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CarguyNish 30th August 2018 16:06

Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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New 3rd Gen Grand i10 Spotted Testing. Launch likely next year.

  • Will use Hyundai's Fluidic Design 2.0 language.
  • Will resemble ix20 & Upcoming Santro from some angles.
  • Indian version will be slightly different from Global Version
  • Will be based on New Platform.

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Hyundai Motors India Limited has announced 8 new products set for launch in the country by 2020. Of these, 5 will be new generation models and one of them is the all new 2019 Hyundai Grand i10, which has now been spied testing for the first time in India.

First launched in 2013, the new Grand i10 received a facelifted variant about two years ago in India and globally. Now, the car maker is working on a new-gen variant, which is based on a new platform and a new chassis.

The prototype spied on test in India looks like a production-ready model. Compared to the current Grand i10 (which probably looks more like the soon to be launched 2018 Santro), new Grand i10 will receive a more sporty design. It will be bigger and wider than current Grand i10, and also feature bigger windows.


GTO 31st August 2018 09:40

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
A very critical product. I think Hyundai might keep the design more neutral / conservative than its other high-end cars. The Eon's fluidic lines didn't go well with the mindset of the hatchback customer, and keeping the i10 clean is critical to its mass appeal. Hyundai is going to have to push harder as the new Swift is damn good.

Have changed the thread title & removed the word 'Grand' from it. The name was brought in to distinguish the new i10 from the old. It could be that Hyundai comes up with yet another moniker for the next-gen car.

Axe77 31st August 2018 10:19

Damn. And I thought our car was recent enough when we bought the Grand i10 a few months ago. Lol. Of course I have a 7-9 year call on it so don't really care.

I agree the manual Swifts (bulk of the sales) are superior but one small area where the i10 will consistently trump the Swift is in the petrol automatics. I just dont think those AMTs can ever be as attractive a proposition as regular ATs.

naveen.raju 31st August 2018 10:49

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
Looks like this will get a new set of headlights (sleeker) and grill pattern. I seriously hope that they would rework the rear bumper. Many don't fancy those reflectors. I had plans of getting the first gen Grand i10's bumper but they quoted around 6k for it (bumper, painting, reflectors, fitment etc).

Can see some beige treatment on the front door pad.

CrAzY dRiVeR 31st August 2018 11:23

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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First impression - Looks wider.
Secondly, the roof seems to be sloping backwards earlier as compared to the Grand i10.

Both these elements might make for a better nex-gen Xcent. Hyundai seems to have really improved the ride and handing capabilities, so the new i10 might be worth looking forward to, as well!


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 4452896)
Hyundai is going to have to push harder as the new Swift is damn good.

More than the Grand i10 against Swift, its the Xcent that ended up completed outclassed by the new DZire. I had earlier posted a glimpse of their internal circular left unattended at a dealership, and Hyundai had this in mind when they came out with the Xcent facelift -

They had considered the DZire as such a weakling and boy they would have got the shock of their lives when the DZire killed them off by the same time as their facelift hit the markets. :uncontrolMy guess is that the new i10 will be designed keeping a more wellrounded sedan in mind, and we should probably start seeing those test mules also soon.

Originally Posted by Axe77 (Post 4452914)
i10 will consistently trump the Swift is in the petrol automatics

And yet - they follow this strategy of not offering the automatics on the topend variants. They really need to rectify this with this new generation. Not to mention - make the car structurally stable! No separate versions for India and export - No thank you, Hyundai.

narayan 31st August 2018 11:32

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
In a departure from what other car makers have been doing in this segment - Hyundai seems to be getting ready the hatch version for a launch earlier than the compact sedan version ? The premise was that the aam aadmi attaches a premium to the sedan if launched first and then sees the hatch as being derived from there on rather than the other way round which creates a perception that the sedan version is a compromised design to start with. Wonder why ?

Guna 7th September 2018 19:10

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
Looks like an update is ready to be launched. Changes mentioned in the article are substantial. You can even see a detachable front head rest.

@mods, please move the post to relevant thread if required (or delete if it has been already reported)

fz_rider 10th September 2018 17:21

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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Next Gen i10 again spied. From the pictures, it's looks like, there will EcoSport like floating touch screen. Also circular AC vents at the centre of dashboard.


volkman10 29th September 2018 13:19

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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Hyundai's 2019 i10 spied, with a new set of headlights and taillamps. There will be new alloy wheels and also new interiors will include a big touch screen and a revised instrument cluster.

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motorworks 29th September 2018 14:36

Although the i10 and the i10 Grand have been fairly successful cars, they have always been outdone by the swift. The thing is that the i10 hatchbacks from Hyundai have been fairy conservative in design and very neutral overall. Nothing radical enough to take on the Swift. Hyundai needs to do something different in the next gen i10, like automatics in all variants like the Yaris or something like that. Else how do you take the fight to the Swift with a fairly neutral design?

naveen.raju 29th September 2018 16:19

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India

Originally Posted by motorworks (Post 4469608)
Else how do you take the fight to the Swift with a fairly neutral design?

Not just the design but also with the way it drives. i10 is more sedate and suited for b2b traffic while the Swift (especially the diesel) can open up even on highways. I had a Swift and my wife drives the Grand i10 and I can definitely feel the difference. My sister still drives the first gen Swift and we totally love it even though they have been considering an AT.

sharktale 29th September 2018 17:03

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
Source :

IndianAutosBlog via SRK 2018 have released a render of the upcoming Grand i10.

TusharK 4th October 2018 15:37

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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Rumour: Next-gen Hyundai Grand i10 launch in October 2019

According to a media report, Hyundai is likely to unveil the next-gen Grand i10 next year. The car could be launched in India around October 2019.

Attachment 1804917

Test mules of the next-gen Grand i10 have been spotted in India earlier. The spy images suggest that the car might get a large cascade grille with sweptback headlamps on either side and triangular fog lamp pods. The overall side profile of the car looks similar to the current Grand i10 with its tall boy design. On the inside, the new Grand i10 is expected to get an updated dashboard with a touchscreen infotainment system.

While there is no word as yet on the engines that will be offered in the new car, reports suggest that the current 1.2-litre petrol and 1.2-litre diesel engines could be retained, albeit with minor updates. The new Grand i10 is also rumoured to be offered with an automated manual transmission (AMT).

Source: Autocar India

Link to Team-BHP News

tushky 11th October 2018 20:15

Re: Next-Gen Hyundai i10 spotted testing in India
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Spotted 2019 Hyundai I10 in pune. It is considerably bigger than current grand I10. Dashboard houses large touch screen. The dashboard layout appeared so similar to Tata 45X or H5X that once i thought maybe Tata is testing 45X under Hyundai body. 2 Cars were on the test. The one with a large touchscreen at the center had more detailed digital Instrument panel and another one was without screen on dash had different simple instrument panel.

Also managed to capture a small video, However i dont know how to convert it to the landscape mode on Youtube.

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haldar_siliguri 28th October 2018 16:30

Camouflaged. What car?
Spotted this camouflaged/covered batch of 2-3 hatchbacks bearing TN regd speeding down old Mumbai highway through Pimpri-Chinchwad. While they looked like a batch of new Hyundai Santro/i10 (?) to me by shape I am still clueless about their make or models. This video was the only thing I could capture. Thanks

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