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rahul_intlad 3rd November 2006 12:46

Manufacturer's[maruti] responsibilty regarding new launch
With a lot of talk about the new baleno doing the rounds isn't it maruti's moral obligation to clarify on this regard,especially if they are going to stop the model altogether.

Now when it came to the zen they did say that it would be stopped and even hinted out the possibilty of what its replacement would be.But when it is coming to the baleno there is total confusion right now in everbody's minds.Even when the swift was launched people had known about it much in advance.
Toyota India had also talked about stopping qualis and replacing it with the innova much before[actually I think a year before] innova was actually launched.

Why then this strange policy when it comes to the baleno?

Ps: Chances are that the new launch is not around the corner yet
Due to the much higher pricing of the new model[expected] perhaps the old baleno is here to stay and the new car will be launched as another model

theMAG 3rd November 2006 13:01

While it would be nice and ethical, manufacturers typically dont announce the end of a product line to ensure stock clearance. Nothing specific to Maruti. Hyundai also has kept buyers in limbo over the Accent

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