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Default Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Big shoutout to Eddy for shooting these pictures & his coverage of the Auto Expo. Thanks for sharing, man!

For the last three years, Mercedes has consistently sold more cars than its German competitors. Their pavilion was similar to the 2016 Auto Expo, but they had a lot to show this time around:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5074.jpg

Some eye candy at the stall. The Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5305.jpg

The beast of the green hell as they call it. Apart from the BIC timing displayed on the floor, it has also set a time of 7 minutes and 11 seconds around the Nordschleife:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5310.jpg

The Mercedes stall is incomplete without loads of accessories:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-1.jpg
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-2.jpg

You think you'd be done going through all of them, until you see this:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5320.jpg

And the collection continues:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5322.jpg

This year, Mercedes focused on showcasing three cars in particular:
• The Mercedes-Maybach S 650

• The Concept EQ

• The E-Class E 220 d 4MATIC All-Terrain

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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Mercedes-Maybach S 650

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 was launched at the Auto Expo at a price of Rs. 2.73 crore:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-1.jpg

The S650 comes with a EU6 compliant engine and makes 621 BHP and 1000 Nm of torque. In terms of exteriors, it gets quite a few additions over the regular S-Class. This particular car is painted in what Mercedes calls Designo Alanite Grey Magno paint finish. It's an exquisite matte paint finish that also shows the sparkles of the paint but has a matte dull look on top. You only realise it's matte when you touch it or look really carefully at it. The paint is supposedly very very tough and immune to small scratches and swirls. On the flip side, very very expensive and difficult to repaint or detail if you do have to restore it later on:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-2.jpg

The big chrome grille, although of similar shape as the regular S-Class has more details and has double horizontal slats instead of single ones. Look closely on the right and you can even see the Maybach badge. The wide air-dam at the bottom also has a chrome background:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-5.jpg

The headlights have multibeam LED lamps with triple torch design:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5985.jpg

Just look at the low ground clearance and how tight the wheel well and tyre combo is!
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5988.jpg

The luxury sedan has swooping design elements which make it look very classy:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-4.jpg

The twin exhausts at the bottom aren't fake like the E-Class. Chrome bits added to increase the sense of luxury:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-6.jpg

A close look at the crystalline design inside the tail lamps:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080711-large.jpg

Under the hood is a 6.0-litre V12 engine which is claimed to take the car from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5977.jpg

These are Maybach forged wheels with 20-hole trim, painted and polished, including fully integrated wheel bolt covers. They're shod with 245/40 R 20 tyres at the front and 275/35 R 20 tyres at the rear:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6016.jpg

The Maybach logo on the C-pillar is again subtle:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080716-large.jpg

On the inside, the design is minimalist and sets a new benchmark for class:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080702-large.jpg

The trim option displayed here is the piano lacquer with flowing lines in black:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080718-large.jpg

The doorpad carries forward the dashboard trim and upholstery:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6020.jpg

A closer look at the buttons on the driver side door for the seat adjustment and memory functions along with the window and ORVM controls. Everything falls in place just right:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6021.jpg

Not one, but 2 scuff plates. The outside one gets the Maybach branding:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5989.jpg

Radar based driving assistance system controls:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6031.jpg

Nice detailing on the pedals:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6037.jpg

The touchpad for the ICE control along with other driving related controls on the center console:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6040.jpg

Entertainment for the rear seats:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6052.jpg

The 2-section panoramic sliding sunroof changes from dark to transparent or vice versa within a few seconds:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6056.jpg

The rear seats are supremely luxurious!
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6057.jpg

The rear seats get more options for the seat adjustment as compared to the front seats:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080708-large.jpg

You'll probably lose count of the number of speakers in this car:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6063.jpg

The AC vents for the rear seats are similar to the front. The controls and display for the same are placed below:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6065.jpg

Beltbags - Airbags inside the seatbelts!
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-p2080709-large.jpg

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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

The Concept EQ

Mercedes Benz Generation EQ Concept premiered at the 2016 Paris Motor Show:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5335.jpg

The Concept EQ is how Mercedes views the electric vehicles of the future. If the vision of the future includes an SUV that looks like this, I'm sure it will be popular in India:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5338.jpg

The EQ is driven by 2 electric motors on the front and rear axles. The battery is placed inside the vehicle floor. The total power output of the vehicle would be close to 400 BHP and the torque would be around 700 Nm. The car is expected to have a range of up to 500 km. The front features a wide grille which is integrated with the headlamps. The black colour of the bonnet is carried over to the roof as well:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5342.jpg

Fake vents in the grille light up:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6097.jpg

No door handles, no ORVMs. That's how the cars of the future are going to be:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5331.jpg

The rear lights are similar to the front. The blue colour changes to red when the vehicle is moving and acts as a taillight:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5334.jpg

The big Mercedes logo up front is illuminated in white (No chrome logo). The edges of the LED strip transform to turn indicators when moving:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6095.jpg

The sleek headlamps are LEDs:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5330.jpg

These are 21-inch alloy wheels:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5337.jpg

The interiors of the vehicle weren't shown. The EQ is a 4-seater with light white coloured leather upholstery:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6094.jpg

The dashboard has a 24-inch wide-screen display that displays information like the speed, range, driving data or navigation and map details:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6110.jpg

This is the charging station for the vehicle:
Name:  DSC_6108.jpg
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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

Sometime later this year, Mercedes will be launching the E-Class All-Terrain. The car will be based on a new platform and will be available only in the 220d guise. The only things that are mechanically different from the regular E-Class are an extra all-terrain driving mode, AWD system, air body control and the AIRMATIC air suspension system. The car will be aimed towards a very niche community of people who are looking for a vehicle which offers driving pleasure and can be used as a utility vehicle as well for the family getaways:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5127.jpg

In the estate version of the E-class, there are a few changes on the outside apart from just the body shape. The E220d all-terrain rides on 19-inch alloy wheels. The wheel arches get black cladding for the SUV look:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5129.jpg

The glass area is huge. The pillars are finished in black and the car also gets roof rails:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5132.jpg

The front gets the two-fin grille with the Mercedes logo in the middle. The front bumper has air dam integrated skid plates which are electroplated in silver chrome:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5119.jpg

LED headlamps with integrated twin DRLS are same as the E-Class:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5202.jpg

The rear gets split tail lamps with the crystalline design theme:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5130.jpg

The 19-inch wheels are shod with 245/45 section tyres:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5140.jpg

The interiors are similar to the LWB E-Class:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5146.jpg

The steering is nice to hold & effortless to use:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5166.jpg

The instrument cluster is same as the E-class. It's conventional and not the virtual one offered in some versions abroad:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5198.jpg

The pedals have a metal finish unlike the ones on the E-Class:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5178.jpg

Clock on the center console looks classy:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5170.jpg

The rear is cooled by a single-zone A/C (dual in the S-Class):
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5155.jpg

The rear passengers don't get the wide range of adjustments available with the regular E-Class:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5156.jpg

White cabin lights placed on the side of the roof because of the split panoramic sunroof:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5159.jpg

A look at the maximum and minimum legroom:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5180.jpg

The tailgate opens upwards to reveal 640 litres of boot space. Fold the rear seats and that can be extended to 1,620 litres:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5184.jpg

The toolbox kit below the boot was taken away during the expo:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5185.jpg

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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Mercedes also had other cars from their line-up on display.

Here's the 2017 GLS 350d 4MATIC:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5289.jpg
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5293.jpg

The only change in the new model is that the middle seat folding which was manual earlier is now electric. Check out the automatic folding:
Name:  mercglsseatfolding.gif
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Size:  2.59 MB

The AMG SLC 43's 3.0-litre engine makes 362 BHP:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5302.jpg
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5300.jpg

The Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Coupe has a 3.0-litre V6 biturbo engine which is claimed to take the car from 0-100 km/h in 4.9 seconds:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5296.jpg
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5297.jpg

The C-Class Cabriolet C 300 got a lot of attention from the crowd:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6135.jpg

The C 250 d Edition C in red:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6120.jpg

The regular E350d LWB. Check out the review here.
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_6124.jpg

Here's the GLA 220d 4MATIC:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5230.jpg

The car was attached with an accessory to carry 2 bicycles:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5234.jpg

The GLC 220 d 4MATIC:
Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018-dsc_5286.jpg

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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Thread moved out from the Assembly Line. Thanks for sharing!
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Default Re: Mercedes @ Auto Expo 2018

Suddenly, LS500 now feels competitive and definitely more premium. I am not sure who will be customers for these and what extra does one get over the regular Maybach apart from the engine.

That Estate AWD E Class looks hideous, I cannot think of anyone who will buy an estate salon because it has an AWD instead of 2 wheels with so low ground clearance and a long body, wonder what purpose does this serve? This must be CBU so will just add to the number of variants MB has.

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