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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

Been driving one since May 2010 and still going strong! Reliable, fast, high on driving pleasure, high on FE and low on maintenance. Be it the 1.3 DDiS or the slick gearbox or the great cornering capabilities, I loved each and every moment behind the wheels of this one. I was in the hunt for a replacement right from the beginning of 2016 and till date haven't found one which makes me smile like the Swift does! After a 2800 km road trip in Dec '17, finally we decided to stop hunting for a replacement! Hope the new gen takes on from where the current gen left off and brings more and more smiles!

Resting at Mysore Cafe near Chitradurga after a looong Highway drive!

Current-gen Swift production ends-img_1502.jpg
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

One of the best hatchbacks I have ever owned. Period. It was a hoot to drive, highly moddable in those times and took everything in its planted stride.
Never let me down ever but still let it go. Replaced it with the GT TSI.

Here's a pic of a fond memory with it.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

I was in school when the first gen Swift was launched and I have decided back then that my first car will be a Swift. Time flew, completed my studies, started working and finally within 3 years of my job, I got home 2nd gen Swift Vxi in August 2016 and that was a dream come true.

The car is not perfect, as other have mentioned that it suffers from bad safety ratings, minimal rear leg space, and poor brakes. However, after driving the car for 16k kms in last 1 year 4 months, what matters is the smile which is plastered across my face whenever I see an open stretch of road in front of me or I encounter a set of twisties. The free revving engine, the taut suspension, and responsive steering and the feeling of oneness with the car is what I love. And I think that's what matters, it might not be perfect, but it is perfect for you.

Cheers to all the past, present, and future owners. This car will always get a smile on your face, even in the most mundane of days.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

Here's mine , a Gen1 (for India) 1.2 Non-VVT example, my first car. Superb driving dynamics, amazing driver's seat and driving ergonomics, excellent snappy gearbox, and that wonderful wonderful engine. And you know what, it just seems to get better and better with time.

Current-gen Swift production ends-1514884086106.jpg

A couple of years ago I test drove most cars available in the 5-8 L rupee bracket as we were in the market again, and none can match the sheer cackle and fizz of the Swift.
The latest gen has big shoes to fill , even though it looks like bit of a wallflower from the rear.
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What a legendary car this has been! It has been the first car for so many car enthusiasts and it's worthy of the emotional appeal it gets here.

Like many, my first car is the swift and is still my daily driver. It sure does put a smile on my face every time I'm on the highway and makes me turn back and look at it every time I park.

Here's mine with the gem of an engine 1.2l vvt which revs all the way all day

Current-gen Swift production ends-imageuploadedbyteambhp1514888104.162615.jpg
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I have myself never warmed upto the Swift somehow and when I had a chance I picked up a Ritz instead as it was cheaper and to me it felt a lot more solid and had a better driving position and interiors. But we all know that this car has a fantastic fan following in India and is probably the second only contemporary car after the Maruti 800 that has put more Indians on the car driver seat than any other car in the history of Indian automobiles.

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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

We still have a 2005 Lxi that my dad drives.
Its run around 55k in the last 12.5 years.

Since my dad is used to this car and he is growing old, we decided not to sell it off so he can drive it comfortably since he is so used to it.

The car when launched in mid 2005 was quite a head turner. It's a rarity to see a 2005-2007 version on the road now.

I haven't driven it hard and it's quite pointless doing it now since I don't want to break anything. The last time I took it for a rip, the thermostat failed.
Since the car wasn't used much in the first couple of years, it kind of never got that petrol engine smoothness since the running everyday is very less too.
Many of the wear and tear parts were replaced over the years like the clutch plates, dampers, thermostat, windshield washer pump. Seat belt and gear knob too.
One thing I would say is that is a good beater car. It never broke down on us. It hasn't seen many highway trips although I am planning on getting it back to 100% and take it for a long trip. That is a long term plan for me since I'm not planning to get rid of it.

MSIL had a lot of firsts and this is one of their significant ones.
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Current-gen Swift production ends-6e47e179e3724128b7e481c480cd7d29.jpeg  

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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

Had the pleasure of owning two generations of the Swift (both Petrol) and the experience has been superb!

My dad purchased the 1st gen Swift back in 2006. i had taken her for a couple of drag racing events (in stock category with all unwanted bits stripped out). We had the car for 3 years, it was much loved by family and friends.

In 2012 we got the 2nd gen Swift (and still going strong). The sweet engine, precise gear-shifts and tight handling never fails to put a smile on my face. The ownership experience has been completely trouble free. I still relish driving this one every time i visit my parents in Mumbai.

One of my favourite pics with 'Scarlet' est. 2013
Current-gen Swift production ends-58388_614592211890579_861299179_n.jpg
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

I still own the second generation swift Zdi (bought in May 2012 and run 76k so far).

I picked up Getz in 2006 over the petrol swift due to build quality, refinement space, boot and much better ride quality at that time. Post a brief relationship with a Manza for an year, picked up something that I rejected in my first purchase. The second gen had much improved ride quality, refinement, leg room, interiors over the first one.

I really started appreciating cars that handle great (Linea, Punto, Ford Figo/Fiesta) only after I bought my Swift. So my first prerequisite for my next car after safety is handling.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

I was proud owner of 2nd gen Swift. It was ZDI variant. Sold the car as i moved abroad. Still loving it though. Used it from 2012 till 2017. Had enough number of memorable trips all across south India. Didn't give any trouble except punctures. As said in previous posts, Maruti need to work on safety and rattles.
Do i consider Swift again ? Yes if i am going for a second car, otherwise it will be an SUV or a Sedan as the family needs are increasing
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

Since everyone is posting pics of their rides, thought I'd go ahead and share this pic. This was taken a few days after I took delivery exactly 6 years back, January 2012. The blue colour (optimistically termed Torque Blue) was discontinued a couple of years later, but I am glad I went for this brilliant colour rather than the ubiquitous white.

As I commented earlier on this thread, it is indeed a gem of a car, reliable and fun to drive, a rare combination in India. As someone else said, it just gets better with age as more and more kilometres are clocked. Continues to be my daily driver 365 days a year. Clocked around 47000 kms in this time, and hope to pile on several thousand more in the near future.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

Originally Posted by sajo View Post
Here's mine , a Gen1 (for India) 1.2 Non-VVT example, my first car.
What a great looking car ! The 1st-gen Swift still looks good, despite it being over a decade since it was launched. How many old cars can you say this about?

The Swift's styling (Mini-inspired) has been a key ingredient of its success. If not, even the more practical but mechanically identical Ritz would have been a best-seller.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

I can totally understand all the love and nostalgia thats going on!

Always had a special love for the Swift, even with all its shortcomings in terms of build. Wanted one the day it was launched in India, but then family could not afford it and ended up with a WagonR. Wanted one when the second generation was launched and booked it soon after launch but fate had other plans and we had to cancel it after waiting seven months for delivery.

Surprisingly - It doesn't feel old and I still want one when the third generation comes out! And the third generation might be the most exciting generation ever - since the legendary Swift Sport might eventually make it to our shores - and if it does, there is just no way I'm missing the chance to own one this time around.

So, cheers to the older generations! And a big hurrah to Maruti to bring the Sport to India in the upcoming generation.



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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

140 HP with 230 Nm from MSIL stable, has me laughing ear to ear.

The above mentioned shall never happen, the only experiment that they shall try is, plonk the Boosterjet from Baleno into the Swift for a handful few.

Look at the range of cars that Maruti offers and compare it to the number of engines across them, why fix something when it isn't broken, look at the figures that the Dzire is garnering.

They did offer something with the 1.6, did it last?

I repeat it shall not hit the Indian shores, if it does, expect 12L + OTR (compare the Baleno RS pricing) and that for a MSIL Tin is unimaginable.
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Default Re: Current-gen Swift production ends

The best attribute of the Swift is its brand. Except the Swift, City and the Scorpio, no car in India has a dedicated fan following that can translate into great sales figures. Maruti has been smart in keeping the brand alive through the years. The car is very driveable, although it lacks a premium feel. That said, it is what most Indians still aspire for as their first car. Similar is the case for the City, but that's slightly premium. Very soon, business schools might teach about brand building in this sector using the Swift as an example. I just wish they use thicker steel in the new version.
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