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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Probably my first post here apart from the one introducing myself.

Here goes:

Polo GT TSI (May 2015)
1. Lack of cruise control.
I know this is now available in the new Polo's, but I do miss it at times. This, though, isn't a huge miss as most GT owners will tell you we're usually overtaking people. In a car that is around 10L on road, VW should have offered this on the GT right from when it was first launched.

2. Projector headlamps.
The stock headlamps are pathetic to say the least, and although going for better bulbs made a marginal difference, I will have to shell out on a new set of headlamps in the near future.

3. Armrest.
Says it all.

4. Adjustable suspension.
The stock set-up on the Polo is just not good enough when compared to the superb DSG and Engine combo. If an adjustable suspension is asking for too much, then at least the option of a sports-pack or something that would give a stiffer ride and more GT.

5. Throatier exhaust.

6. The little things
VW did a lot of cost-cutting around the time I got the car, and the little things like a leather-wrapped handbrake, the red light around the 12V socket, a bootlamp etc.

Hyundai Verna Fluidic 1.6 SX VTVT (2011)
1. Option of a stiffer suspension
The current set up feels like an appu ghar ride. Apparently they've fixed this on the new Verna.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Tata Nano in BLR traffic:

1. Driverless Technology
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

XUV500 W4

1. Tyre pressure monitoring system.
2. Curtain air bags.
3. ESP
4. FE indicator.
5. Reverse parking camera.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

I own a 2016 Swift P with G13BB mill.
I have always loved to drive cars which keeps me engaged all the time. But in all these years, after driving loads of other cars equipped with so many extra features, the charm of the Swift has diminished a bit. But it will always be the one close to my heart

Features i wish were in my car and the reasons-
1. ABS with EBD - Had a very close call a few months back. It was on a fresh tarmac road and even though i'm running R15 195's, due to the sand on the road, the car lost grip under braking [Paddles and the Engine] and almost rear ended the bus in front of mine. Yearning for ABS from that day.

2. Airbags - Have felt the need for this since we bought the car. Even though we're always buckled up and very careful while driving, its always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Sunroof - I stay in the coastal city of Mangalore and even though the drive on the roads parellel to the beach is sublime, the sunroof would be the icing on the cake!

That's pretty much it really. Very satisfied with the car otherwise.

I'm guessing other vintage Swift owners feel the same?

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2013 Vento HL TDI:

I'm missing the below features.

- Projector Headlamps
- Touch Screen HU with Navigation System and Reverse Camera
- Pull shades for Windows
- Rear Disc Brakes
- Sufficient Cubby Holes
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Alto Vxi AMT
  • Dual airbags
  • ABS
  • Power windows on door instead of in the middle.

Linea T-Jet
  • Smaller turning radius.
  • Less of a turbo lag (can get a bit irritating in chockablock traffic)
  • Tight panel gaps

Mahindra Thar
  • Factory fitted front facing rear seats, ABS, airbags
  • Factory fitted better looking hard top option
  • Wipers that work.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Vento Highline TDI 2014

1) Seat belt pretensioners ( the previous i20 had it)
2) Rear centre 3 point seat belt ( again, i20 had it)
3) DSG gearbox
4) All round discs( i20 again!)
5) 16 inch wheels
6) Cruise control
7) Better NVH ( i20..)
8) Colour screen MFD
9) Android Auto
10) Hydraulic steering
11) Electrically folding ORVMs ( i20 had it)
12) ESP
13) Dead pedal ( the only reason why my dad regrets giving away the i20)

Number 6,9 & 8 are possible with a lot of hardwork
Number 3,11 & 5 came after the facelifts
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Ford Figo 1.2

1. A more powerful engine, somewhat with 85ps or more.
2. Reverse sensors with camera.
3. Powerful headlamps
4. And most importantly increased fuel economy.

Figo’s have top class steering and ride quality but the petrol engine is sluggish and not much fuel economical.
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

We own the Innova Crysta GX AT as well as the Celerio VXI AMT.

Features I wish I had in my Crysta:
  • A factory fitted ICE (Am I alone in this? )
  • Disc brakes on all four wheels. (The Hexa and the XUV 500 get them!)
  • Steering mounted controls (Seriously, no steering mounted controls on a 20 lakh MUV??)
  • Four parking sensors and a reverse parking camera. (The GX gets two parking sensors and no reverse parking camera! )
  • LED headlamps (Just a desire)
  • Smart key system
Features I wish I had in my Celerio:
  • Dual Airbags
  • ABS
  • A Better horn (Seriously, Maruti?)
Well, that's all I can come up with, for my Celerio. Otherwise, I'm really happy with it.

As for the Crysta, I feel Toyota should focus on improving on the features of the base variants.

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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2016 Elite i20 Asta CRDi

• Tinted Glass
• LED Headlamps
• DTE/Range indicator
• Option to switch OFF all lights in the backlit switches
• Cruise Control (Adaptive, if RADARS are made legal)
• 6 speed AT/DSG
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Skoda Octavia 2014 Style plus/Elegance
-The traditional Skoda horn! Surprisingly my octavia doesn't have the typical skoda horn. Even recently when the horn was changed in warranty they ended up giving the same horn and not the typical skoda horn!!
-LED headlights and backlights
-A better sounding music system my honda city has a better bass!
-Reverse camera
-Apple car play or android auto option as an upgrade!!

Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton 2013
-LED Headlamps the projector headlamps just don't have the same throw anymore.
-Tyre pressure monitoring system-even the scorpio had it why give it a miss with a premium vehicle.
-Standard sized tyres- the current spec of 235/75 r16 don't have any options in the market except for the OEM MRF's
-A better and quicker transmission though reliable (having clocked 110000kms)isn't as quick to put down those 195bhp's!
-A better looking instrument cluster- the existing one was too old school even for the time it was launched.
-Larger rear AC vents while the last row gets a dedicated blower the middle row gets the smaller vents which just didn't pack the muster to chill the rear passengers.
-Remove useless manual gearshift options- the manual gears can be engaged via the shifter through a small switch on the gearstick and through buttons on the steering though with the lazy gearbox it was anyway pretty useless except for holding onto a gear. The shifts take their own sweet time even in manual mode!
-A better music system. It just doesn't get worse than the one in this car!! Sounds pathetic and is a pain to use too!

Honda City CVT VX 2016
-Auto dimming rear view mirror-such a major miss for the price paid
-Broader more aesthetic tyres!
-A better transmission The CVT makes more noise than the speed it picks up and if you floor it the efficiency takes a big hit!
-Wheel arch cladding - skimping on cladding in the wheel arch makes even small pebbles sound big and the road noise is pretty high
-A better horn the current horn sounds like a two wheeler's

Hyundai I10 Grand 1.2 Magna
-A better horn its really a squeak to my ears
-Better bolstering on the seats-maybe a better seat cover will address it to an extent
-A better sounding speaker system
-Auto dimming rear view mirror
-ABS and airbags should be mandatory in all variants!
-Auto AC should be an option atleast then maybe i would have picked up the asta instead.

BMW 320D Luxuryline 2015
-Space!! That's all that i can think of apart from a camera maybe!
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2017 Honda BR-V CVT

• Cruise Control
• Hill Hold & ESP
• Telephone controls on Steering
• More powerful Headlamps (Xenon / LED)

Would have happily shelled out an additional 50 - 100k for the above features!
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Being the middle variants, there is a lot missing in my cars
Honda City SV iDTEC and Creta 1.6 CRDi SX, the latter misses many features which my previous car had however after enlightenment and coming to the realization that those features are nice to have but not absolutely necessary, i totally thought objectively while buying Creta and shifted the booking from the top variant my dad booked to the third variant as the car felt overpriced (He is in his 50s and i in my 20s so the story should have been the other way around )
The features that are missing in Creta vis a vis my previous cars are
Leather seats
Leather steering
Cruise control
Push Button Start
All round disk brakes
The stuff i miss are all round disk brakes and that too only in Creta, City's setup is pretty impressive as it is.
Again, it would have been nice to have Apple Car play and Android auto too but i have never considered ICE as a factor while making a purchase decision and i'am an audiophile but to me these things are secondary in a car and one can always get the speakers replaced and other stuff added later. (I have in my City)
But then again
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

2011 i10 (Magna) -

1. Bluetooth audio with steering mounted controls
2. Auto A/c
3. Rear wiper + demister
4. Auto dimming rear view camera
5. Seat height adjust
6. Steering position adjust
7. Alloy wheels
8. ABS and airbags
9. Seat pockets
10. ABS and airbags (front + passenger + side)
11. Fog lamps
12. Boot illumination lamp
13. Intermittent wipers
14. Leather seats
15. Cooled glovebox
16. Mood lighting in the interior
17. Auto headlamps and auto wipers
18. Auto up and anti pinch windows on all doors
19. Movable headrests on all seats wit
20. Adjustable lumbar support on driver seat

Nope, I am not greedy at all!
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Default Re: What features do you wish your car had?

Celerio Zxi(ABS)

This car pretty much has it all, except few things I wish for:
1. Nice touchscreen with Android Auto support
2. Steering mounted Calling/SMS controls (Currently, one can only accept/reject calls)
3. Auto folding ORVM (Currently, only electronically operable)
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