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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

Surely this is one Toyota which cannot be called boring! That said it brings out extreme reaction depending on one's taste with its edgy design which shout out to stand different in the crowd.

Maybe that is what the designers were looking for afterall. Seems like a showcase of their cutting edge technologies by Toyota rather than any practical use in our market. Interesting thread nevertheless!
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

I love the Prius for the technology it packs and of course the superlative fuel efficiency. Colleagues at my work-place who drive the previous gen Prius get over 30 km to a litre of gasoline consistently.

Having said that, this has to be one of the most hideous cars of all time (especially that rear end), and even by Toyota standards. Toyotas are simply the worst looking cars in JDM, and having seen the new Prius on the road here, it definitely tops the list. The interiors with white bits and that central speedo console also are big turn-offs for people like me.

I don't know why Toyota wants to position this above the Camry Hybrid in India as it sits below the Camry everywhere else in the world. In Japan, it costs the equivalent of INR 14.5L - 18L. But wonder who is going to pay INR 40L for a Prius?! Our Bollywood celebs are not exactly known to display their tree-hugging side unlike their Hollywood counterparts!

The JDM Alto (without any hybrid tech) has a claimed fuel efficiency of 37.0 kmpl. If all I wanted was a reliable, environment-friendly commuter car, I would rather spend INR 5.5L and buy that instead.

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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

I've said it before and will say it again - Toyota should NOT attempt style or flamboyance as it has very poor taste. It's like the simpleton uncle who looks good in a white shirt & denims. The minute he tries decking himself up with colours, he ends up looking garish. Some people have taste, some people don't. When the latter try hard to look stylish, they end up gawdy .

What Toyota does well is clean, understated designs. This is Toyota being natural:

And this is them attempting to 'dress up':
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

Looks like Toyota took cutting edge to a whole new level. The rear looks unworldly! Never even could imagine such a horrendous looking design.

I am sure there should be some compelling reason for this car to take this shape. Maybe an extreme emphasis on aerodynamics ?
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

That's surely some design that even Mahindra will think twice before referring to the clay modelers...

AFAIK, the air bags need to be turned off for passengers with certain medical conditions like those who wear pace makers etc. and not only for little "co-drivers".

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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

Originally Posted by reignofchaos View Post
Child or booster seats again must be connected to the rear seat not front. Many modern cars have isofix mounts on the rear seats to attach these child seats. The car manufacturer also offers these booster seats as official accessories.
I agree with you that the front seat is not the best option, but the use cases of a single person driving with a child in a car leads to placing the booster seat facing rear on the front seat. Thus requiring the air bag to be turned off.

Further zooming on the very same image shows this icon, which speaks for itself
Attached Images
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

for the technology. The front end designing even though way too aggressive, looks good. The rear and interiors kill it for me. Who in the right sense of mind will offer a dashboard with SO much of white? India or otherwise, this is not suitable at all.

I didnot find any mention of the pathetic alloys anywhere in this coverage. It looks like a straight lift from the Honda Amaze I mean, this is a car that will cost a bomb here in India and still people will be forced to look at accessory alloys.
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

As long as you are trying to sell a car for its novelty value, hideous design is part of the story. Take a slightly different case, in the early days any Turbocharged car had a boost indicator, today it is no longer there. Turbocharging is today run of the mill.
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

2016 Prius already here for certification/homologation.

Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016-capture.jpg
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

Toyota has now brought in multiple units of 2017 Prius indicating a closer launch. A single unit was imported for homologation few months ago.

Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016-capture.jpg

2017 Prius gets its power from a 1.8L 4-cylinder petrol engine capable of 95 BHP @ 5200 RPM and torque of 142 Nm @ 3600 RPM. Accompanied with two motors/generators, hybrid system can generate a maximum power output of 121 BHP delivered via an electronically controlled CVT.

Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016-toyotaprius2016102403.jpg

Source: Zauba
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

We saw a Blue Prius the other day in Inorbit mall parking in Hyderabad. The car was AP registered (private) with a HSP plate indicating a fresh registration. I thought it must be available in India already and didn't care to click a picture. Now, I am confused how someone got it registered already even before launch. Or may be someone imported one?
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

New-gen Toyota Prius coming to India in 2017

Toyota will reportedly be launching the new-gen Prius in India next year. The automaker had recently previewed the car at the Toyota Caravan show in New Delhi. It was also showcased earlier at the 2016 Auto Expo in Greater Noida.

Toyota globally revealed the new-gen Prius last year. It is built on the TNGA (Toyota's New Global Architecture) platform. The car is powered by a 1.8-litre, 4-cylinder VVT-i petrol engine paired with an electric motor. The company claims a fuel economy figure of around 40 km/l.

The Prius went on sale globally in 1997. The automaker claims to have sold over 3.5 million units of the hybrid worldwide. The previous-generation model has been on sale in India since 2010, but hasn't really attracted a significant number of customers. However, with the Camry Hybrid doing sufficiently well, Toyota is hoping to see a slightly better response for the latest iteration of the Prius.

Source: Car and Bike
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Default Re: Toyota Prius @ Auto Expo 2016

This should bomb in India !! We like good looking cars.
You have to see this in person to believe how ugly the thing is ! All the new UBERs in London are the new Prius and i travelled in many of them on a recent trip. The previous Gen was much nicer in terms of the exterior as well as the interior. This ones a major step in the wrong direction IMHO.
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