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Default June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis


1: Thanks to the team at Auto Punditz for sharing these sales numbers with us!

2: Only cars that sell 500+ units (and thus, the relevant ones) have been included in the gainers & losers chart.

3. These manufacturer-reported sales numbers are factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thread moved from the Assembly Line to the Indian Car Scene!
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya for sharing the sales figures. Interesting data for June.

Out of the top 20, there are 10 Maruti’s, 5 Hyundai’s, 1 each from M&M, Tata Motors Toyota, Renault and Ford. Honda exits the list.

Maruti -Sales figures are down due to reasons known and a production loss of 30k units reported. Seem to have maintained some production volumes on high volume cars while the rest were not taken up.
Maruti circular on S Cross says a waiting period of 6 weeks.

Hyundai -.The Grand i10 and Creta are the volume drivers for June. Verna still is far behind the leaders in the C segment.
All other cars fall in sales figures. Eon seem to be hit with KWID overshadowing it.

Mahindra-KUV is the lone car having some decent numbers, all cars fall short in numbers compared to 2015.
Worrying times for them as NuvoSport is a dud(as expected), TUV numbers are on the decline, diesel ban taking a toll in XUV numbers. Bolero is consistently in the decline. Mahindra Thar sells 1382 units.

Honda- Reporting negative growth in both May and now in June too. City still to keep up with its reported petrol demand? Jazz doing some numbers but seem low when compared to its peers in the premium hatch segment. Too early to give BR-V its verdict, but a 3k+ at launch seem low. .Mobilio and Brio are declared duds.

Toyota - Crysta has been well received and takes Toyota to being the 4th position in June sales. But none of the other cars to write about in sales numbers.

Renault – Drops to 6th position but above Honda. Except for KWID has dismal sales numbers in its portfolio. Needs Kaptur and a slew of new products to compliment KWID’s numbers and keep the company in the top 10.

Tata- Tiago becomes Tata's tiara with increased sales when compared to May. Need to keep up its momentum. Again none of its other products are getting great volumes. Need to watch the Hexa and Tiago-Sedan launches and its market acceptance.

Volkswagen – Another company with a one product (Polo) bringing volumes inr the domestic market. With Ameo to release soon , not really sure of market acceptance in such a crowded <4m segment. Facelifts again will not fetch any volumes but the company is happy with its exports. 2018 and beyond will be the years to watch out for their new products in India.

Datsun- A brand that should not have been re-born.
Redi-Go just launched and doing less than 3k units. Nothing really exciting about it and will struggle to sustain these numbers going forward. Almost all their other products are on the downward slide- not sure of their future strategy.

Some insight to the luxury segment
Name:  13.JPG
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Size:  30.8 KB

Details of the luxury segment sales,
Name:  12.jpg
Views: 61761
Size:  137.3 KB

Source- Auto Pundutz

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

New launches are a must, followed by good marketing. No models sell more than 1000 units.

It's high time Fiat starts thinking beyond Punto and Linea. I don't think even recent power up strategy is going to work. Luxury car manufacturers sell more cars than Fiat.

Recent price cut for Ecosport has really helped Ford. Brezza is way ahead, but Ecosport numbers are not reduced. Figo twins are not doing as expected. Old Figo used to sell more. Endeavour figures are decent enough, considering the price & segment.

Honda car sales have taken a hit in recent few months. City is selling only 50 percent compared to average sales figures since launch. Yes, City is the segment leader again( thanks to production issues at Maruti). Amaze is the most affected and Figo Aspire sells more. There is nothing to write about Mobilio & Brio. BR-V figures are above average (need to wait and watch).

Grand I10 is the highest selling Hyundai. This car was launched in 2013 and is selling more every year. My dad said "A car which sells more than the initial launch period is a true success". All other cars are doing almost same numbers except for old I10.

KUV 100 could be termed as a success. Marketing strategy by calling it a mini SUV has worked out for Mahindra. Bolero sales are nowhere near to 10K figures (which was the usual numbers last year). XUV 500 sales are steady. TUV 300 figure are on decline since launch. Mahindra can safely discontinue other models on sale.

Maruti Suzuki
All Maruti cars have taken a hit, thanks to fire outbreak at Subros plant. I can't comment anything on sales figures for this month. We need to analyse August figures. July figures would be higher due to production issues in June. I really hope S-Cross is affected due to Subros fire issue. 110 units almost gave me a heart attack.

Redi go is the only saviour for Nissan. No other cars have crossed 1000 units. Terrano sales are very disappointing.

Kwid is the 2 nd best selling car in entry level segment. Kwid has managed to get many customers into Renault showrooms. Renault should make use of this opportunity and launch more models. Duster is doing decent numbers unlike it's cousin, Terrano. Lodgy is a flop.

Skoda is struggling to sell Rapid. Combined sales figure is just 1002 units.

It looks like Indian customers have accepted Tiago. It is doing pretty good. Other models are doing almost same as before.

Innova Crysta is a runaway success. Many were skeptical about it considering the price. But Toyota has proved them wrong. Innova Crysta has a waiting period.

Polo is selling around 3K units consistently. Vento sales have declined and settled to around 1K.

Out of the top 10 selling cars,
Maruti : 5/10
Hyundai : 3/10
Renault : 1/10
Toyota : 1/10

It would have been 7/10 for Maruti if production was not halted. Vitara Brezza and Celerio would have easily made into top 10.


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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks for sharing the detailed numbers. Adding my observations.

Segment Level
  • Entry Segment: The Alto sees its lowest numbers in a long time with 15K units. Of course, this is due to the production hit Maruti had which impacted several models. In spite of this Alto retains the top spot. Kwid recovers from last months slump with almost 10K units. Great performance. Nano looks to be relegated to being a niche player in the entry segment. While the Go and Go+ back to poor 3 digit numbers, impressive dispatches of 3k+ units for the newly launched Redi-Go. Of course, this is just the first month. Need to see how this translates into sales. Datsun has been marketing the fact that in 3 weeks they dispatched 3K units. Good strategy since only people looking at numbers in detail will know these are not actual sales. Wagon R and Celerio also take a hit due to the production issue. Eon seems to be struggling. Could be due to the Tiago also.

  • Entry Premium Hatch Segment: Big surprise here is the Ritz with 4k+ units. Wonder what caused that spurt for a car that we thought was going to be discontinued. Could be demand from the taxi market. Maruti's troubles causes the swift to drop to <10K units which means the Grand i10 emerges the clear winner with 12K+units. Still a little early to call out, but Tata seems to have met success with the Tiago. Dispatches continue to rise and there looks to be a healthy demand. Needs to get around the 6K mark consistently in my opinion. KUV100 drops a bit, but still doing good numbers.

  • Premium Hatch Segment: Elite continues rule the segment with Baleno not far behind. Looking forward to the boosterjet launch. Polo in 3rd place and continues to outsell the Jazz and the Figo. Figo finally showing some signs of revival with a close to ~2K number. Jazz is definitely ending up to be an average seller.

  • Compact Sedan Segment: Dzire, Xcent are the top 2. Big mover is the Aspire, which aided by declines for the Amaze, gets into 3rd spot. Some signs of revival for a very good car. Zest in 4th spot with Amaze coming up in the rear. Zest continues to be ahead of the Amaze. We should be seeing first dispatches of the Ameo this month.

  • Sedan Segment: City takes back the top spot. But clearly because of Ciaz production impacts. City's numbers are declining. Verna continues to be in 3rd. Vento/Rapid round up the top 5 with ~1500 units between them. Note that this is only Petrol and diesel Automatics. 90 units for the Linea is embarrassing. Hope the newly launched 125PS variants helps add a few numbers.

  • Premium Sedan Segment: No real changes here. All contenders doing their usual numbers.

  • Compact/Entry SUV's: Continues to be the segment with the most action. Brezza continues it strong show. What makes this more impressive is the fact that there is a shift in trend towards petrol across the board. Creta seems to have settled at ~8000 units. Still commands a wait period and Hyundai has plans to ramp up production further. Ecosport numbers go up again. Almost 5000 units. Looks like the competition has helped bring out the USP's of the Ecosport and it is comfortably managing to maintain/increase numbers. TUV remains below 2000 units. Nuvosport can be declared dead. Nuvosport seems to be another Dead on Arrival product. BRV at 3000 units, seems to have been well received considering Honda's target seems to be around the 3-4K mark... Innova Crysta can be safely declared a blockbuster. With the petrol and petrol automatic coming and the probability of the diesel ban in NCR being revoked, this number is only going to increase.Will need to see if the price cuts can help the Lodgy-At least to gain more traction in the Taxi segment.

  • SUV's: Mahindra's XUV and Scorpio continue their usual numbers. Bolero seems to be struggling a bit. Fortuner continues to lead over the Endeavour with close to 1000 units. XUV seems to be settling at the 2.5K numbers now as compared to the 3K + numbers which had been the norm


  • At the Manufacturer Level Maruti sees a drop in sales after a long time. Although not too fair to read too much into the drop as it was due to the manufacturing issues. Inspite of that, continues to lead by a long way. Shows the strength of the company. Looking forward to the Ignis and the Baleno Boosterjet.

  • Hyundai shows a healthy growth and maintains leadership in the key segments. Read a report that diesel sales have declined 15-20%, but that does not seem to have impacted the overall numbers. Shows that they are able to quickly react to changes in trends.

  • Mahindra should be a little worried with its traditional products declining/not showing growth and among the new launches, only the KUV100 doing decent numbers. Still good enough to be in 3rd place.

  • Toyota gets back to 4th spot on the back of the Crysta. Fortuner seems to have warded off the Endevour challenge and should increase the lead once the new one launches. Etios is the taxi segment favorite. In a good place now.

  • Tiago continues to beTata's biggest seller. Slowly picking up in sales. Need to see if it can sustain. Nothing else to really rely on for now.

  • Renault continues to prosper with the Kwid continuing to do well. But being a one product company is risky. The Facelift has not helped the Duster. Exciting but challenging times ahead. At number 6 this month.

  • Honda seems to be still giving the production realignment excuse for the poor sales, but I am getting a little skeptical about that. Hyundai saw a 15-20% drop in diesel sales but still increases overall sales. Not sure how long Honda can continue to sell the same story. Drops to a sorry 7th spot in the monthly sales from a consistent 3rd place.

  • Ford's seems to have woken up from a slumber. Both Figo and Aspire showing some signs of revival with Ecosport also doing well. Hope this continues.

  • Volkswagen seems to be testing a lot of stuff. The Polo GTI, Ameo, new diesels for the Vento, Polo. Will be an interesting 2nd half of the year. For now managing to stay afloat with the Polo doing well.

  • Datsun Still not sure why Nissan needed to bring in this brand here. Although the Go and Go+ have been failures, the marketing campaign and build up for the Redi-Go has been good. Still do not expect anything extraordinary.

  • Fiat: Nothing much to say here. Just launched the 125PS Linea and the more powerful Punto diesels. Not really expected to help sales. But Fiat will be hoping to add some numbers.

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

A few observations:
  • Redigo seems off to a decent start.
  • Endeavour seems like settling around 400-500 sales per month, while Fortuner seems like have gained the lost ground back!
  • Mobilio is almost dead for Honda now! City and BR-V to define the future now!
  • Creta & i20 Elite continue to make home runs for Hyundai!
  • What happened to S-Cross there?
  • Skoda Superb's deliveries seem to be improving. It is an awesome product which is VFM, pity Skoda goofed up with silly issues like this.
  • Innova Crysta is a superhit already!
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thanks Aditya for the figures. These were most awaited.

Sudden activity in the A and B segment with few launches like Kwid, RediGO, Tiago etc

Being a silent observer on the Renault - Nissan Alliance, they seem to be on a roll with the CMF-A platform, first Kwid now RediGO eating up Alto's market shares.

Tiago seems to bring back customer's trust factor for Tata Motors Ltd, and has had a good month.

Alto figures at 15K and Elite i20 at 8K seem like a huge chunk of customers lost.

All in all, Renault + Nissan + Datsun - 8% Market share is next best after Maruti and Hyundai. Stellar!

Innova numbers are just outstanding, show India's loyalty to that excellent product.
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Most awaited thread! Looks like Maruti has taken some serious hit from the Subros fire, 21K down from last month.

- The Kwid looks to have gained from Alto's sales hit.
- Tiago's gained a little and into the 4K. Finally we have a Tata passenger car in the top 20. Can't remember when it last happened. Probably when Indica was launched. Could've probably done better had it not for the waiting times?
- Whats with Amaze? Consistently below 2K the last 2 months, BR-V priority?
- Aspire seems to have got some decent jump in numbers. Ford too in general has done 9K odd as opposed to 5K odd last month. Market finally taking notice of the Figo twins?
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

Thank you Aditya for the analysis!

It is surprising that there is no C-Segment Sedan in top 20 this time. Apart from Creta and Crysta all other toppers are basically sub 10 lakh category cars. This speaks volumes for people's liking for these two cars. I think Crysta and Creta deserve huge applause.
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The big jump in Ritz sales is because of Maruti's positioning as a Taxi car. Lots of ads on Radio (Say Tata Bye Bye to your old car, get Maruti Ritz for Rs. 5.9 lacs)
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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

While low sales of SCross and Ciaz can be attributed to the issues at MSUL plants, I wonder what is happening to the Honda City. Once it ruled the roost with 7-8k units every month. Now it struggles even to touch half of that number.

Hightime the prospective manufacturers bring in the new City, new Verna, Ciaz Boosterjet/1.5 petrol and new Aegea to light up the dwindling C2 sedan space.
Except Ciaz, City and Verna, no C2 sedan crossed 3 digit sales figure.

June 2016 is one of those very rare months which witnessed 5 Marutis in the top ten losers of the month.(again plant issues may be the reason)

Bad start for the Redigo, while its cousin Kwid is catching up with alto at a rapid pace.

It is a shame that Mahindra bags just a single spot in top 20, that too with the barebones Bolero.

Really happy for the Tiago. It still deserves a lot more sales. Innova Crysta does magic- costs 24 lakhs yet finds 8000 homes every month.

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Default Re: June 2016 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis

The most awaited post of the month. Must be an effort to compile all this.
Most of the observations have already been penned down. I was wondering of the numbers of Ameo. As it is not mentioned there, does it mean that it is yet to reach showrooms?
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