cake for me is that its an INDIAN BRAND. Jai Hind!!

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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

I really like the Nexon!

Looks like Tata is becoming the next Hyundai

The interiors look lovely too me and I find the design quite appealing - not sure how it will age with all those fussy lines though.

But overall great effort - this could be the perfect city slicker for families that do around 1000-1500 km a month and the occasional highway drive round trips under 1000 km.

One of the tweets by Adil Jal Darukhanawala said that Tata demonstrated the boot space with a washing machine in its packing being placed in the boot.

Am surprised to hear that the engines arent up to class standards in terms of performance, Tata really needs to get some pep into their vehicles.

Couldn't the old DICOR engines from the Safari Storme have been used ?
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re: The Tata Nexon, now launched at Rs. 5.85 lakhs

Autoportal reviews the Nexon!

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