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Old 3rd March 2016, 22:17   #106
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Default Re: Tata Hexa @ Auto Expo 2016

Just reviving the thread, any updates on the launch. The last I heard from multiple forums with some saying April and some saying as late as July/August. Does anyone who has insider tips comment on the launch date
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Default Re: Tata Hexa @ Auto Expo 2016

Hexa to launch in June 2016.

Source: NDTV
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Tata keeps showcasing mouthwatering products in expo, and takes for ever to launch.
I've been following Hexa for 2 years with all spy shots, rumours etc. But it's not yet launched.
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Default Re: Tata Hexa @ Auto Expo 2016

Originally Posted by shifu View Post
Hexa to launch in June 2016.

Source: NDTV
Eagerly waiting for the launch date. If they price it on par with XUV coupled with good ASS , then they might stand a chance of making their premium product a run away hit.
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Default Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

Hello All,

There are few news articles / rumors available on the web saying Tata Motors will challenge Toyota Innova Crysta with their upcoming Hexa MPV.

I intentionally have given the name of this topic in specific manner because we all have seen Tata Aria vs. Toyota Innova battle in the past and are well aware about the outcome.

The rumors may / may not come true but I think it's worth discussing the same because there is a possibility of these two bulls locking their horns for full grown MPV market space.

Looking at the price of current get Innova and the effort Toyota has put in to bring out it's next generation model, it is very likely that Innova Crysta will be priced somewhere between 15 to 22 lakhs.
The current gen Aria and Innova used to cover price band from Rs. 10 to 17 lakhs approx. (where Innova range used to start at around Rs. 12 lakhs)

Tata Aria had many issues and never felt as well built and as reliable as Innova and thus lost a battle in round one itself. All succeeding attempts to correct the product went in vein.
But now the things have changed and Tata Motors have rejigged their setup and strategy. Suddenly the brand has started to gain some attention with its new car lineup, having good built quality and higher value for money quotient.
The Tata Hexa looked promising too, during it's Auto Expo showcase.
But in the mean time competition went a step ahead - a giant step.

Tata Hexa seems to have potential to make Toyota Innova sweat, but may find it hard to do so to new Innova Crysta.
In other perspective, the chances of Hexa's success reduces as its prices go anywhere closer to Rs. 20 lakh mark.
Ideally, TML should be pricing the Hexa in a range of Rs. 10 to 16 lakhs, with one variant priced below 10 lakh mark. The way Aria is currently priced.

With Toyota bringing the production of current gen Innova to halt, the possibility of Hexa vs. Innova battle has also vanished.

Considering all the above facts, what do you think whether we will see TML overstepping into territory of Innova Crysta or will stay with current Aria's pricing?

Also what happens if Toyota launches petrol variant of Crysta, with lucrative price point?

I know, I have done many assumptions above, please correct me if I sound silly.
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

Interesting topic to discuss, but we need to remember that though both proudly present 'T' badges, there is an vast difference to them.

The current Innova commands brand value, reliability and great handling (for an MPV). These hit the right nerve with the customers (taxi & personal.

Looking at Hexa (only thro' pictures), it gives a perception of better build quality for Tata.

If I were with Tata, I would say forget Innova, coz no one was ready to splurge >12 Lakhs on a Tata. The last time they did, they knew the answer (Mahindra did smartly price their XUV based on this crucial lesson).

Try to target Ertiga / Creta / BR-V (when it comes) / Duster area (not the segment). A good rounded product with a large set of features and two additional seats would sell in the 8-12 Lakh bracket.

For me, anything above 10L starting would be suicidal looking at the struggle of other products. Get the volumes first, enhance the quality & reliability and then increase the prices as you go (Case again the XUV).

Once you get a base of customers to feed, the market in itself will let the product roll for next 3 - 4 years. Never ever target Innova, coz by the time competitors catch with the Toyota, they just simply switch the game completely (qualis???)
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

A Tata Hexa selling around 500 units a month will be considered a decent - satisfying number to start with for TATAs, while a Toyota Innova Crysta doing 5000 units might not make Toyota so happy about it.

Having said the above, For Tatas, i feel , they have to go all out and pitch it against the Innova because in doing so even if they manage to get 15-20% of the numbers of Innova Crysta, they should be a happy lot.

Easier said than done , The above wont be easy for Tata. They really have to pull their socks up and focus on the uphill task ahead for next 2-*3 years.
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Thumbs up Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

This will be an interesting battle. This time around I guess the scenario is slightly in favour of TATA, if they price the Hexa properly which they seem to be doing with the recent launches. Also the company has come several notches up on quality and is focusing its efforts on improving brand perception.

TATA needs to undercut Innova by about 2.5 lacs to 3 lacs (for people to even think of Hexa as against Innova) variant to variant and this would be possible since Toyota will leave enough room for TATA to undercut. If some how they can manage a base bare bones version under 10 lacs then the Hexa can become a potential threat.

Toyota had increased the price of Innnova under the pretext of reputation and reliability. They could afford since there was no true competition. If TATA can get the Hexa to match the characteristics of Innova and undercut by a huge margin with keen focus on providing satisfactory showroom and A.S.S experience then we have an interesting battle to watch out for.

TATA needs to launch with a mouth watering price even if it means reduced profit margins, this would help TATA gain traction in the market. Flood the market with the product, people need to see your product on road for them to talk about it. They can increase prices after they can sustain a decent volume. With the right quality and VFM propositions even the likes of Duster, Scorpio might be challenged

Get the product to move off the showrooms - load it with features and price it right. period!!!

Having said this, I wonder when TATA would launch the Hexa, there is no news about Hexa in the recent times

On a personal note I would want TATA to win this battle, for they have fought too long without success that they actually deserve. There is a missing link between the company and the consumer that needs to be addressed, though the name TATA evokes a lot of emotions.

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Originally Posted by DriveOnceMore View Post

Ideally, TML should be pricing the Hexa in a range of Rs. 10 to 16 lakhs, with one variant priced below 10 lakh mark. The way Aria is currently priced..
We all know that given their history, they will price it somewhere between 16-20 lakhs and claim that the Tata brand will pull it through. They have a hopeless marketing team too, so no surprises there.

Originally Posted by rajess_in View Post
Once you get a base of customers to feed, the market in itself will let the product roll for next 3 - 4 years. Never ever target Innova, coz by the time competitors catch with the Toyota, they just simply switch the game completely (qualis???)

This is exactly what I was thinking too. Without a solid base of happy customers, they do not stand a chance to fight off the segment leader. As said before they should not even think about Innova and completely ignore it. Their turf is around 10 lakhs range.
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

I think Tata was ahead of their time - Aria would have made sense after an innova crysta launch - It would have suddenly looked very VFM instead of overpriced.

Anyway, the reasons the commercial segment buys innovas are ones which cannot be addressed by product alone.

If they are prudent, they would wait and watch, and try to position and price the hexa right, and it *might* have a shot at being a respectable challenger.
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

HEXA can sell in decent volumes with its automatic variant. The Innova's pricing in Philippines for the 2.8l automatic is 21laks. HEXA automatic should be priced around XUV w8 i.e 15.5 laks ex showroom. Even with this price difference both will have the same equipment and safety features. So HEXA can be a nice alternative to XUV 500 automatic which seems to be in demand nowadays.

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As of today it will not be prudent on the part of TATA to make and pitch a vehicle w/Innova in mind. Not happening. The mind space that Toyota occupies is not because of a couple of good cars here and there and some good stories about their ASS. It is the consistent performance of their product and absolute reliability over a considerable period of time that allows Toyota to get away with its "less than loaded" offerings + "sedate styling" + "not very exciting engines"+"overpriced" tag.
Tata's trying to challenge a toyota offering would be like me trying to challenge Virat Kohli. We both can bat & that is where all similarities end.
Tata's would be well advised to avoid any comparison with Toyota. In fact they should learn from Skoda. Not the ASS but the rest. Offer a contemporary package at mouth watering prices and work on the ASS ( don't have any idea if Skoda is doing anything about this one though). Their offering should make a compelling argument for itself by offering stuff from 2-3 categories above at prices lower than low.
They should offer a fully loaded (and then some) vehicle at prices far below Innova's pricing and create a niche for itself. The only hint of comparison they can afford to have w/Innova is regarding the size, space and seating capacity... that's it.

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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

This thread is just what the doctor ordered.
anyone out to get a stylish people mover with performance and wouldn't mind shelling out 15 + lakhs is in for a most interesting battle.

When the Hexa was first showcased, It was a mouth wateringly good package.
1. 154 bhp.
2. 400 nm.
3. An awesome marraige between the SUV and MUV body shapes,
4. 4wd with terrain management.
5. An excellent active and passive safety package with ABS, EBD, ESP, 6 Airbags
6. New gen interiors.
7. Creature comforts aplenty.

And then Toyota goes and launches it's Innova crysta. surpassing most aspects of the Hexa.
1. 149 and 170 bhp engines.
2. 350nm for the 2.2l and 470 nm torque for the 2.7 l engine
3. Segment first safety features like the driver knee airbag and all that the Hexa offers
4. Interiors which surpass the hexa.
5. Creature comforts that surpass the hexa (keyless entry and go, auto headlamps and auto wipers, 7 inch infotainment with miracast and hdmi in, twin zone climate control, one touch seat retract, smart boot lid close. driver power seat adjust)

Advantage Hexa
The looks department where most people will agree that the Hexa is a butch
SUVish Mpv, where the Innova is a gawky Vanish Mpv with disproportionate overhangs.
Off-Roading capability which few enthusiasts may seek.

Disadvantage Hexa
The opinion people have about the buying and owning experience of a Tata automobile.

For most people the disadvantage will far outweigh the advantages. Add to it, the Toyota is a substantial bit more premium in kit. Looks like the Hexa is fighting a losing battle.

The way out for the Hexa would be twofold.
To spread it over a large price band, with the 2wd versions with all safety kit and comforts fighting the xylo at below 12 lakhs ex-showroom, and the 4wd and automatic variants going with the old innova prices at around 16 lakhs ex-showroom.
Second, to totally overhaul the image of Tata's sales and service and go on an advertising blitzkrieg which talks as much if not more, about Tata's sales and service commitment than the products itself.

Sorry for the long post. Though I have never owned a Tata, I am rooting for the company, since I see so much effort being put in by the company to reinvent itself. I want Tata to be the proverbial David taking on Goliath. I want Tata to have a brand recall that is atleast as good as the Mahindra.
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The problem with Tata is they lack the legacy of reliability in their larger vehicles and have lost the plot in terms of brand value.

Both Mahindra and Toyota engines come with a legacy of reliability and people expect them to do 2 lakh kms without breaking a sweat.

Both brands also command good resale.

Any new disruptive product from Tata needs to be a head turner on the road. And have the service /customer service to back it up.

If Tata targets top 30 cities with stand out customer experience and service with a stand out product, they may stand a better chance. Actually a chain of flagship COCO dealerships is what they need. If they want to target Toyota, that's what they need to do.

Toyota gets repeat business from its captive customers, who get the best resale value for their older Toyotas , attractive finance options, and stand out service.

Its hard to beat that.
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Default Re: Will Tata Motors Dare to Challenge Toyota Innova (Crysta) again with new Aria (Hexa)?

I think most of the existing Tata Zest and Bolt customers would be happy if Tata tries to providing them at par service with market leaders.

Innova is not famous for its heavy build quality and Tata Aria was well built and many customers did put their money on Tata, but look how Tata served them and there the actual difference between Tata and Toyota starts.

Tata should and would tap the MPV space between Ertiga and Innova which is very huge.
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