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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

The features might be far fetched for a 6 year old maruti.. But I wish...

My Car: Swift VDi
I wish I had..

1. A proper auto box.. something like the VW DSG with a smashing FE.
3. Lumbar support
2. Android Auto
3. Sunroof/Moonroof
4. Better interior lights. Currently has only one in the middle, 2 would have been better. WagonR has it.
5. Backlit buttons
6. Auto up/down windows.(atleast the driver side)
7. Armrest
8. Moodlights (Am asking for a little too much in a Maruti?)
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2015 Elite i20 CRDi Asta

Am listing features which are not available with this model in India irrespective of variant:

1. Heated / water repellent ORVMs - this is sorely missed in Bombay monsoons
2. Cruise Control
3. Auto-locking doors & DTE indicator - absolutely ridiculous that this is missing
4. Rain-sensing wipers
5. Height-adjustable seat belts
6. Centre arm-rest in the rear seat
7. 3-point seat belt for the middle passenger
8. Auto up-down on all 4 windows (can't believe this is a Premium feature!!)

Of course, this is more of a wishlist, the i20 is otherwise well-loaded with features!

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

My needs are very simple and these are the only features that are missed.

2013 Chevrolet Sail Uva
1. Rear AC Vents: Kids in child seats would be more comfortable during our long drives.
2. Cruise Control: So I don't have to worry about speeding tickets on my office commute.
3. More airbags.
4. Chevrolet Dealerships.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2013 Swift Dzire VDI

Wish I/It had
1. Airbags & ABS, I paid Rs. 8.3L and yet the car doesn't have airbags and ABS.
2. Cruise control
3. Steering mounted controls
4. Bluetooth for phone - I have an aftermarket unit, but I rarely use it for the hastle of use.
5. Seat height adjustments

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Endeavour 2017

1. Engine Start/Stop
2. Auto fold review mirrors
3. Android Auto or Carplay
4. SatNav (Comes extra for Rs. 1.25L) :-(

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2008, Swift Diesel

I don't have a long list, but if these 2 things were there in my car, I would consider life is made.

1) An AMT gearbox with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. Yeah, just being realistic by wanting an AMT and just being a little wishful that a Swift Diesel would get one

2) Cruise Control.

Bus, everything else whatever the car has, I am okay with,
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Polo 1.6 TDI

- Curtain airbags for the rear passengers
- Better front seats
- Rear disc brakes
- DSG gearbox
- Better NVH
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Superb 3T DSG-

-Reverse Camera
-Android Auto/ Apple Car Play
-Headlight Integrated DRLs
-Panaromic Sunroof
-Multi Color +more informative MFD
-Electronic Parking Brake
-Multi Color Ambient Lighting
-Keyless Entry
-Start/ Stop Button

Rest it's fully loaded!

Greedy greedy! Whatever new pops in we auto geeks want it!

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Ford Figo 1.4 TDCi

-Rear Power Windows (though the back seat is used sparingly, its a pain when used)
-Rear seat adjustable head rests
-ACC, the ac is a chiller, needs climate control
-100hp engine of the new Figo
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I have the Ciaz ZXI; here goes my wish list,

1. Thicker body panels as like the Vento or Rapid. The body panels are as thin as a paper sheet and definitely not confidence inspiring.
2. Side curtain air bags. No compromises on passenger safety please.
3. The 1.4 VVT pumps out 90 ponies. Need another 20 more at least.
4. Illuminated power window switches for all doors. Presently the driver side window button alone is illuminated. I mean, c’mon Maruti
what big bucks can be saved by shaving this feature.
5. Glove box with enhanced dimensions illuminated and cooled. Presently the glove box is too small and does not hold anything beyond
the owner’s manual.
6. The foot well is illuminated for driver and front passenger. It would be desirable to have them for rear passengers as well with
independent switches to turn them on and off if desired. Of course this is only a cosmetic requirement.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I drive an Alto K10 VXi AMT and badly miss some essential features. I think Maruti should have given these features as OEM in the VXi since there is no ZXi variant in the Alto.

>Steering mounted audio controls
>Rear wiper and defogger
>Day/Night IRVM
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I acquired an Elite i20 Sportz recently, and in the MY2017 trim, they skimped on Climate Control, Parking Sensor + Camera and a few other stuff.

Among those, I really miss Climate Control. The manual AC is a chiller. It's either u get chilled to the bones or not at all, there is no in between. Also, why in God's name is Rear wiper only on the top Asta(O), come on Hyundai.

In my other car, Ertiga ZDi (MY2013), for the time of purchase, I was mighty satisfied with its feature set, but shockingly it lacks Bluetooth and Climate Control, while the cheaper Swift and DZire had it both.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

A good thread indeed!
We often buy cars that best suit out budget and requirements and the keyword here is "best". You would be lucky to have a car that is 100% suited to your needs and desires and even if one exists, after regular use, no matter how much you like the car, there could be a feature or two that would really make a difference. There is no substitute for factory-fit feature as the after market ones tend to be inferior in fit and finish.

I drive an A-Star Zxi and here are the things I would have liked to have in decreasing order of priority:

1. Manual dimming IRVM. Yes it does not have one and I managed to fit the old WagonR's IRVM here. It makes a world of difference.

2. Rear seat and boot light. Not asking for fancy LEDs or push operated lights here. A simple yellow bulb with manual switch will do. I currently use my phone torch to check the rear seats or boot at night. This "feature" if one can call it that is probably less expensive to implement than the auto-dimming IRVM.

3. Auto parcel tray lifter. No no not any electronic gizmo, I am referring to the string used to hold the rear parcel tray up. At times while holding up the parcel tray and groping for things in the boot in the dark the parcel tray gets dislodged. If the tray is not slotted into the hinge points correctly it will rattle. :(

4. Center arm rest. This one may be a stretch for this segment but it is something I dearly miss on my long drives.

5. Stereo controls on steering wheel. I am not a fan of fancy touch screen or even bluetooth for that matter, however I do use the stereo during 70% of the drive time. It is distracting to search for that favorite song by stretching to reach em buttons. I would have loved to have track selection and volume buttons on the steering wheel. I prefer this feature over a USB port.

6. USB port for stereo It is a pain to write a CD everytime I want to carry a few new songs. Fortunately for me, my then GF had a stack of CD-R as high as her and now since she is my wife I have access to virtually unlimited CD's. (No I did not marry her only for the CD's)

7. Climate control. Again this is a stretch for this segment, however the A-Star is one of the few small cars that are fun to drive and I wouldn't would not want to buy a bigger car just for this feature. The AC sometimes freezes the tip of my nose and turning it off makes the cabin stuffy.

8. Rear wiper and washer. I usually wash the front and rear windscreen before heading out. I have no qualms with getting my hands dirty, however for those days when I am under the weather (literally) or on my way to an interview I would prefer having the car clean the rear glass for me. The defogger works well though.

I honestly believe 1, 2 and 3 must be made available in all cars. These are simple and inexpensive features that add a lot of value to daily usage.

I have on many occasions pondered over upgrading to a new car for want of above features however every drive on the highway or the peppy solo weekend drives through the city make me forget about an upgrade. The small size and FTD nature will probably see me holding on to the car for years to come.

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I own and drive a Figo 2016 TDCI.
1. A better / fancier instrument cluster. Its functional but bland. :-/
2. Center Arm rest.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Duster Awd
-Hydropneumatic Suspensions
-Diff lockers at front and rear
-Snorkels as stock setup
-Cameras at all four ends for spotting while off-roading
-248nm to roughly 350nm torque figures
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