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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Getting a Dzire Zxi+ in a couple of weeks. There are four features from the Baleno which I wish the Dzire had in addition to it's relatively long list of features:

1) The UV cut window glasses. It would have been a real boon in the sweltering Chennai heat.
2) The electro chromatic rear view mirrors. Not a feature that would be sorely missed, but a nice to have feature nevertheless.
3) The coloured multi information display in between the dials. Again, not a feature that would be sorely missed, but a nice to have feature nevertheless.
4) The CVT gearbox instead of the AMT. This again would have been nice to have, but considering the cost implications, I guess I can understand why this was skipped.

In addition to this I wish the Dzire also had a good center arm rest (not the me too arm rest from the Baleno). Of course I can keep on asking for a lot more features, but those would make the request sound impractical and like a fantasy.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Excellent thread!

TUV 300

1. Rear Camera
2. Rear seat air-con vents
3. Auto-fold ORVM's
4. Auto power windows (front)
5. Key-less start-stop switch
6. Window blinds
7. Touchscreen Infotainment system (offered in T10)
8. Darkened alloys (Offered in T10)
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
S-Cross 1.3 Zeta

Rear AC vents. This is a big miss in the car.
Automatic Transmission
90/100 Headlamps
Cutain Airbags
I remembered one more.

Cooled Glovebox
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Honda Jazz 2010 model.

I fitted a Blaupunkt HU with Video, USB, bluetooth and navigation as my original HU had none of this. I also have a rear camera and rear parking sensors which I feel are must have.But I still miss Android Auto.

Apart from that, list of features I miss and should be present in my next car -
Seat height adjustment
Thumb contours for steering wheel
Auto climate control
Rear AC vents
Dual charging/USB ports
boot light
map lights
cornering lights
projectors or LED headlights
Tinted glass factory-fitted
Speed-sensing auto door lock/unlock

Also, good to have
Start stop button
Auto fold mirrors
Telescoping steering
curtain airbags
auto dimming IVRM
auto dimming OVRM
auto wipers
auto headlights

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

A feature that I would like to have is inbuilt Fuel log. This is very hard to maintain externally if the car is used by many drivers. The inbuilt fuel log should have an option to enter Fuel cost and location too. The fuel consumption could be calculated based on this and I am sure this would be much more accurate and trustworthy than what the system calculates these days. And ultimately help us in finding out the actual cost per km driven rather than kmpl.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Breeza.(ZDI)

1. Rear Ac vents.
2. Spare wheel with alloy Rim
3. All four wheels with Disc Brakes.
4. Sunroof (WRV iVTEC VX has it in same price range)
5. Flip keys (VB's key bellow ZDI+ variants is ugly)
6. Shark Fin Antena (Or at least something smaller like MS Dzire)
7. Flat bottom steering wheel.
8. Felt lined storage compartments.
9. Better fonts in Car stereo system.
10. TPMS.
11. Better Insulation.
12. Bigger IRVM with auto dimming feature.
13. Door Armrests Cushion /Padding.
14. 12V power Outlet for rear passengers.


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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Hyundai Verna 1.6 CRDi SX(O)
Love everything about the car. It is an awesome package.
One thing I wish the car had would be a Tyre Pressure Monitor (TPM) display.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Maruti Suzuki Baleno Alpha CVT. Though I don't have much of complaints with the car as I was fully aware of what I am buying. There are some wish list.

1. Hope the Car came in 1.0 Booster Jet with 6-Speed DCT like the European spec.
2. Rear Disc Brakes.
3. Better Interior Quality & more solid Exterior.
4. Usable Center Arm Rest both in front & rear seats.
5. Cruise Control.
6. 6 Airbags rather than 2.
7. Better rear seat cushioning and side bolstering in the front seats(I have removed the seats for putting new seat covers, Maruti has used Thermocol for the first layer and then a layer of Cushion over the top. Terrible cost cutting idea).
8. Better OEM Music system with factory fitted sub-woofer.
9. This is a wish to Apple Carplay-Wish Google maps can be used in Apple Carplay.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Driving a 7 year old car and having experienced some latest features in new cars, I decided some must-have features and characteristics that my ideal car should have.

Important features

1. Tall car with great view of the road. I have been spoiled by my car ride and given my height, I can't adjust in a low slung car.

2. Very good ground clearance. Our roads are aping the moon and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between the road and the lake present within the city.

3. Suspension should be more focus towards ride quality. My current car has made me resilient.

4. Very good AC, preferably Auto AC. Rear vents are welcome.

5. Very good headlights, preferably non-projectors.

6. ABS and airbags.

7. Front center arm-rest.

8. Good music system with steering mounted audio controls.

9. In-built navigation or Android auto are welcome.

10. Power mirrors. Power fold is not necessary.

11. Rear wash-wipe and defogger.

12. Good boot space.

13. Excellent front seats with good bolstering. Good rear seats.

14. Very good low end torque and equally good mid-range. Good brakes which inspire confidence.

15. I can forgo DTE, instantaneous FE and other similar displays but would want a proper temperature gauge. My current ride is missing it.

16. Good quality interiors which won't rattle soon.

17. A large fuel tank.

Some features which I like to be skipped:

1. Touchscreen audio. This is a huge distraction on the road. Remove the 'touch' from the screen and I am okay.

2. Sunroof.

3. LED lights and projectors. My experience is the cheaper versions of these lights are fitted on our budget cars. They are insufficient for our highways.

4. Key less entry system. I would be happy to forgo this feature and save some money.

5. Low profile tyres.

My logic is that why carry features which you are not going to use significantly. The more number of features, the greater chance of them failing and higher the repair/replacement costs. Again some features such as reverse sensor and camera (my car doesn't have and I never needed them) can be fitted after market. But those which can't be changed easily or fitted later should be chosen OE while buying the car.

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I have a 7 year old Vento and a 2 year old A3. Most of the convenience features that were missing in Vento was covered by the A3. But one single feature I miss in both these cars and also a very necessary one is an auto-dimming IRVM. The manual dimming available in both these cars are not effective these days with people following you with their high beam HIDs.

With the advancement of automobile lighting technology and availability of very high density lighting options in abundance today, an auto dimming IRVM cannot be considered as a convenience feature in India anymore, rather manufacturers should consider it as a necessary standard feature in all cars.

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I really wish my 2018 Ford Endeavour Titanium came with:

1. Push-start button with a smart key.
2. Automatic folding ORVMs.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

  • Cruise Control (Adaptive would be the cherry on the cake)
  • Android Auto
  • Keyless Entry
  • Front Parking Sensors

  • Keyless Entry and Go
  • Apple Carplay
  • Sliding middle row seat
  • Some sort of brake traction control for the AWD system
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

BMW 320d,

Rear view camera
cruise control
Android auto
Adaptive suspension
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I drive the exclusive and illusive 1.6 GT TDi. Although, this German machine has the features that I pretty much, here is a list that I wish were included as OEM:

- Bi-xenon/Projector Headlights
- All round disc brakes
- Boot light
- A dead pedal
The irony is that even after nearly 5years of my car purchase, and countless iterations later, Volkswagen still does not offer any of the above features today on Polo.
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Polo GT TSI:

I think the car is decently equipped, but here are some features it desperately needs:
  • Driver Armrest (I think the 2018 model has it... Not sure)
  • Projector headlamps - C'mon VW, even cars 2 segments below have them. Saw a WaginR stringray drive by the other day and I'm like
  • Reverse parking camera (okay not desperately needed, but good to have)
  • Rear AC vents - Gets a bit stuffy at the back with a full house
  • Leather seats (okay asking for too much now...)

I should go back to my afternoon siesta

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